Thursday, March 11, 2010

What isn't tripping me up should be the question!

I couldn't wait to post this picture. This is me on Saturday downing the end of the 2 litter bottle of diet coke I shared with my dad during his visit. I'm pretty sure that I drank most of it but this is about 1/100th of what I use to drink last year. I've been cutting back diet coke all year with great success.

I will get on my soap box about that at a later date.
This little buddies are what put me over my calorie range on Monday. My sweet friend Jan brought me home some from Utah by request. I had been eating only a few here and there, with total control. When I broke out the bag Monday it was the first time that I couldn't resist going back. So, I ended up eating the whole bag to get them out of my house so I wouldn't continue to have the problem all week.

I'm a believer of dumping the junk, however I can recall at least two times that dumped oreo cookies (in ziplocks) and pulled them out of the trash the next morning to eat more.

Yesterday as I was in the cookie isle looking for a treat for my boys I was having a hard time coming up with an acceptable choice. Either I was going to eat them too or they just weren't worth I didn't buy any of them. If I don't need them, neither does my family.

This morning as I looked for something to trash there wasn't anything....a few weeks into this and I'm already making better choices at the store!!!

Don't worry, I'll still buy candy for my kids for Easter....but the day after Easter the second round of challenge starts and it will be gone.


  1. That picture rocks. There is a seriously crazy look in your eye!

    I also struggle with this thought: should my family suffer along with me? Or do I keep buying them the crap that I'm trying to avoid,knowing it will be here tempting me at the house.

  2. I love the wild eyed Crazy-Diet-Coke-Lady pic!

    We need to solicit some recipies for low calorie sweets (that's an oxymoron, isn't it?). I'm gonna go for apples and peanut butter today.

  3. The day after Easter!?! Audrey, you're killing me!

  4. Oh man, Easter day is gonna be an all day gorge fest. ;)

  5. Keeping it real! I'm pretty sure I couldn't do this if the sun weren't out.
    So how many days in between challenges is that?

  6. That is a full week between challenges. So ladies, pick up your candy a few days before Easter and enjoy. Love you all ;-)

  7. you are killing me!! That picture is a keeper! Love you