Saturday, March 6, 2010

Questions & Answers

Hello Everyone! The big day is almost here. I've had a few general questions that I wanted to post answers to. Feel free to ask more when they come up. The learning curve will be short...once we get going it will all make sense and be LOTS OF FUN!

Question: How do I keep track of points?

Answer: Every day there is an opportunity to earn 30 points. Keep track of your points somewhere for the day. A scratch piece of paper, calendar, where ever you are writing down your food diary. Just remember to do it, it's amazing how much we forget quickly. Then on Sunday I'll ask you to report your numbers by commenting on my post. That way they are all together and I can list them on the side so you can see how you are doing. You'll report three times during each challenge session.

Question: Can I get more than 30 points a day?

Answer: YES! If you do absolutely everything and do more than 30 minutes of exercise you can accumulate more than 30 points. You can also earn an extra 10 points on the days surprise challenges are posted.

Question: Where to I find my calorie range?

Answer: I've posted a link on the side par to, there are tool on the home page that can help you find a calorie range. However, I found that the site was overly generous. But I did like that it gave me an idea of how many fruits and vegetables I should eat in my calorie range.

I've decided that's Daily Plate is probably a more accurate measure of the calories I should be eating. Between the two I think you can find your "range."

There are also many other great things on both sites. As you find these things please share.

As more questions come up I will try to address them so we can all make the most out of this for ourselves and each other!