Friday, March 12, 2010

Just Jenn

Or as a dear friend occasionally calls me "Jelly Belly Jenn". Okay, not really, well once, because we had a pizza eating contest, which I would've won if a ringer wasn't brought in at the last minute (pizza is a weakness of mine).

I'm a little late getting started on this site, but I made it! I'm Jenn. I LOVE candy, hate chocolate. Love bread and pasta, don't like lima beans or peas. Love anything with cheese in it, especially if it's cake. I drink hardly anything throughout the day even though I do prefer to drink my calories. I'm just not all that thirsty. I have GINORMOUS boobs and they're real, unfortunately (if they weren't, I'd just have them taken out). I decided they compromise the majority of my weight...oh fine, my butt, thighs and gut contribute as well. To be honest, I've come to terms that after three kids, regardless of how much I weight, I will never fit into the pant size I was in high school, if only because things have just moved. Nothing is in quite the same place it used to be, and that's okay. However, I really do need to incorporate a healthier lifestyle for myself and my family and that's my goal here on this blog (weight-loss would be a nice side effect).

As for this current challenge, I haven't tabulated anything and I'm probably not going to. I know, I feel slightly guilty, but only slightly. I mean come on, it's spring break next week and we're heading to mindelicious's house and she's a good cook. Plus there will be a birthday party there, and St. Patrick's Day. And my husband will be smoking 2 racks of ribs. How can one pass up succulent, juicy, tender, lip-smacking ribs?? Not to mention all the sides that go with BBQ. And the birthday cake? I can't. I think those are all valid excuses...yes? So, this will most likely be my only post until the next challenge. (I'm thinking my real challenge this next week will be not to gain 10 pounds, wish me luck)

I just turned's cheesecake. It's also 11:56 at night and now I'm salivating. Great.


  1. Yum to the cheesecake. And lucky you to be going to Midelicious' house. Jealousy begins now. May you enjoy a schniztel without guilt.

  2. Jen, once the Mindiliicous visit is done, try counting calories for just one day. I'm tellin' ya; it's a real eye opener!

  3. Jen, breast reduction, let's do it. We would immediately look 10 pounds lighter plus our backs and shoulders wouldn't hurt.

  4. What a pleasant surprise to see my cute SIL posting on this blog! (And seriously, she does have the most ginormous-est boobs ever.)

    Yay! Having you on board will make it SOOOOOOO much easier to keep myself in check next week! You wanna work out with me? I'm walking and doing The 30 Day Shred. CAN'T WAIT to see you!

  5. Mins, I have no idea what a 30 Day Shred is and I love to walk!! I've been counting calories and am well within my range! Yay for me!! :) Oh, and did you know, any work out over 30 minutes burns pure fat!! I think that's aerobic exercise though.

    I went to a place called the Bust Stop here in Tulsa and supposedly they specialize in all bra sizes (they do have a ton)...yeah, not mine. Reduction here I come!!

  6. Jenn! Welcome to challenge. I can't wait to see how you do at Mindy's!!! I'm hungry just thinking about all her good food.

    Enjoy and get ready for round 2

  7. Jenn, I don't know you yet, but I just have to tell you that your post and these comments just cracked me up!!! So funny! Good luck, and thanks for making me laugh.