Thursday, March 11, 2010


Getting rid of soda lasted for a day!! Life has been stressful w/ sick kids and I was finally out of the house for a little while alone. I really wanted to grab for a bag of chips or a yummy chocolate treat, which I would have done if it weren't for this challenge!! So instead, I opted for a diet soda instead! It could have been worse!
As for a weakness, I would say sweets!! Yesterday I had a sugar cookie and it about melted in my mouth!! To get rid of the weakness, I sent the rest over to my neighbor's kids! I have realized that I don't have to give up any types of food, instead I have to make good choices. So I can have the sugar cookie, I may just need to have something smaller for another meal. I am keeping sweets in the house, I am just using this challenge to keep me from devouring them!!
FYI - another great site to count calories is

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  1. You've hit the nail on the head with the whole eating thing and sweets in the house...if you're strong enough. Some people aren't with certain things.

    As for the soda! Good thing it's only one point huh! I had a diet dr. pepper at the chick-fil-a on tuesday but when I went back today I had water and a salad. For me it's about limiting and I'm doing great at that.

    Love ya