Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's rough getting healthy!

Only 19 points yesterday! I've got to do better. I ate dinner, played with the kids for a while, but was not feeling well so I asked my husband to put the kids to bed while I layed down....then we would work out. I fell asleep for the night. Oops. No posting yesterday, no vitamin yesterday, and I kept getting on the elliptical to work out and lasted about 3 minutes. A few hours later, I tried again. I lasted 3 minutes. Today is going to be better. At 6:00 am I jumped out of bed, ran down stairs to total up my points, write this post, and I am doing an arm work out right now!! In three, two, one... Wish me luck. Hopefully I'll last longer than 3 minutes. Have a great day today everyone.

I hope you feel better Rebekah.


  1. Marci! You're super woman trying to do your house and this...I know you want to get going but obviously your body needed a break yesterday. Glad today is going better!!!!

    Isn't it nice that there is always a new day!

  2. You'll make up for it today!! See you at 6:00 a.m. my friend!