Saturday, June 26, 2010

I burned a lot of things today

Okay, so this is just a silly post and I honestly wasn't going to post anything but it is after 11:00 at night and I really needed a venting outlet.

I melted my daughters dance skirt tonight and she has a dance competition tomorrow. It isn't horrible and will be fine for tomorrow but I'll be honest I feel like an idiot. I can make a new one but for tomorrow this one will have to do. I just hope she doesn't notice.

Sadly this is not the first thing I burned today. I burned my yogurt this morning. Okay so it wasn't really the yogurt but the container it was in. I got the yogurt out of the freezer but wanted to defrost it in the microwave so I could add some Grapenuts cereal to it. I didn't even think about the aluminum on the underside of the lid. Fortunately I only had it in on power 3 for about 15 seconds but I still burned the top a bit.

Funny thing about all this is the phrases that keep going through my head are "just keep going" and "keep moving forward." needless to say this blog is definitely having an impact on me. I hope tomorrow is better and I don't burn off my daughters hair with the curling iron. ;-)

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Gratitude Post

I'm grateful for mornings.  For laughter and art.   I'm grateful for true blue friends and kind strangers.  I'm grateful for my body with all it's imperfections.  I'm grateful for my emotions for they make my life beautiful and poignant. 

And I am oh, so grateful for my family and the Gospel of Jesus Christ; my safe harbor.

I am so grateful for washers, dryers, dishwashers, ovens, microwaves, stoves, air conditioners, and all those other modern conveniences that make being a housewife, like, A THOUSAND times easier than my ancestors. I am also grateful for tampons.

I am so grateful that my 8 year old has chosen to be baptized. Do I really have a child that old? My gratitude is for her faith and courage in doing what is good and right. She sometimes seems so much older than she really surprises me all the time what we learn from our children. My how time flies.


This moving song, called Gratitude by Nicole Nordeman, touches me deeply: its speaks to my feelings on gratitude even as we face the challenges in our lives.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ms. Thunder Bumper's Challenge #1 Gratitude

Gratitude. Sometimes it's the little things in life that make it what it is.

After reading Jill's post about Perspective I thought it would be appropriate for each of us to share something that we are grateful for. You can leave it as a comment or write a post to tell us about it.

Isn't it great to remember stuff like this year round? I do.

Amusement Park Recap

Well I did it, I survived a day at the amusement park (and yes, Alicia, is was stake Lagoon day :-)). Was I perfect? no, but I am happy with myself for staying in control. So here is how it went down.
We actually decided to go out after lunch so the first half of the day was pretty easy. I wasn't sure what would sound good so I brought a nice variety for snacking including nuts, craisins, apples, carrot sticks, sugar snap peas, goldfish crackers and string cheese. Funny thing is I didn't really feel all that hungry, so I only ate the craisins, nuts and a few goldfish. Oh and just a side note: I packed everything in measured out portion sizes so I wouldn't go overboard.

I wasn't even super hungry at dinner and easily passed up tootsie rolls and cookies. After dinner I did allow myself to split one scoop of cookies 'n' cream ice cream with two of my kids and I did have a bite of funnel cake but that was it and I felt good.
I did drink my 64 oz of water but I should have had a lot more and I am feeling it today. I was also short one fruit and one veggie at the end of the day. Actually when I was figuring my calories at the end of the day I discovered I had an extra 200 calories I didn't use. Just think I could have had a few more bites of funnel cake :-P Oh well, I guess being out in the heat suppressed my appetite or something.
It was a wild day but I think the kids had fun and came home very tired. They all slept in, even my morning child who doesn't sleep in past 7 am. ever. (Thanks Jenn for letting me forgo our workout and enjoy sleeping in too).

Thanks to all of you for your advice. It was such a great help to go into this with a game plan.
I don't know if have said this or not but I LOVE you gals. I wouldn't be successful without you. Thank you!
This is my Mr. E. and this is how he looked waiting for every ride. I wish I could have gotten a picture from the front of his face smashed between the bars.

I Ate Like A Pig Last Week

There, I said it.

It was a cheese/ice cream/brownie/nuts/hamburger fest all week.

In my former life (before I was a Healthy Wife) I ate pretty moderately. I had decent self-control. We ate lots of fruits, veggies, and lean proteins, but we also had treats about 3-4 times a week.

Now I would consider myself a no-kidding healthy eater. Except on free days. I have this attitude that's like, "Well, if I'm gonna blow it, I'm gonna blow it thoroughly." That's when I over-indulge like I never would have in my former life. It's so silly. I've got to find a balance that is going to work in the long term, because right now I'm sabotaging myself every free day, and every weekend in between challenges.

I'm Stinky...Are You?

Last week I woke up at 5am to go to my spin class. As I headed into the kitchen to fill my water bottle I saw the last gallon of milk sitting empty on the counter. I knew then that Chris had got up in the middle of the night for a fixin' of chocolate chips and promptly finished off the end of the milk. I knew that in two hours my sons would be up and if I thought I could pass cereal off as breakfast I was going to need to hit the store on the way home from the gym.

Now when you're at the gym particularly in a class with closed doors it doesn't matter how hard the air conditioner is blowing you're going to sweat. The bonus about this is that everyone is sweating, so if you stink the person next to you does too and it doesn't matter. We're on in this together. You want to stink, it means you're working hard.

It's what happens after the gym that is questionable.

So from the gym I drove to Wegman's my favorite grocery store to pick up milk. The bonus to this is that they have an area right in the front to grab milk, eggs, etc, so you don't have to head to the back of the store.

So as I walked in I wondered, what are the people around me thinking? She's in workout clothes in the store? She stinks! Gee, I wish I already had my workout done for the day? I went in feeling proud and a little sorry for those around me but a girls got to do what a girls got to do....or should I say mom?

So if its up to me. Getting it all done is more important that if I stink...sorry people. You're going to just have to deal.

Same old, same old . . . or not.

Hi Ladies!

Tomorrow, our five are heading out to spend time with a crowd of super fun people from my side of the family {including Audrey, Mindy, Samantha and Victoria}, so today is that crazy day where I'm trying to do all that I've put off until this last day. One such "to do" is a last minute grocery trip to buy healthy snacks for the car (any suggestions?) and one last round of fruits and veggies to get us through today and to welcome us home when we get back. I dislike leaving summer fruits behind when we travel, knowing that they'll go bad, but it's difficult to judge exactly the right amount of fruit to get you through until the last day. So last night's dinner was down to the dregs. As a result, I made fruit skewers with the remaining blueberries, nectarines, and purple grapes. Funny thing is my kids don't like fruit salad (it's mixed together, weird, I know), but they thought fruit skewers were awesome. Have you ever simply served something differently and then suddenly, the family thinks it's yummy?

Also, I've done something so Healthy Wife that it makes me giggle: incorporate our favorite plank position into a board game for the whole family. Fitness, fun and family: yes they can go together! Off to see me Mateys!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Apis!!! Did you see that you won the wii game on nuts in a nut shell? Woa hooo!!!!! I am so proud of you!!!!!

Nervous Eating Continue

I've been thinking about Jennifer's post a lot lately. Kind of funny how random posts do that to you. I love this blog and how honest we can all be and how safe it feels. I used to feel so alone. That my eating habits were one of a kind. I'm beginning to realize that most people have a comfort relationship to food. I am certainly jealous of those that don't. I feel like I have come a long way, although I am not perfect. I still have bad days, where I just don't care and don't want to think about the consequences. Comfort food is a true honest battle for me. I know we all have our weaknesses, and I can fully admit that food is the one for me. I have used food to self medicate my emotions since my parents divorced when I was 13. Eating, overeating, allows me to fill the basic need for comfort in that moment when the emotions are going wild. And yes, I want all you comfort eaters to realize, IT IS ONLY A MOMENT! Sure comfort eating might make us feel better for a moment, and I absolutely realize that sometimes that moment feels worth it. A moment of pleasure sounds better than just dealing with my emotions in a moment of weakness. I have been working on a measure of forgiveness to myself. And, I can honestly say, after many years, I think I've achieved it. How do I know that? Because I don't give up on myself. I keep moving forward because I want to conquer this battle. When I have the anxiety to eat, I force myself to carefully work through my emotions. If I do, when the emotions are over, I feel a great self accomplishment. More than any other thing I've done. When I give in, it's a temporary fix. Not only do I feel physically sick, but my emotions are worse than when I started. So here is my encouragement: I challenge all you emotionally eaters out there to feel the accomplishment of success. Forgive yourself of past mistakes, move forward, and overcome your challenge. If you are like me, this is the hardest thing you will do, but it will be the most rewarding!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A new perspective

I want to share this wonderful experience with my new friends! It's moments like these that help me gain a greater perspective on what life is really about!
(Just in case you are wondering, my husband works for the LDS Church Welfare department. He is in charge of the clean water initiatives in the third world countries.)
This is the Tarae family from Sierra Leone, Africa.
Matt was lucky enough to meet this sweet family last summer while in Africa. Brother Tarae was Matt's personal driver through all the crazy roads (if that's what you can call them) They had some good laughs remembering their adventures!
This is Prince. He is 3 1/2 years old. The Taraes pay $4000.00 a year for him to go to an American school. There are only 3 Sierra Leone students. They work so hard for Prince to get the best education possible!
He is SO darling. We fell in love with him the minute he walked in the door telling us to "Hang Loose"!
This is Princess. She is 10 months old and the cutest thing you have ever seen! She kept staring at us and kept touching my hair :)
We took a walk to the park and they LOVED it!
Sister Tarae ad NEVER been on a swing before! She was so nervous telling Jacqueline not to push her too high! :)
We had an amazing evening. They have been very overwhelmed by vast differences between our countries. Here are just a few:
How much FOOD we eat! They can't believe how much Americans eat. They kept talking about how often and how much everyone eats! They look at their plate of food and say, "This is like 3 meals worth in our country!"
At home they usually eat 1 meal a day with little snacks in between.
Sister Tarae asked me how I keep my 'figure'. (funny I know!)I l told them "Well, I run." Brother Tarae started to laugh and said, "We exercise to GET our food, Americans exercise to work their food OFF!" SO TRUE!!
The Tarae's were amazed at the beautiful yards, garages with electric doors, running water, dishwashers, clothes washers, lights.... and so much more!
They have their own water tank they pay to be filled with clean water.
They run a generator for 3 hours a night to try and cool the house down for them to sleep.
They wash their clothes by hand. (They taught the pioneers at This is the Place park a few tips! on how to really clean clothes by hand!)
They don't have refrigerators
They think Utah is COLD :) (I agree!)
Matt asked the Taraes if it will be hard to return home when they have seen and experienced all of the things in America. They told him they are happy to go back because the Lord has work for them to do. What AMAZING people they are!
Our family was so blessed to spend a few hours with this sweet, sweet family. They are so good, so faithful, so dedicated, and such great examples of making the most out of life!

Matt was able to take this family on a tour of the Conference Center and the underground parking lot. They ran into 3 General Authorities! Matt said it was so fun to see them get pictures with each one and speak with them. To be members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and get to meet 3 General Authorities and visit places they have only seen in pictures was a dream come true!
It was wonderful to meet the Taraes and experience a little bit of what Matt gets to enjoy when he visits Africa. He is SO LUCKY!! (I can't wait to go with him someday!)

Peas in a pod

Hi Ladies!

Aren't these English peas adorable? A couple seasons back on Top Chef, one of the finalists made fresh English peas with a little thyme, butter, garlic, sea salt and pepper for a world renowned chef/judge. The finalist made other things too, but all I remember was how the judge-chef kept raving about the peas. I've been wanted to have freshly shelled peas ever since. So that was my new vegetable of the week. The taste was spot on. The peas, however, were a bit woody despite adequate cook time. Clearly, I have a ways to go before Top Chef comes a knocking at my door. Still, I will try peas again. Super easy, elegant and tasty.

Nervous Eater

I overeat for several reasons.  Today my obstacle was overcoming my nerves.  When I'm in a conflict with someone all I want to do is spend some time with my refrigerator in hopes all my anxiety will GO AWAY.  Of course, problems are always bigger in my head.  When these bouts of anxiety hit I've started to chant my new mantra, "avoidance brings anxiety" and if that doesn't motivate me to work I start to sing to myself, "Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel." 

I was thinking of a strategy I can use on myself that I think might be effective for this particular problem.  If I'm compelled to turn into the human disposal due to nerves I need to resort to my chore list and do at least 3 chores before I can eat a healthy snack.  Hopefully, my energy will be spent cleaning the toilet instead of chowing down bad leftovers.

What do you guys do when faced with anxious eating?

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Amusement Park

I am planning a day with the kids at an amusement park on Wednesday and since I am also planning to win this challenge (oops! did I say that out loud?) I am in need of a serious game plan. Fortunately this park allows you to bring in your own food which will help tremendously but I already know it is going to be tough when I start smelling the funnel cake and popcorn and see the glistening ice cream. I plan to bring in my own lunch, dinner and snacks to munch throughout the day but that's only part of the battle so I am turning to all of you for some advice and suggestions on beating the amusement park temptations. Any ideas?

This tip could save your life!

Hi ladies!

I've been thinking about food and eating lots of good food since these challenges started. I've also been thinking about my teeth. Have you noticed that on days when you've eaten healthy, good-for-you foods, you don't need to brush and floss quite as much? That comment may seem a bit TMI, but, truly, there are a whole bunch of studies out there that have linked bad teeth and gums to Alzheimer's, heart disease, strokes, diabetes, lung disease and even miscarriage. Google it, if you want to learn more!

Yeah, I'm a bit of a teeth freak. I don't like the feel of plaque on my teeth; so I'm one of those people who actually likes to floss. All this to say that as you make your way through this challenge, consider adding the humble dental floss to your healthy regime.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lets Get This Party Started

First a big congratulations to our two winners! Victoria & Jill kept it going for all three weeks! Way to go ladies! It was a small group that held in there for the full three weeks and everyone did a great job! I'm extremely proud of all of you and your example.

Tomorrow is the official start of summer and the start of our two week challenges. Keep up the good work ladies. It's important to be healthy year round...this is just our opportunity to be an example to our kids, friends, spouses....

The only change is that you only get one free day per challenge period. But it's not a full two weeks....we start tomorrow and will end on Friday July 3rd and start up again on the 5th...make sense! You can do it!!!

Watch out girls...I'm in it to win it!

16 weeks

We'll, I've also been absent, in all aspects, except for checking this blog daily and commenting occasionally. I haven't walked in about a month because, frankly, when the heat index is over 105, it's just disgusting (and it's been like that for about 3 weeks...or raining). I don't handle heat well. And I don't have a treadmill. I should get one.

I've made it to my 16 week mark and have gained a total of 4 pounds. I'm pretty sure it's all in my boobs and love-handles...maybe a little in my butt. Although my stomach is definitely bigger, but not really fatter, so that's good. I confess that the food I'm consuming isn't all that great. I am eating sugary things like there is no tomorrow. It's kind of odd, because even though I've always had a sweet tooth, for the past year (before I became pregnant) I had no desire for sweets. And while I have been craving all sorts of fruits, and eat cherries, melon, peaches, nectarines, pineapple, and so on, daily, my veggie intake is minimal. I'm eager to try the recipes you all have posted. I feel challenged however, because my husband's doctor told him (years ago) to go off "ruffage and greens", apparently he has IBS and eliminating gassy, fibrous foods is supposed to help. Except that he wants a complete meal on the table. When he does eat veggies, like broccoli, beans, or brussels sprouts, he likes them steamed, and that's it. No garlic, or herbs, or anything that might add some sort of dimension. And then there are always leftover steamed veggies. *sigh* I'm having a hard time incorporating the leftovers into another dish, so I just reheat and serve again. He hates pasta, so I never make anything but spaghetti (which is the only pasta he eats, okay, I take that back, he eats ramen noodles too, but I wouldn't really consider that a pasta). I'm going crazy! I'm so sick of meat and rice (potatoes aren't his favorite). He grudgingly eats the brown rice I serve, or the whole wheat spaghetti, but sometime just not at all. AAAHHHHH! Please help me.