Wednesday, March 10, 2010


my biggest weakness is sweets which encompasses a whole lot of stuff.  It is hard for me to purge stuff out of the house because I don't own the house.  i have learned to just try and walk away and pretend it is not there - hello thin mints in the freezer!  Tonight I broke down and had a bag of those stinkin fruit snacks from costco.  You know the ones I am talking about!  So i exercised an extra 30 minutes.


  1. Was that the big bag of fruit snacks which is like three times as big as the ones you buy in the store? I bought those once...never again. Good for you for trying to pass up temptations that you can't purge stay away from Lola's and maybe we can indulge during spring break...I'm waiting for the smore to come back.

  2. yes! i love the cherry flavored ones :)

    a little indulgence at spring break sounds good to me :)

    i think the smore cupcakes make an appearance in the summer, maybe a treat after Girls Camp.

  3. You deserve stars for exercising extra!