Saturday, November 13, 2010

"Finishers wanted"

This story is so INSPIRING! His story was on the back of the Church News a few weeks ago (excellent article)

He ran 486 miles without sleeping! He didn't even know there was prize money at the end! He KNEW he could do it even when everyone else thought he was CRAZY!

In the past, runners would run for 18 hours and sleep 6 but Cliff Young didn't know this. He did it his way, explaining that he grew up chasing his sheep on 2000 acres when storms would come in. He said "It took a few days, but I always caught them!"

President Monson gave a talk entitled "Finishers Wanted" in - Ensign Article - “Finishers Wanted” He talked of passing by a store window that had this sign. He talks of the Lord wants us to be FINISHERS!

We all have our own way of doing things, our own "shuffle" so to speak but don't discount your abilities. Cliff Young WON with that shuffle and today this race has been won at least 3 other times by people doing the Young shuffle as it is called now.

We just need to keep our eye on the finish... what ever that finish may be for each of us, I know we ALL realize it is so much more than a fitness goal. Our fitness goals are going to HELP us get to the REAL FINISH!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Face your challenges HEAD ON!

My nephew is at a 6 week wilderness "camp" in Arizona. He is living on lentils and rice and whatever he finds... this week he and his small group went out with a knife and a blanket. I can't wait to hear how it went.
He actually asked for the chance to do this. What an awesome kid to realize his needs and ASK for help. He has amazing parents who jumped at the chance to help him AND themselves.

I have thought a lot about what he is going through and about facing our challenges. My sister wrote this  in one of her letters to him:
" Overcoming our weaknesses is what refines us. Facing challenges head on makes us stronger. Making mistakes and then correcting them provides depth of character. This is why we are here. It is a life time journey, taking one day at a time to become more like the Savior so we can one day be worthy of his presence. It’s a lifetime journey, a test. Every time we obey, we are given a little more. With every correct choice and leap of faith, we are blessed with more faith and greater joy. But we have to take that leap first.

I often think of Laman and Lemuel and how they had many of the same powerful spiritual experiences as their brother Nephi!  But what happened? Thinking of this has really helped me; it provides the incredible example of what a difference the little things make. The little everyday choices we makeI believe the main difference between Nephi and his brothers….is what they did in between these powerful spiritual experiences.
 Powerful spiritual moments are a great gift from God and can provide us with spiritual strength. But these alone, are not enough, we have to show effort, faith, and most importantly willingness to obey. This sustain us."

We may be sore and tired. We may want to eat that 2nd helping. We may want to give up but is it what we REALLY want? It is doing these things when we DON'T WANT TO that will make ALL the difference!

What we do daily will determine where we end up. Don't think of more than just today, what are you going to do TODAY? We can do ANYTHING for just a day right?! :)

Here's to a great DAY!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Turkey Trot Anyone?

So as the joyous Thanksgiving holiday approaches I have been thinking about doing a turkey trot. There are quite a few available in my area and despite the potential for very cold weather, I am actually quite excited about it. I figure it is a great way to insure I get my workout in on Thanksgiving day and maybe take a twinge of guilt away when I go for a second piece of pie :P. How about all of you? Any one else considering a turkey trot? It is called a trot after all so you don't have to be fast and walking is always allowed. Anyway if you haven't thought about it maybe you should. Love you gals!

Hello Muscles!

So after taking a 10 day break while I was sick I hit the gym yesterday. Funny how every time I go back to my weight lifting class I'm so sore again for days.

So, when something is hard do you think it's just easier to stop or if you keep working at it it will get easier?

Just wondering? No one else has posted for days so I thought I would give who ever is reading this tonight something to think about.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Clean Plate Club

There is a major disconnect between my mind, my mouth, and my stomach. They say it takes 20-30 minutes before your stomach tells your mind that it's full, thus this often leads to over eating.

This past Sunday night I enjoyed a wonderful family dinner prepared by my mother-in-law, Victoria. I love pot roast, cooked carrots, and especially mashed potatoes, because I rarely eat potatoes. So, I dished up a nice full plate and started to eat. As I started into pot roast and my first thought was I didn't get enough meat, I should go back and get more meat. Alas, I didn't because I had plenty of other food to enjoy. I ate slowly, I enjoyed eat bite, but the whole time my tongue is telling my mind "I want more." My taste buds are having a party, and my stomach hasn't put it's two cents in.
I had a clean plate. Actually there wasn't even gravy left to lick up. It was clean, could have put the dish away. It took all my mental capacity to resist the urge to go back for seconds. I wasn't hungry, it just tasted good.

I takes a lot of mind over taste buds to break the habit of over eating. My doctor recently told me it only take eating 50 calories a day to much to put on 5 pounds a year. That's not hard to do. Even if you eat good most days and then over indulge by several hundred calories on one day it's hard to make up the difference.

It's important to exercise, it's important to have portion control, and it's important not to go back for seconds!

Monday, November 8, 2010

We Have A Winner!

Congratulations Marci!
You did a great job. It was a long session and you stuck to your guns! I know we are all impressed!

Everyone has until Tuesday night if you have not already posted your points. I will do the drawing for the towel Wednesday morning. So for any of you that got started but maybe didn't do so well sticking to it, report any points.

One last bit of important new! Since I didn't have to pay for postage on the necklace, I'm putting up a special incentive for the session following Thanksgiving. I'm looking at doing a three week challenge to end the year with. Because what I have in mind is so special I'm hoping to get two. The idea is that everyone who post points will be put in a drawing for the second, but same item as the winner gets.

Just wanted to give you a heads up so you can spread the news to those who may have not been participating lately.

Love you ladies!