Friday, March 12, 2010

Birthday Weekend

So it is my daughters 15th b-day on Monday the 15th!  She decided that she is going to spread this out over the entire weekend.  How does this affect me you ask?  Because tonight she picked "Not Your Average Joes" as her choice place to eat! Are you serious????  That is what I said to her.  I completely blew it.  Have you ever had their Peanut Butter Thing dessert?????  I have before and I did tonight :)   I won't even go into what I had before.  So tomorrow I am going to have to be the meanest mom on the stinkin planet and say "no" to going out to eat.  Because obviously my will power lay in shreds at the moment.

Hope everyone else has had a great Friday!  Looks like we are in for a rainy weekend here in Northern Virginia.  I will be praying for lots of will power.


  1. Who doesn't want the birthday to last a little longer?! But must the celebrations all involve food? How about if you go for a birthday walk? Wink.

  2. Birthday weekends are fun but can seriously test some will power. Maybe you can get smoothies today instead.