Saturday, July 17, 2010

Post Your Points Here!

Ladies! Can you believe that another challenge is over? I can't! Please post your points here so I can get our winner up ASAP!

Also, don't forget we start again on Monday!

You are all doing SO AWESOME! I'm like a proud mom!

Have a great weekend!

The Choices We Make...

Have you ever noticed that this weight loss journey can be a two step forward, on step back kind of deal? You'll score a good week, feel like you are doing great, and then comes a little slip up. A night out. A lunchtime celebration. A slice of pizza that turns into half a pie. Sometimes I go through days where I feel like a rock star, and other times I feel like this weight is never going to come off.

But there is something we all need to understand: Falling Is Not Failing!

Giving In Is Not Giving Up!
It is such a hard game. One minute you feel like you've got a handle on things. You might even feel like it is so easy. The next minute, you find yourself struggling, hungry for something you know won't fill you up, won't make you happy.
This is a game of chance, not a game of luck. The setbacks are just us, doing in our hearts what we know is not right. We can make excuses. I used to see skinny people and think how lucky they were to not struggle with their weight. But, it's the choices they make verses the choices I make.
We either choose to do it, or not. Even though it sometimes doesn't feel like a choice, it most definitely is. The rules are so simple: get the eating under control, and work a little exercise into your day. Make good choices most days and the best one available to you on the other days.
It's not easy, and it's not a game. It's your life and a roll of the dice isn't what gets you moving. It's just you.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Tuna Spread - Make It A Meal For Under 400 Calories

Yummy! It's a tuna spread, 7 Triscuit Reduced Fat crackers, a sliced roma tomato, and a nectarine. And the whole thing is only 334 calories, and probably 1/2 of your fruit and veggie requirements for the day. Wahoo!!

You make the tuna spread with:
-2 tablespoons Naturally Yours fat free sour cream (the one that looks like a black and white cow, so yummy! it's the BEST fat free sour cream, smooth and tangy)
-1/2 cup Bumble Bee tuna chunk light in water
-1/2 cup chopped celery (you could also add some chopped green onions for just a few extra calories, and 1 tablespoon of sliced almonds for only 45 extra calories)
-1/4 tsp. dried dill

This spread reminds me of a similar recipe that had a cream cheese base I used to make when I was a young teenager. But this tastes awesome, too, and I'm sure has waaaay less fat and calories than the original. This would also be great on a sandwich, or in a pita with lettuce.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Last chance for those 10 points.

Don't forget to either post of put your comment in Ms. Thunder Bumper's challenge to tell us what you're favorite post is. It's worth 10 points and could make you the winner this go around.

If you haven't already go back and see the comments section and the post that inspired some of our participants!

Tomorrow is the last day for this round and then we start again on MONDAY!

Mormons are Peculiar People

What you see in this picture is what Mindy is going to be in five days. She is missing in action because she has been traveling and is now preparing to Trek, you know that peculiar thing the Mormons do. I'll be heading out to Colorado to watch her cute girlies and then on to Utah where I hope to trek to some restaurant between Draper and American Fork to have a reunion and salad with you fabulous Healthy Wives out west. Alicia, I'm hoping you'll pick a spot where we can all meet on Thursday 29 July say about 6:30 or 7:00PM. In the mean time leave an encouraging comment for Mindy as she prepares to be a Ma to 8 teens and walk over 30 miles through Wyoming in the middle of July.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

For All You Running Mothers Out There...

And those who wonder what's the point:

Ladies, can I just vent for a minute?

Hi everyone. I have been having the hardest time getting my work outs in.

During each of my four pregnancies, I had to use a wheel chair, cane, or walker for part of the time. It was because of my dumb s.i. joint and pubic bone. It effects my left leg, and makes it hard for me to put any weight on it. During my last pregnancy, I finally took the advice my Dr. had given me every pregnancy, and started physical therapy. Twice a week until my baby was 9 months old I went to visit my new best friend, Dr. Cheryl. She gave me the most painful bum massages... and they cost a fortune. I quit because we moved to Virginia, and honestly, it also seemed like it wasn't really helping.

So here I am a year and a half later, and I feel like it is getting worse again. The weird thing though is that it only flares up during my period. Strange huh! Do any of you deal with this? I know it is pretty common. I just don't know what to do about it. It's been nice to have my husband home, he helps me put it back into place with my exercises. Maybe I need to start swimming more. That is what I used to do when I couldn't run. I'm beginning to stress out though because my half marathon is two months away, and I'm not feeling ready. I'm only up to 5 miles.

One last thing...

I went to target today and left my purse in the bathroom. Someone stole my debit card, but left my purse. I thought that was so considerate of them...I hate going to the DMV. Isn't life exciting?!!!

Thanks for listening. I feel better.

All you whole wheat eaters, check this out at Trainer Momma!

Whole Wheat low fat corn bread from Trainer Momma , looks yummy!

A Healthy Life Inspiritation - and it's a GUY!

I haven't posted in awhile, but I'm still trying to live healthy and I'm reading and commenting on posts often. You gals continue to inspire and amaze me.  Today I came across an inspirational story that I thought you might want to check out.  This is a before  picture of Sean, a guy with a blog called "The Daily Diary of a Winning Loser". 

Sean is doing what we're doing - he's changing his life for good and he's not doing it with a fad diet or crazy extreme exercising.  He's doing it with healthy lifestyle changes, including increased water intake, calorie counting and moving his body.  And the results?  He's gone from weighing 500 pounds {yes, 500 POUNDS} to this:

A svelte 247 pounds!  These are Biggest Loser results without a stay at The Ranch! I was very inspired by this particular comment that Sean made, as it seemed to relate to what many Healthy Wives have expressed on this blog:

I'm inspired by his ability to delve into the emotions behind his eating.  His blog is enjoyable, honest and refreshing - he's gotten his entire family on board to take control of their weight and begin living healthy lives.  Check it out!
But the food and exercise is really only about 20 percent of my success equation. It's a mental journey. I made an iron-clad decision to do this once and for all, and I've had to battle one ultimate enemy at every turn: Me. The two most important elements of my success have been self-honesty and consistency. No more excuses and rationalizing bad choices in an effort to make myself feel better. I battled the emotional ups and downs by putting up my imaginary "Steel Curtain Zone." This steel curtain zone is a place mentally where my defenses are at their highest, where I can't be compromised by emotions, stressful triggers and unforeseen circumstances. This has helped me succeed on this road despite deaths in the family, financial strain, a stressful high-profile job and the end of my twenty-one year marriage.

Click here to read about Sean on AOL's "That's Fit" or here to go to his blog. Keep up the great work everyone.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Favorite Cooking Gadgets For Healthy Living

Okay, this kind of feels like a lame post, but I really need some info on wheat grinders. My current favorite kitchen gadget for healthy living is definitely my digital kitchen scales (you can tell by its "well-used" appearance.) I am weighing things all the time. It's what helps me determine portion sizes for recipes, and then helps me figure out how many calories that piece of banana bread really has, instead of just making a vague guess. Sue, Santa Claus the Easter Bunny the Birthday Fairy might have to get you one of these. Speaking of which, does anyone want a handmade b-day card on their b-day? You could post your birthday here, too.

But now that I'm cooking with more whole grains, for the first time I need a wheat grinder, because I'm going to be going through a lot of whole wheat flour, and I want to grind my own, maybe even become creative with other grains. Any of you have experience with one?

And feel free to post here about your own favorite kitchen gadget for healthy living.

Hi! I'm Lori and sometimes in the summer I wear a sweater because I think it hides my upper arm fat and makes me look slimmer.

Kudos to all you for the hard work you are consistently doing.  Your achievements and excitement and your ability to help me realize it's a life style not a diet, has made me want to join you.

I know some of these people on here and hope that someday I will get to know you all.  My best friend is Sue (I stilll call her Susan).  She and Samantha and I lived in Germany together so I'm here through Sam's lovely sil Audrey.

I've always been heavy.  Apparently I didn't look as heavy as I thought I was but was still overweight.  I was at a healthy weight up until about 3rd grade when we moved and I didn't have any friends.  I would eat Suzie Q's.  Like literally a box of them at a time because I was so bored.  I had steadily gained weight since then.  My mom was always critical of me and made comments about how I would have more friends if I lost weight and how I should be more like my sister (who was always thin).  That was tough.  And even though that was a hurtful time in my life I don't blame my mom because she was just working with what she knew from her own childhood. 

After two babies I can say I added 60 more pounds to my already heavy frame. 

Last summer I joined a weight loss place called Slim Genics.  It worked and I lost a total of 30 pounds by the time I gave up on that.  At the height of my weight loss I felt great!  It was so cool to have all that energy and my body just felt darn good.  But it was expensive to stay on that program.  About the same time I stopped going to Slim Genics I would log onto here and see what the HWHL gals were doing.  I loved reading Susan (Sue's) posts and seeing all the success she had.

I gained about 8 lbs back since I've been off Slim Genics and I  figured it was time to join HWHL and quit lurking.  So here I am.

And I am doing this for me.  Because I LOVE IT when I have energy and my body feels great.

Thanks for letting me jump in!

PS I have a great husband, Dan, and two beautiful little girls, Grace and Audrey. 

PPS I'm not that great at editing.

Ms.Thunder Bumper's Challenge: Favorite Post

We have a lot of new people joining us so I thought it would be a good idea to share some of your favorite post and why you liked it.

Sound good? I hope so it's worth 10 points.

Newbies, You can share too from some that you've read that maybe made you think, I need to do this!

Can't wait to see what it is!

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Fabulous and Fantastic Audrey Carlson

Today I just want to pay homage to our fearless leader and my daughter-in-law Audrey. Although she introduced herself at the birth of this blog, her self posting was really more like a lick on a delicious ice cream cone. Audrey is an ice cream I think we can all indulge in a little bit more and so some fun facts and pictures about a woman I love, admire and adore. I apologize for the length of this post but I don't know how to do a slide show.

Fun facts about Audrey:

The first time I met Audrey the two of us went shopping at Food 4 Less in Provo and that's when I found out that Audrey LOVES cereal.

Audrey said YES to my son Chris and has fully supported him now for 15 years. In fact I think she indulges him too much. When I say fully support I wasn't kidding as she was the major bread winner for several years. I've told my son, "You ever leave her and your out of the will and she gets your portion."

Audrey was a gorgeous bride, in fact Audrey is just plain gorgeous. She has the most fabulous smile and is so photogenic, you'll never see a bad picture of Audrey.

Best laugh, when Audrey laughs it is a glorious sound.

She has a nickname, it's Billy.

Audrey loves sports. She joined a fantasy football league with Chris's friends and she won the first year. Audrey would love to be an Olympic luger, NFL sportscaster or a personal trainer.

She loves to socialize and play games. She thinks the Carlsons are totally lame people on New Years Eve and she's right.

Audrey lived in NYC for 5 years while Chris tried to be a commercial photographer. She cried the first time she saw her very expensive teeny tiny Brooklyn apartment and then went on to become a died in the wool New Yorker. She could be making a fortune in the financial world but instead decided to become a mom.

Audrey loves islands, beaches, water and vacations. She and Chris have visited several islands. She's game for adventure and not afraid to take a zip line across a Costa Rican jungle.

On the go describes Audrey. She's always got a TO DO list but unlike me she crosses things off her list.

Cook, the girl can cook!

Audrey loves camping especially church girls camp. Her enthusiastic personality and love of outdoors is perfect for that activity.

Audrey isn't wild about babies but I have to tell you she is one amazing mother. She takes her boys to all sorts of things all over the east coast. She recently drove 6 hours so that Samuel could ride Thomas the Train and presently she is up to her eyeballs supporting her boys who are both on a swim team.

Audrey likes fires, hot cocoa, movies, pajamas, shoes, pedicures, massages and reading not necessarily in that order.

Anyone lucky enough to have Audrey as a friend has won the friend lottery, so that makes all of you winners.

I love you Audrey and I'm so blessed to have you as a daughter.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Before I forget.... Audrey, where are you? I hope you are on vacation because I haven't "seen" you in a while.

This has been a really hard week, both bad and good. Sorry this might become a long winded post. First off, I have to say, I love every single post this week. Did anyone else notice a common theme to these posts?! Each one talked about being in control. What a great concept we are all trying to learn. So inspiring and thanks for sharing your insights with all of us. I have loved this last weeks posts because it has finally made me figure out why my eating has been so out of control over the past many years.

I have been on an emotion roller coaster this week. I feel like I've hit rock bottom sadness, and then in the same moment, I feel like it's Christmas. When you are in the "diet" industry you always here that you need to figure out why you are eating the way you are or you will continue to yo yo. What are your emotional reasons? Lucky for us, we are not on a "diet" so to speak, but more of a healthy lifestyle change. But I feel like the same thing applies. We have to dig deep, into the emotions hidden in our mind, to figure out why we created this relationship with food. Otherwise, we go back to old eating habits. For many years, I have been trying to figure it out and this week, I got it. Reading your posts, and especially the comments to my last post, I finally got it. That's where the emotions of Christmas came into play. I was on a high. I was so excited that I figured it out, and now I can move forward and work on healing those emotions. I want to share it with you. Only because this blog has created a strong "sisterhood" between us. I love each and everyone of you. I feel like I know most of you on a deeper level, even though we have never meet.

When I was 13 my parents divorced. It was devastating. My dad was never around. We weren't close, but it's not because I didn't want to be. He had a lot of women in his life who had girls my age. He was best friends with these girls and became the dad figure in their life. But, for me, he wasn't ever there. My mom was my best friend. The solid rock in my life. I would give up hanging out with friends because I clung to her. I didn't want her to leave me too. As time wore on, my mom meet other men. All of them told her our relationship was wrong. That she should not be the friend in my life, but only a mother figure. My parents went through a custody battle. It was a mess. My relationship with food began at that moment. I would go for days starving myself only in hopes to gain my parents attention. Then I would be so hungry I would go on a binging rampage only to make myself throw it all up.

Then I meet my husband. I was 16 and he was getting ready to go on a mission. He filled that need of acceptance, and my eating habits slowed down. But, I wasn't LDS, so I knew our relationship would soon be coming to an end. I was young, he was leaving, and we had only dated for five months. What would be the chance that we would get married :)

He left on his mission, and I had a friend who started introducing me to the church. When I was finally baptized, it was one of the greatest moments of my life, but it was also one of the hardest. Most of my friends were not LDS, and I lost a lot of friends. A lot of people were really disappointed in me. While I knew I had made the right decision, and I was on a complete spiritual high, I began to dive into food, to ease the stress of the lose of many friendships.

My husband came home from his mission and we got married. My eating became in control once again. But, I feared the day when we had children. I always wanted to be a mother. From when I was a tiny girl, I knew that's what I wanted to do with my life. But, after my parents divorced, I was terrified. What if I messed things up just like they did? (Now realize, that my mom is still my best friend. As I became a mother, things finally came into perspective of why she made certain choices. We are closer now than we ever were before so this is not intended to make her look bad). When I had my daughter, I again began my emotional eating rampage. I put such high expectations on myself. I still do. When things didn't go the way I thought they should I ate. (as a mother, you come to realize that most days don't go the way they are planned) If I wasn't being the perfect mother for them, I ate. If I was frazzled and frustrated by the end of the day, I ate. If my daughter and I had a battle over how much TV she should watch and she runs into her room crying because her mom is the meanest mom ever, I ate. If I had to put my children in timeout and there screaming and yelling at me for how horrible I am, I ate. See the pattern? I was out of control.

Then Marci introduced me to this challenge. The postings and comments have inspired me. I finally felt like I could gain control. Then this past week, I had a few things happen with friendships, that put me right back on that emotional roller coaster. It wasn't until that moment, and the postings of this week, I realized what my emotional eating comes from. Since my parents divorced, I have always looked for acceptance. Beginning with my own father and still continuing to the relationship with my own children. Food was the only thing I had control over. I didn't want to feel the emotions of what I thought was rejection. Even though it is only a moment, that food makes me feel so much better. Food, never rejected me. It called to me, and soothed every emotion I had. I have trained myself to lean on it. It has taken the form of a person and become my best friend. It is the only thing that can't reject me. At least that is what I was lead to believe? Is there a pattern in this? I loved Cammy's comment on my last post about praying about it and here is why it is so powerful on a spiritual level. Satan finds those things that are most tempting and digs deep into our soul until we give in. He has made me think that food can be my best friend. He has made me feel like I am a failure in every aspect of my life, and binging on food is the only way to feel accepted. Powerful? It is to me. I now feel like I can take control, work through the emotions that started when I was 13, and break the relationship with food.

So, here's the bottom line, why am I sharing these very personal thoughts with you? Because I feel inspired, that's all. I think we all need to take a moment and really reflect on our relationship with food. Think about why we use food to comfort us. When you want to eat and eat and eat, what situation are you in to trigger that? I know some of us here have a deep relationship with food while others overeat because it's just plain yummy. Whatever the reason may be, we need to figure it out so we can kick it to the curb. I feel like I am on a Christmas high. I feel like I can finally get control, now that I know why I have this relationship with food. I can begin to recognize those trigger moments. I am excited to take this challenge head on.

Always a reason

Tonight I passed up peanut butter cup ice cream, yesterday it was cookies. Having my sister in town hasn't been easy and I have been tempted more than once to throw in the towel and sit this challenge out but I don't and here is why:

I had a friend post this comment on a blog, "I have to GIVE SOMETHING UP to get the results I want?!?!"

This was kind of an epiphany moment for her and has become one for me too. I have realize that there is always going to be a reason or an excuse to have that second helping or indulge in cake and ice cream. I used to use celebrations, or just about anything I could as an excuse. It is someone's birthday, bring on the cake. It's been a hard week bring on the triple fudge sundae. Coming from a big family and having a husband who comes from a big family too there is ALWAYS a reason to indulge, but to have the things you want (a thinner healthier body) you can't always have your cake and eat it too.

Now I am not swearing off treats and goodies all together, far from it but I am being better at moderating when I say bring on the goodies and when I politely decline. Tonight I did say yes to a handful of salt water taffy. I will admit, had I know the ice cream was coming later I think I would have passed on the taffy but I had to be happy with my decision to eat the taffy and move on.

It was hard to watch everyone eating the ice cream knowing I wasn't going to have any but you know what? It was only a moment! Now that moment is gone. I overcame my challenge and can go to bed feeling good about it (sans the tummy ache too from eating ice cream too late).

I can always come up with a reason to say yes and indulge but if I sit back and think a bit longer I can also always think of a reason or two to say no and then it is only a moment and I can move on.