Saturday, March 13, 2010

Finally...signing on

OK, so I'm not quite the last one to sign on to the blog.  I'm Belva (my husband Chad and Audrey's Chris are on a cycling team together).  I've taken a few months break from being a "gym rat" to recover from having a baby, I like to read, shop, cycle (with Audrey) go out to dinner, and garden...  I have 3 crazy boys and 1 adorable little baby girl born in December.  I need to change my habits due to the several past months (year) of eating what I wanted since I was "big" already and not regularly attending the gym since the baby was born.  As of two days ago, I'm back at the gym (sore muscles)...check that off the list.  But as soon as I said yes to this challenge I've been eating birthday cake all week and bought a 6 pack of coke (I VERY rarely drink it).  So Monday...Monday I'll start over.  Here's to the next two weeks ladies...


  1. Yeah! Here's to a better week for you! Glad that you made it back to the gym. We've got to get our spin on to get ready for the race. May will be here before we know it.

  2. I rode for the second time and my bum didn't hurt as bad as I had anticipated. May, here we come.