The Point System

10 points - Eat your calorie range
2 points - Eat your fruits and vegetables for the day (it is not a point per f/v)
1 point - Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner
3 points - Drink 64 ounces of water
2 point - No Soda Pop!
1 point- Multi-vitamin
5 points- 30 minutes of exercise *5 days out of 7 only
1 point - each addt'l 15 minutes of exercise
3 points - Food journal
5 points - Post or comment on this blog
2 points-posting in addition to commenting (6 max per week)
3 points - stop eating 2 hours before bedtime
10 points - Random surprise challenges

**You get ONE free eating days for this challenge. This means you can claim your 10 points only once during the two week period, even if you exceed your calorie range.***

30 Point Bonus - Set one meaningful goal for this two week challenge. If you reach your goal, you get to add on an additional 30 points. This can be anything that will be a challenge to you, but attainable. It could be, for example, to lose a certain amount of weight, have all the dishes done before you go to bed every night, or reading your scriptures every day. I leave it up to you.

But set a goal and then focus on it. Make it happen. Change your life.