Thursday, June 6, 2013

Haydration is a Mountain, not a Hill

Hi Gals,

Okay.  So, this is a lot harder than I remember. Just wanted to put that out there as we enter the weekend.  I am struggling with the hydration part.  I even have strategies to drink more.  Some work; other's don't seem to put a dent in the 8 by 8 ounces my body needs. But, ultimately, I'm convinced that my bladder is half the size of normal bladders, because it all goes right through me.

Monday, June 3, 2013

I Send a Virtual Hug to You

Thanks, ladies, for responding to my post last week!  I'm glad we have this up and running, even if it's just for the summer.  This blog has taught me so much about healthy living, but maintaining good habits is like fighting the "natural man"- a daily internal struggle between what is right and what is easy.  I'm glad we're having a refresher course. 

My three things will be:
 #1 eating within my calorie range- I'm a pretty healthy eater in general, but I've noticed a craving for something sweet after every meal, and I need to kick that to the curb. It's become way too easy for me to heed that craving.

#2 WATER!  I am terrible at this.  I go all day without drinking at all.  I just don't think about it.  But 9pm rolls around and suddenly I'm like stranded-on-a-desert-island thirsty! So I guzzle 16 oz and then pee all night.   (At first I typed Dessert Island.  Then I fantasized about what a dessert island would be like.  Then I ate some lettuce.)

#3 Fruits & Veggies- I bet you thought I was going to say exercise.  Thanks to my hubby, exercise is really easy for me right now.  We get up before the kids each morning and do the Insanity workout together.  It's a sixty day program, and we're committed.  It's so much easier to work out when someone is relying on/expecting something of you!  The program ends in about three weeks, so expect to see exercise on this list soon.  I figure the motivation to eat more fruits and veggies will help me with goal #1.

So, there you have it.  I do hope some more of the old regulars jump on board! 

Me too!?!

Hey ladies,

Can I join you all again?  I have been in serious need of motivation for a while.  I just happened to get on  my computer today looking for something to help me get going and decided to check this site.  I was so surprised and delighted to see you are trying to get things going again.  If you are okay with my corny posts and comments I would love to participate.

My three things for the two weeks would have to be:

Hardest (15 points)- Getting 8 hours of sleep -  Seriously I seem to keep going to bed later and later and the effects are scary at best.  I am grumpy, unproductive, etc. etc.

Second hardest (10 points)- Hydration - Time to start filling up those waterbottles.  My goal is 8 or more glasses a day (I should probably make it 10 but we'll start slow and work our way up.)

Third hardest (5 points)- Exercise - I joined Cat's challenge again so that should help but it is still a struggle for me and I know it would help my mood to get out and moving.

I can't wait to catch up on everyone.  Hope you are all well!

Kicking B*tt!

Since I last participated in this challenge, I've started taking Tang So Do, a Korean form karate, with my oldest.  My start was kind of a fluke.  My middle decided he no longer wanted to attend, but we still had half a year's contract to fulfill.  So, I thought, instead of just sitting and watching, I could do this. So I took my middle's place and then ended up continuing on and renewing the contract again.  My oldest and I just tested over the weekend.  He for his red belt (the last belt color before black, although he has 4 stripes yet to go) and I tested for green.

We both kicked b*tt! Both literally and figuratively. Because I've been running a bit, I had more endurance to survive the hardest part: sparring (fighting hand and foot) against three men, all of whom were 2-6 inches taller than me.  I even managed to score a few points against two of the guys which made me feel like a NINJA!

It's so much fun to do something with my oldest and not only to learn with him, but also to learn from him.  I feel like I'm being a good mom and being good to myself at the same time.

P.S.  In order, my three are hydration, exercise, and eating my fruits & veggies.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Will It Be You?

Ok! I guess you are ready to start.  Here is the plan.  We start tomorrow June 3rd and will end Saturday June 15th.  That way we can have a break on Father's Day and start again on June 17th.

You pick the three things you would like to work on.  

The hardest is worth 15 pts. a day.
The second is worth 10 pts. a day.
The third is worth 5 pts. a day.

At the end who ever has the most points is the challenge winner.  The next round you can keep the same ones, or change it around.  Remember, changing habits takes about 21 days.

Finally, you should really post and tell us what you are doing and if you are willing to share, what your three goals are.  

Summer is a busy time for everyone.  It seems like it's just as busy as the school year just with different things filling up are days.  The desire to be healthy is not short term.  The things you are doing should become part of your daily life.  The idea is adding a little at a time makes those things stick before you add more.  You may not write down what you eat every day forever but you should always continue to try to eat healthy.  Trying to do healthy things should be something you can achieve MOST days.
Now go get em'.