Friday, April 2, 2010


Our Challenge #1 Winner is MISSY!!!!
You all did a great job! Things were really tight until the last week and some of us had a harder time than others!!!

Congrats Missy for doing such an awesome job and losing all that weight! Branson is just around the corner! Keep up the good work!

I can't wait to see how we all do next time!

As you can see we start Monday and will go just short of two weeks. I'm doing that because we will only take a two day break and then start challenge #3

Swim suit season is around the corner!

We do have a couple of new comers and a few of you that started late. It's a fresh start and I'm sure they will be giving us all a run for our money this time!!!

Love you guys!

Monday, March 29, 2010


Let's see how you did and who our first challenge champion is!

Enjoy your week off. Remember its not to complete fall back into bad habits. Keep up the good just don't need to keep track of points.

Next challenge starts the day after Easter!

Thanks for making this so much fun and a great success. You are all wonderful women!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Get Your Plank On!

You guys better keep working during this week break because as you can see we Carlson women have found that working the plank on a Sunday afternoon is our new source of entertainment! We're having so much fun we can't stop laughing....
If you look close you can see Samuels foot in the back...this is right before he crawled under the two of us. Entertaiment for the whole family. Ken even held the plank for a minute.

Have a fun week!

Push ups

Melissa: All I can think about here is how bad my hair looks in this picture. Fitness isn't always pretty, but it sure is more fun when your sister is pumping her arms up and down by your side (...and is faster than you.)

Samantha: Yay! I did two more than last time. Hey! Why are my roots so dark? Say! That is a cute (and competetive) sister I have. She held out and waited for me to finish so she could squeak in a few more than me. :)

Keep the ball rolling!

Don't cry, we get to do this again in a week.
Ok Ladies! The three weeks have come to an end. Don't don't be sad...come back in a week for more fun and maybe a little torture. TOMORROW I'LL PUT UP A POST WHERE YOU CAN POST YOUR POINTS.

This challenge is about healthy living. It's a lifestyle not only a three week challenge. I hope that you've all made changes that you'll stick to during this week off. DON'T GO BACK TO ALL THOSE BAD HABITS BECAUSE ITS TIME OFF! You have to keep the ball rolling. Don't let it slow down.

Enjoy a few more threats. Workout, but maybe not everyday....give that body a little break so it can recuperate.

I can't wait to start up again in a week. I hope that you are too. If any of your friends or family want to join us just have them send me an email. You can find it on the right hand do I join.