Friday, November 5, 2010

Time to Post those Points!!!

It's been a long 18 days and I think we've all gotten a taste of what we need to do to enjoy the season ahead of us and stay healthy both inside and out in the weeks ahead. I hope that you all stick to being healthy through the next two months even if you're not participating in the challenges.

Everyone who post their points will be in a random drawing for this awesome fall towel that Melissa has graciously offered as incentive.

The bling will go to the big winner who persevered through Halloween and had more good days than bad.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Never Quit, Never Give Up!

Last night as I watched the Biggest Loser the Marines pounded this into the contestants heads: Never Quit, Never Give Up! I like this, it goes right along with I Can Do Hard Things!

This is a hard time of year for me but this year my motto along with the above is, more good days than bad. I know I can do this and you can too!

Do any of you ever look at your Costco Connection magazine? I do, I often find good recipes. This past month Bob Harper, of the Biggest Loser, had a little article in the Healthy Lifestyles section. I like what he said, because it's what we are doing here on this blog.

So, if you're coming, going, paying attention but not committed to doing the challenges, know someone will be here for you as a support. Sometimes that's all it takes, knowing someone is thinking about what you're doing.

Here is what Bob had to say:
Fall happens to be one of the most important times for people to start exploring a new exercise program and developing healthier eating habits, as the upcoming holidays- with enormous meal after enormous meal, party after party, and all the resulting leftovers-can wreak havoc on anyone's waistline.

For most people the hardest part is staying motivated and on course. I believe three elements, beyond the actual exercises and food, are central to sticking to your plan.

It is crucial to realize that this is not a race. There is no finish line. You are making a change that should last a lifetime. It will be hard to stay motivated and to pick yourself up after a hard workout, so find outlets that keep things interesting and allow you to mix up your routine a bit. The intention is to combine sound fitness and exercises in a way that does not get boring. If you keep it interesting, you'll keep your head in the game.

Imagine weeks of keeping an impeccable food and exercise journal as you enter the holiday season. Do you really think you are going to want to tarnish your beautiful journal, filled with entries about vegetables and tough workouts, with junk food around Halloween? (or any other holiday coming up) No way. Keeping a journal helps you maintain a commitment to yourself.

Enroll your friends and co-workers in your effort from the outset. Challenge them to stay motivated as they challenge you. Technology makes it so easy. Post a motivational message on a friend's Facebook wall. Leave an inspirational voicemail or e-mail. Tell someone he or she looks amazing. Always express gratitude for their support. It will go a long way on your personal journey.

Make this fall and holiday season the first of many healthy ones.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A fun workout!!!!

Hey Girls! I just wanted to share a fun indoor workout for those of you who have stairs in your house. I do this work out often and really like it.

Run up and down your stairs 10 times. Take 2 minutes off, then do it again. 10 times.

Now here's the fun part. I like to fold laundry or put it away during my 2 minute rest. I start my stairs running at the top of my stairs by my bedroom. That way I can finish upstairs, walk to my room grab a stack of clothes, walk to a different room and put them away. I use a stop watch to signal when it is time to head back to the stairs to do another set. You can also do sit ups, or jumping jacks, or push ups, or anything else. I also like to alternate the stairs with my elliptical machine. Or maybe try tidying your kitchen.

Give it a try. It'll get rid of those winter blues and give you amazing leg muscles!!! Plus you will be able to get some things done around the house at the same time. I was dripping wet by the end of my work out today...and my legs feel tired and wonderful.

Just don't fall down your stairs.

Done that.

It's not fun.

If you start feeling sloppy, slow it down. You'll still feel the benefit of climbing stairs.
This has been the hardest period of all and I'm not quite sure why. It has been harder to focus and stay on top of things. One goal I thought I would try was while my walking partner was out of town, I thought I would try to run on part of my walk. First day was ok but the second day I ran again but I paid for it big time. I could hardly walk and I had to sleep with heat on my hip and some good pain killer. Nothing like getting old. I think I'll pass on running but *I did achieve my goal.
Sept. I wrote off all sugary sweets. I did really well but this month has been terrible. I did ok until the end with two pot lucks, a chili/pie cook off and lemon pie for FHE. I will post my points but really not as good as it could be. I need something crunchy....any suggestions. My taste buds need a pick me up with GOOD healthy food.

Monday, November 1, 2010

I diligently got up this morning to exercise after my sugar induced coma. I was doing this move with the exercise bands to mock a pull up (which I can not do). As the thought came to me, "I wonder if the band would hurt if it snapped in half. And then it happened. I have big welt marks across my chest and arm, and a nice big bruise. And the answer is, YES IT DOES HURT. Do you use exercise bands. I don't think I will use them again. I can do an imitation pull up by using a chair, but due to back injury it's harder. Maybe I just gotta avoid pull ups til my back gets stronger.

How I survived Halloween...

I survived Halloween by, RUNNING! 
Crazy? Maybe but I wasn't alone. We ran with 3000 people who were dressed up in AMAZING costumes. I was shocked to see how creative people got! It was fun to pick someone like Tinkerbell or Waldo out in the crowd and try to pass them. Let's just say it kept things interesting as we ran 13 miles down Provo Canyon :)
Running with your best friends makes it even better!
It's Monday and my legs are still extremely sore but it was so much fun. Don't worry, I will get a better costume for next year :)

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Somebody Wire My Mouth Shut

Yep, I need to have an accident, break my jaw and get it wired shut. I just eat and eat and eat and eat... where will it stop?!! I think it's all that sugar! It just promotes more hunger, which in turn promotes more sugar eating, which promotes more hunger, and the vicious cycle keeps going. I think I will definitely have to recommit myself to the HWHL way of living!