Friday, March 12, 2010

I caved. I blame the Queen Vee.

So... turns out I can't resist a good deal. I blame The Queen Vee. She called yesterday and said. "I can't believe you passed up such a good deal! That is crazy! You should go buy it for your guests!" And since I am a complete and total pushover, I went right back to the store (the grocery store here is called King Sooper. Isn't that the silliest name? especial the "oo" part!) and bought a container of this:Now I will list all the reasons why this is acceptable. Because I am a pushover, and pushovers are good at justifying.

-It's my mom's favorite flavor and she arrives tonight. If she doesn't find acceptable treats in the house, she WILL make us all go to Wal-Mart tomorrow to buy some treats, becuase that's what grandmas do, they buy treats. And I would rather lick the bottom of my shoe than go to Wal-Mart on a Saturday.

-At Wal-Mart she would likely buy full-fat treats that I love love love. Rocky road is one of my least favorite flavors. I can totally have just one serving and not feel completely deprvied.

-One Serving = 1/2 Cup = 120 Calories. I can totally make room for that in my calorie budget!

See? This was a smart choice after all! Right? RIGHT?

Now let's discuss how ridiculously small a portion a half cup of ice cream is.


  1. Maybe that's the trick. Just buy/make treats that aren't your favorite. Like cookies with semi-sweet chocolate chips instead of milk chocolate.

    No. That won't work. I'm desperate enough I'll eat any kind of chocolate.

  2. I'd give my left arm for only 1/2 a cup of ice cream. Darn you baby . . . why must I love you so much I'd give up dairy!

  3. Glad you bought that flavor because it's my least favorite too!!

  4. Living with temptation is about living with it, not totally avoiding it altogether. Savor that 1/2 cup. Eat it slowly. Get interrupted so you can come back to it. Lick the bowl clean!

  5. good call on getting your least favorite flavor! I am actually more able to resist if i don't like the flavor. 1/2 cup is a very small serving, do they even make bowl that small????

  6. How does the bottom of your shoe taste? Do you need salt on that?