Monday, March 8, 2010

Hi to all of you,
I am Julie, Audrey's Aunt. I have two grown daughters, (I have had the baby fat a long time), I don't count years or calories, I don't know how to post (that is why I am behind everyone), I don't take multivitamins (they mess with the other meds) and I eat what and when I want. But change is a way of life and it is time for some positive ones in my life. So here I am joining the gang. I do have one advantage, I don't drink Pop, or soda. I walk on a daily basis (almost) and I don't have to worry about anyone messing with my routine besides myself. So for today.... 27. There is room for improvement.
Tomorrow's biggest challenge, staying away from the choco-covered raisins on my co-workers desk. Maybe tomorrow I will figure out the picture thing.


  1. Julie! You're right change is good. Find what works best for you and make those improvements. The best thing is we will all be there to support you in being healthy!


  2. How fun that you're here! Go Aunt Julie!