Monday, March 8, 2010

How did it go?

I am not sure how this works exactly with the daily post, but since I am rockin the points for day one, I am posting. :) I am guessing it may be harder as the week goes on, biggest thing I missed today was my diet dr. pepper. May have big headache tomorrow. haha. Hope everyone had a great Day 1!


  1. Glad you had such a good day without your Diet Dr. Pepper. I'm really missing my Diet Coke. I've been going non stop since last Saturday and now that my parents are gone all I want to do is sleep. Can't wait to get to bed.

  2. I LOVE DIET DR. PEPPER! It helps that NO RESTAURANTS IN ASHBURN SERVE IT! I've got to move! just kidding, Audrey, don't freak out! :)

  3. Missy, after the challenge is over, I will give you the list of places that serve it. :)