Saturday, April 17, 2010

Slow as Molasses

Mmm... molasses.

I've hit a slow spot in my weight loss this week. I was steadily losing 1/2 a pound every couple of days, but this week I've just been hovering. I've exercised every day and stayed in my calorie range every day except Wednesday when I baked and decorated a birthday cake for my friend's little girl.

After eating 600 calories in buttercream frosting, not to mention the cake and ice cream, I definitely had to use that as one of my free days. On Tuesday I hit 10 pounds in my weight loss, but the frosting binge cost me 1/2 pound and I've been sitting at 148.5 all week.

I'm mildly frustrated, but I keep reminding myself that losing 10 pounds in 5 weeks is a lot and I was bound to plateau sooner or later. I think my body is getting used to my new normal and I keep wondering if I need to change things up. I'm getting a decent amount of variety in my exercise now that the weather is improving, so maybe I need to do something different with my food. I've noticed that I go to a lot of the same stand-by's and the only meal where I get much variety is dinner. I need to start exploring new recipes, especially for snacks and more veggies. Any good websites you ladies can recommend?

'Course, there's always the possibility that if I just pig out for a couple of days and then start dieting again, it will jump start my system and get me losing weight again.

A girl can dream, can't she?


There's always that one day a month (on a good month only one), where I am transformed into a slug. Not motivated to do much of anything. I just move slowly around the house in my slippers. Yesterday, I was a slug with a phone, a computer and some dark chocolate.

Today the hormones have leveled out and I've got my sneakers on...ready to kick it!

P.S. I seriously thought about posting a picture of a slug to go with this, but the google slugs were so gross-looking.

Friday, April 16, 2010


Ms. Thunder Bumper thinks that since we all just payed up to Uncle Sam that it's time to pay up for part two of planks and push-ups.

Just test yourself and see where you're at. Have you improved? Have you even tried again? Some of you are really rockin'. If you are you can try this move from Trainer Momma.

If you're new this round this is a good place to start. Check out this link to see all the information from the previous challenge.

Tell us your successes and what you might want to work on next to keep improving. Let's me Healthy AND Strong.

10points for testing yourself and posting/commenting about where you're at.

Party food

I made this healthy and yummy salsa and chip appetizer I picked up from Samantha for a party I attended last night It was so fresh and appealing and tasty. But I was competing with a one foot tall chocolate fountain with angel food cake, marshmallows, cream puffs, strawberries, and pineapple for dipping. The result? Let's just say I had my own little salsa and sweet chip party this morning for breakfast. (photo courtesy of Samantha).

P.S. I need a link tutorial. After 20 minutes of trying to upload using the link icon, I gave up.

Am I a Runner?

Am I a runner?
I often hear this a lot: "I can't run"
The first thing I think of is, "you can't run, or you don't like to run?"
Let me share with you a story on someone who was a self proclaimed "I can't run" person.
2007, I decided it was time to shed the pounds. My mom was an active runner, so I thought that would be a great way to loose the extra weight. So I told her I wanted to train for a 5K. Yeah, I'd never run in my life. Not only that, but I hated running. January, I made this commitment, and in March I was running my first 5K. Wow, that was fun, I thought. I wanted more. I wanted to run a half marathon. So, from January to August, I went from hating to run to running my first half marathon. Soon after, I got pregnant with my third child, stopped running, and gained a ton of weight.

After I had my baby, I wanted to be a "runner" again, but it seemed like a far fetched idea. I had 80 pounds to loose, completely out of shape, and everything else that comes with having a c section and a new baby. I didn't know if I could be a "runner" again. Then I read an article in Runners World Magazine. It had one criteria that you had to meet to know if you could be a "runner". Here it is: Can you walk from your couch to the fridge? If you answered yes, than you can be a runner.

Yes, it's hard to start
Yes, you'll be sore
Yes, you'll be tired
Yes, you might wonder if it will be worth it
No, you won't be able to run for very long at first
And, yes, you'll be out of breath, even after going for 30 seconds
The promising news is, it won't last. You'll be surprised at how fast your legs will get strong, and how fast your lungs will adapt.
And, you'll feel like you can conquer everything!
Your lungs and legs will be strong enough.
Most important, your mind will develop the I can attitude.
Here is the trick: ease into it slowly.
Don't jump right into running if you haven't done it before.
It will be to easy to give up quickly.
Need a training guide for a beginning runner?
Check this one out:
I went for a run this morning with my favorite running partner. On Saturday, my mom, who is 57, is running her fourth half marathon in three years. I'm impressed. I told her my ambition of one day running a marathon. I plan on starting to train when my youngest starts school. I looked at her and said, "That's in three years. Do you think I could be ready for a marathon in three years? I can barely run four miles?" I loved her reply, "Of course you can. If you do it, I'll do it with you." Okay, I'm a little excited about this proposition, and amazed. She will be 60 and running her first marathon. How awesome is that! Is it legal for a daughter to be so proud of her mother?
So, here's the point of the post: If you don't run, and would like to try, YOU CAN DO IT! If you can get off the couch and walk to the fridge, you can do it! Look at the training guide. It's so easy, right? Remember it's just a guide. I never moved to the next week/level until I was comfortable running the amount of minutes I was at.
Have fun and keep on Woggling (Walk/Jog)!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Yard work. anyone?

Ok, I want to know how many points I get for working all day in my yard filling 4 huge totes and 4 large garbage cans. My wrist is swollen this morning from pulling weeds and welding the hedger. The lawns are mowed and it is looking pretty good. I'm getting ready for spring if it will just stop raining. I also did my usual walk and then hit the gym before the yard. It was a good day but I was ready to sit down last night. The roses are starting to bloom and I'm a happy camper. I ate three cookies last night but I deserved them right???LOL

Kegel's Anyone?

I wet my pants a little bit today while doing the jump rope move in the 30 Day Shred DVD.

So, how's your day going?

Stepping up

So I failed to do my usual sunrise morning gym class today. The body said "Sorry, 6 hours of sleep just won't cut it today." But I have a pretty busy day and, like many of you, subscribe to the get-it-done early philosophy. So I decided to briskly walk my 9 year old to school: .8 miles the short way and 1.4 miles the scenic way. So I did both using my new Steps App which told me how many steps, how many miles, how much time and how many calories burned. Tomorrow, I think I might pocket my i phone from dawn til dust just to see how many miles I walk and calories I burn just being me. Won't that be interesting?!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This put a big smile on my face

Sometime yesterday evening I received a phone call from an unknown number. I'm in the habit of ignoring numbers that I don't recognize {too much history with bill collectors :)}, so I promptly hit the ignore button and went about my business. As I was setting my alarm on my cell phone before bed, I noticed there was a message. I was absolutely TICKLED PINK to hear the voice of Melissa, calling to say "You Rock!" and congratulate me on how the weight loss is going. It was so fun to hear her voice, to hear how she sounds like the Dragonfly and the Queen Vee. Melissa, thank you for your thoughtful message, I'll be calling you later today! :)

Samantha & Melissa, September 2009

Do you know the story of Melissa and the Queen Vee and Samantha? If not, you really must read:
  1. First Here
  2. Then Here
  3. And Here
I love these Carlson women, and Audrey and Mindy, too. Victoria, I'm TOTALLY going to take you up on your offer to come out for a visit once I reach my goal weight!

As an aside, I had an interesting experience yesterday. I woke up late, right when Lily was supposed to catch the bus, so I didn't get my early morning workout in. I dinked around the rest of the morning, thinking maybe I would skip exercise for the day. It was totally snowing, but the weather was supposed to improve the second half of the week, so I figured I could put in a couple of longer bike rides and make up the points. I tried to work on some chores so I woudn't feel like a total slug. I only got the kitchen halfway clean and then I helped Amelia make some hand-dipped chocolate suckers.

I did quite a bit of snitching and I was in danger of going over my calories by the end of the day, so I caved and took a nap while Mack was napping so I wouldn't stuff food in my mouth. Do any of you use this tactic to keep yourself from eating? Well, it kept me from eating, but I ended up just feeling lousy because I'd eaten a bunch of candy, didn't exercise, didn't do very many chores and then I sluffed off and slept. So about 5pm, after finding out that my husband was working late, I decided to bag the soy bean stir-fry I was going to make for dinner and save it for the next day. Instead I got my workout clothes on, did a quick 30 minute workout, then fixed Cream of Wheat for dinner.

In some ways I wonder if I'm becoming too obsessed with fitness and nutrition. I mean, WHO is this woman who can't stand to miss a day of exercise? It has turned into such a benchmark for daily accomplishment that unless I have a really good excuse (like being sick or being out of town) I just feel bad about myself if I don't do it. I'm glad to be losing weight and getting healthier, but I wonder if my attitude needs a little adjustment. Any thoughts?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

There has been a lot of talk over the past few days about how yummy some of us think Greek Yogurt is and some of you are still hesitant. Here are some reasons why I eat it.

As some of you may have read from my mom's post a couple of years ago my dad was told he was borderline diabetic and with diet and exercise he was able to avoid that pitfall some many Americans fall into. His doctor gave him a book to read about eating a diet that has a protein to carb ratio of 2:1.

What this ratio does is help keep your insulin from spiking. If you want to know more about what that means you can read here. But the important thing to know that it's not good for your body for that to happen over and over again for lots of different reasons.

The best way to balance out an insulin spike from carbs, because of course you have to eat carbs, is to combine it with protein.

So after having many talks with my dad about this book I started making some basic logical changes to my eating. One of them was looking at the carb to protein ratio in yogurt. I first switched to Light & Fit. Depending on the flavor you get a decent ratio. Then I got turned onto Greek Yogurt because it has such a high protein to card ratio.

Not only does that help balance out an insulin spike but PROTEIN KEEPS YOU SATISFIED LONGER.

It's an acquired taste but one I think with some trial and error you can get use to. Sometimes it's just about finding the right flavor or adding the right fruit or granola yourself. I first looked at my local grocery for Greek Yogurt but they didn't have any, so I started buying the cases of Chobani at Costco.

I keep buying the cases from Costco because yes, my local grocer is now carrying Greek Yogurt but it's dang expensive. (I've found eating healthier is more expensive, is that just me?) But it's a great way to try it out one at a time.

So, give it a try. It may not be for you but you may just love it.

Here is another article that I've read recently about Greek Yogurt. I've attached it to this post.

Can't wait to hear what some of you newbies think when you try it.

The Benefits of Greek Yogurt

It’s higher in protein.

If you’re looking for a good source of protein, Greek yogurt wins out over regular yogurt. Most commercial Greek yogurts at supermarkets have almost double the protein content of standard brands such as Dannon. I currently have three types of yogurt in my fridge. The Yoplait Light has 6grams, the Light & Fit has 5 grams, and the Chobani Greek Yogurt has 14 grams. All are 6 ounces.

It’s lower in carbohydrates.

For the carb watcher, Greek yogurt is the better choice. Whereas standard yogurts have fifteen to seventeen grams of carbs, Greek yogurt averages around nine with some brands having even less. Greek yogurt is also a better choice for those with diabetes for obvious reasons.

It’s thicker and creamier.

Greek yogurt has a thicker, creamier texture which many people find appealing. Standard yogurt is generally strained two times, whereas Greek yogurt is triply strain to remove more of the whey. When whey is removed, so is water which creates a thicker, more substantial yogurt product. For this reason, thickeners aren’t added to Greek yogurt, yet it still has an appealing texture. Because it’s thicker and creamier, it’s often better than standard yogurt for making dips and sauces.

It’s lower in sodium.

If you’re watching your salt intake, Greek yogurt is the better choice. It often contains as much as fifty percent less sodium than standard yogurts.

The Disadvantages of Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is a good option both from a taste and a health standpoint, although standard yogurt has a few health advantages over its Mediterranean counterpart. Standard yogurt has two to three times the bone building calcium of Greek yogurt. Why During the triple straining process, some of the calcium is removed from Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt can also be higher in fat and calories, but non-fat Greek yogurts are still naturally creamy, meaning you don’t need the full-fat version for great taste and texture.

If you can’t decide which to choose, why not keep them in the refrigerator to enjoy when a craving hits? They’re both a good alternative to high calorie desserts.

Recipe browsing

Before this awesome challenge came along, I was recipe-challenged. I tried new recipes once a month, maybe. I would look through cook books and cooking magazines more or less afraid. Either afraid of the strange ingredients, afraid the recipe was too complicated or afraid no one else in my family would eat it, let alone like it. But, this same person, was (and still is) a Top Chef devotee and likes to watch the Food network to relax. A bit of a paradox, I know.

Well, that old me is pretty much gone. And the salad I made for lunch today proves it. I've been hearing about this Jamie Oliver guy and his new show Food Revolution. Looked up some of his recipes on line and made this gorgeous Posh Chopped Salad:

I could not have made this salad a month and a half ago. "Too many wierd ingredients" I would have thought. The formerly weird ingredients include: fennel and radishes. Other ingredients I don't use regularly: fresh dill, smoked salmon, and belgian endive. And I'll admit that while I was chopping up veggies, I was tempted to leave out some of the weird ones, but I'm so glad I didn't. It was so delicious that I ate two huge platefuls. That's right, I totally piged-out on salad, people, all 532 calories. The lemon/oil dressing with loads of freshly ground pepper and kosher salt all brought this yummy lunch together. My taste buds were doing a happy dance.

No Wonder

Well it's a no wonder that I'm am starving and exhausted. I'm pregnant. TOTALLY unexpected!! I had (it was taken out yesterday) an IUD, the copper kind, so it was supposed to be effective for 10 years. Yeah. It's been 2 years. Seriously, the odds are 0.01%. So, now you guys get to give a pregnant women who JUST got into a size 6 advice on how to NOT go back into a 14. AND, with my last one, I had to be on bed rest for the last trimester.... Geez. I must say though, I knew there were more, and my husband was never going to be on board with that one, so apparently there has been an intervention. :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Kitchen sink

Somedays I'm a bit too ambitious. Like tonight. Cornflake encrusted halibut, two potato latkes, green salad and fresh strawberries. It was so ambitious that the green salad never even made it to the table. But I knew I was heading toward a food-tastrope before then because of the tell tale signs:

1) my kitchen sink is filled to the brim with dirty dishes even before we sit down to dinner
2) no one likes the new recipes but me
3) all those not in favor make sure I am fully aware of that fact (except my gracious husband who kindly said "I just didn't appreciate this one.")

Sometimes cooking healthy can be downright messy and the troops, downright hard to please.

breakfast is good

This challange has helped me focus on better eating choices.  I have been eating more salads for lunch and eating lighter dinners.  I have been better about eating breakfast as well.  Mornings get kind of crazy with getting Christina off to Seminary and I was getting in a bad habit of not eating breakfast.  Thanks to this challange I have broken that bad habit.  My favorite go to breakfast is the protein shake.  It is quick, easy and healthy.  

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye...

Last week I bid farewell to the 150's {for awhile anyway, until I get knocked up again ;)}. I haven't seen that weight in four years. Needless to say, I'm pretty stoked! Audrey must have been reading my mind when she chose the latest challenge because ever since the end of our first 3 week session I've been wanting to post about how my life is changing. To steal a phrase from Mindy, I am experiencing a major paradigm shift.

The beginning of this challenge was a huge awakening for me. I was purposely ignorant about how poor my nutrition was. I just ate whatever sounded satisfying at any given moment. I ate mostly carbs and very few veggies. Lots of butter and lots of treats. After I started counting calories and using the MyPyramid Worksheet, I realized I was far, far off the recommended servings for each food group. Doing this challenge has not only helped me to eat a healthy calorie range, it has made me start eating a well balanced diet. Imagine my surprise when I took two free days over Easter weekend and after gluttonously devouring a bunch of candy and cake, I found myself craving vegetables and I couldn't go to sleep until I ate a cup of stir-fry veggies. Dude, that's not normal, not for me anyway.

But now I have a new normal. Veggies are now a staple at every evening meal and although I haven't been able to sway my husband very much, my kids are eating more veggies and Lily especially has become a huge veggie lover. I love to put tons of veggies on my sandwiches and I find myself trying new things, like this egg sandwich with salsa, cucumbers and avocados. Super yum at about 300 calories {with Oroweat sandwich thins}.

And now it's rare for me to have breakfast without lots of fruit in it. Would you like some cereal with your strawberries?

I didn't dare attempt baking in the first couple of weeks because I knew I'd cave. But now I have developed an appetite for healthier foods and I have the self-control to eat goodies in small portions. I bought a kit to make chocolate dipped suckers for Easter, then had to beat my children off with a stick until my free days on Easter weekend before we made them. Even with it being a free day, I really didn't eat a lot because I got sugared out pretty quickly.

Eating out hasn't been a huge issue for me because I live in the middle of nowhere and there are no restaurants in town. I was able to do the eating out challenge when I drove to Evanston {2 1/2 hour round trip} to do a Walmart run. Here's Mack and me grubbin' on some Subway:

Fitness is becoming easier each day and after exercising pretty consistantly since the beginning of January, I can say with confidence that it's now a part of my routine. I've been able to get in some bike rides with my two youngest riding in the trailer now that the weather is improving.

But, this is Wyoming, so more often than not I am doing exercise DVD's in my small living room while the wind whips and occasionally the snow still flies. I've mentioned this before in comments, but I have been truly shocked at how my internal clock has made a monumental shift from being the girl who sleeps in and takes long naps to the person who actually LIKES getting up early. One of the main reasons I get up early is that if I'm going to exercise in my house, it becomes so much harder to get it done once my kids are awake and needing my attention. Dishes, laundry, the internet and various other distractions virtually guarantee that I won't exercise after 8:00am unless it's an outdoor activity I can do with my kids. In addition to being able to get my workout in, I can check blogs without interruption, I can eat breakfast without the little mooches begging at my leg and I just love the quiet in the house when I'm the first one up.

Feeling healthier and more fit is rewarding all on its own, but as icing on the cake, I'm seeing changes in my body. I cinched in my belt a couple weeks ago...

...and now my size 12 pants are getting loose.

(me taking pics of my newborn nephew, with my Mom as assistant, last week)

Yesterday I decided to wear the same outfit to church that I'd worn for Lily's baptism 6 weeks ago and take a picture for comparison. Me, at 158 pounds:

And here is 9 pounds lighter:

But don't get too excited, I'm still wearing the girdle. :)

The biggest changes I've seen are that my arms aren't so flabby, my hips are getting smaller, my thighs are getting toned and I actually have a little depression on my upper belly that looks suspiciously like ABS! I still have a lot of flab to work through on the lower belly, but the fact that I can see any definition in my stomach is pretty freakin' exciting! The toning can be largely attributed to Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred, Biggest Loser The Workout 2 (the women's toning section is awesome for hips, thighs and butt) and Biggest Loser Boot Camp. I also really like Biggest Loser Cardio Max for getting a good cardio workout when I have to stay inside.

This has not been easy for me. But I think the biggest reason I've been able to stay consistant is that I was READY. In January, when I started exercising, I wasn't ready. I didn't want to stop eating. But to my great pleasure, after several weeks of establishing good eating habits, I've discovered that not being a heifer is OK. Cutting back on treats has not taken all of the pleasure out of food. I try to give myself one free day each week and knowing that I'll be able to eat goodies to my heart's content (usually on Sunday) in just a few days helps me to stay committed. Also, I think I'm afraid to fail at this point. I finally feel like I'm successful at something and I don't want to lose that feeling. I've been a little disappointed during this process that my husband hasn't been more of a cheerleader. I figured he'd be pretty excited that I was trying to get in shape, but maybe he's just disappointed that my boobs are shrinking! I finally said something to him about it, reminding him that my love language is Words of Affirmation, and he declared that his policy was silence. "I don't comment when you gain weight and I don't comment when you lose weight." You gotta admit, the guy's no dummy.

This blog, with the accountability and the constant support from all of you ladies has really been the turning point for me. I will forever be grateful to Audrey for starting this, to Mindy for inviting me, and to all of you for being my cheerleaders. Love you!

How my Journey is going...

I have been with this health challenge for 3 weeks and I have been so grateful! I have had some bad eating days but like most of you, they have been about once a week instead of 3 or 4 times a week!
Audrey did a pos about how to know if your really hungry or not and that has stuck with me. When I think I am hungry, I ask myself if I am wanting veggies or if I am wanting chocolate or salty snacks. I am more aware of my REAL hunger vs. my EMOTIONAL hunger. There really is a difference!
Journaling is key, making sure I am getting enough veggie's, fruits and protein are the most important for me. When I do this I am more satisfied which makes it easier to stay on track! My personal challenge for myself is to get 80 grams of protein in a day. I never realized how much it would help!

My challenge is my emotional eating and focusing on the HEALTH reasons for taking care of my body. I hate when I don't see immediate results on the scale. For some reason, my body takes about a month of really good eating to start showing the results. I can also eat bad for a month and lie to myself that it isn't affecting me until all of a sudden I am up 5 lbs for NO reason :) Darn consequences!!

I have to remind myself that my success is when I wake up in the morning feeling wonderful because I didn't eat so much that my stomach still hurts. It is a successful day when I have done my very best to take care of my body physically and spiritually... no matter what that scale might say!

Have a great week everyone!

Report Your Numbers For Week 1 Here!

Give me your numbers from Monday through Sunday (last night). Keep up the good work ladies!

Here we go again...

As a side note, I promise I will get my bio in soon.

With that said, I've been thinking about the Thunder Bumper Challenge and trying to figure out what I was going to write about. I wasn't a part of this blog for the first round, but I have been very health focused since the beginning of the year. A couple things have changed for me. The first one is my water consumption. I will be the first to admit that I am now a water addict. I love water. I've been trying to drink a gallon a day. It was advice from Trainer Momma. At first, it was really hard. I was constantly running to the bathroom. Good way to burn some extra calories, right? But, now my bladder is used to it. I actually crave it when I don't meet my gallon a day. The second thing is I have become a veggie and fruit lover. Never thought the veggie part would be possible. I eat a salad for lunch almost every day. My fridge is so stuffed with produce that I can't even shut the drawers. I make it a weekly goal to eat all the veggies in the fridge and not let anything go to waste. I know there was just a post on this, but I too have become aware of portion sizes and how much calories are in certain foods. Boy was I way off on my portions. I have been working on retraining my mind on what the correct portion is.

So here is the struggle: I am an emotional eater. I have a crash day about once a week. I do so well all week long, and then something triggers my body to go through an anxiety roller coaster that leads me to food for comfort. I am happy it's only about once a week. It used to be a daily thing. If I could figure a way to overcome this, my weight loss would be smooth sailing. It is the ONLY thing that is keeping me from being where I want to be with my weight loss goals. I am realizing I have to conquer this if I want to be healthy. I can not have both. I'm working on it one baby step at a time. The difference is, I am not giving up. If I have a bad day, I get up the next morning, eat healthy, work on my attitude adjustment, and exercise. Before I used to throw in the towel for months from one bad day. So there is definite improvement.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. This has been true many times in my life. I have a lot of knowledge but always putting it into practice has not happened. I don't eat as bad as I used to and I am doing more exercise than I did when I was working and dealing with 5 kids and many extra activities. What I could get away with then is now catching up with me as I have "aged" like a good wine. lol.

I am also a nervous eater. If I can't make a decision I look in the frig as if I am going to find my answer in there. I have also become very aware of how stress has an affect on my weight. Three years ago my husband and I lost twenty pounds. He had been diagnosed as pre-diabetic and told to lose some weight or face the consequences. We did very well until I lost my job last year and also hurt my foot and was unable to walk for some time. The weight slowly crept back up. This challenge is helping me get back on track.

I still struggle with eating toooo fast and not savoring the meal. "Eat to live not live to eat." The journal is a big help for me. I keep a 44 ounce cup filled with lemon water with cyenne pepper in it on my counter at all time and take a drink every time I pass by. I will continue to work on portion control and I'm glad to see the summer veggies in view. I enjoy your blogs and good advice. THANKS

The Good and The Bad . . .

Here's the good news:  I can honestly say that it is not hard for me to get my fruits and veggies in every day.  I love adding fresh fruits to my breakfast.  I've been known to have two different fruits in the morning.  And I love to munch on veggies, pack them into a good sandwich and make them as a side for dinner.  So I am definitely getting the good stuff in and so is my family.  Yipee for us!

Here's the bad news:  I have had a really tough week doing the challenge because of a medical issue that pretty much wrecked me from Thursday on.  I haven't written down much, I've eaten a lot of candy, my work outs dropped off around Wednesday and I feel pretty disappointed in myself.  But I've learned a lesson - when I'm feeling crummy physically I can't concentrate at much else. 

I am hoping, now that I'm on medication, I will be back in the saddle this week.

Hey Mrs. Thunder Bumper, I want my ten points

Success: The best thing to come out of this is now I am AWARE. Aware of how much I eat. Aware of how healthful certain foods are. Aware of how my intake affects my body. I've always been a moderately healthy eater. I eat my fruits and veggies, and I watch my portions. But being AWARE and informed has changed my perspective on food. Actually, it would be more honest to say it's helping me start to change my perspective on food. I still automatically think of the Easter candy on top of the fridge if I'm feeling stressed, but I won't automatically reach for it as before. In the morning I try to think, "What can I eat that will give me enough energy for the morning and keep me full?" not "What looks yummy?"

Struggle: I cannot remember to take that darn Vitamin! I've tried leaving the bottle on the counter, I've tried taking it first thing in the morning, I've tried asking people to remind me. I cannot seem to make a habit out of it! I'm also struggling to get my workout in. I can't seem to find a time that works everyday, and I'm not one of those people who is willing to wake up at 5:45 to workout before her kids get up. I just don't have that in me. Yet. I think it would help if I could find something I love doing. I've been struggling to find that for years, though.

Struggles and Success

After drinking Diet Coke as most of my fluid intake except when I exercised drinking lots of water has become a natural thing for me in the last month. I keep a glass next to the sink all the time and whenever I walk over there I either finish off whats in the glass or I fill it up again.

Don't get me wrong. I'm still enjoying my soda but at more strategic time (more to come on that) and less of it. I could seriously drink 18 or more cans a week and that didn't always count what I might have while I was out and about. Now it's about 4 cans a week. Success.

I enjoy my water, sometimes flavored sometimes not but now it's not so hard to get all that water in.

Now here is what I'm still struggling with. I like to eat at night. Now you know from my post from last week about getting your calories in early that I KNOW BETTER! But it's still a struggle. I'm not eating as much but I'm having a hard time not going for a late night snack. I try to make good choices but it's still energy that's not being burned and therefore is being stored as fat. So now that I've outed myself I hope that you try to keep me in line and check on my progress. I hope that I can improve in the next two weeks!

Leftover veggies

Since I'm the numero uno veggie eater here, there are often veggie leftovers, not beloved like lasagna or apple pie leftovers. Today I poured the leftover roasted zucchini and squash and the steamed broccoli into the blender and made soup. The veggies were already seasoned. I also added 1/4 c cubed ham and 1/4 c grated cheddar cheese (but it would have been tasty without the cheese too at 110 cal). It's a bit chilly here today, 50 degrees, and so, leftover veggie soup really hit the spot.