Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We all scream for it....

Ice Cream.

Boy howdy, do I LOOOOOOVE me some ice cream. I stood in the freezer section today, hundreds of delicious flavors in front of me. I stared. They stared back. I picked one up, looked at the nutrition info, died a little inside, put it down, and walked away.

I even had a coupon! I could have gotten a container of Dreyer's/Edy's for $1.99. I can't express how difficult this was for me. I love a good deal so much that once I bought frozen diet fish fillets just because they were a great deal. Today I was able to walk away from a deal that was good for my wallet, but not my waistline. It's a mid-week miracle.

PS- Tonight at 7:51pm I stuffed a cup of raw broccoli in my mouth just to meet my fruit and veggie quota for the day. Barf.


  1. Someday they'll be a coupon for lowfat sorbet!
    I'm thinking raspberry sorbet with chocolate syrup on top.

  2. Great job on passing up the deal! That must have been hard. I am feeling your reaction on the raw broccoli. I can barely stomach eating one piece of raw broccoli! So you totally rock for putting down a cup full!!!!

  3. Okay, is it weird that I actually like raw broccoli? Not as much as I like ice cream, but I do love it still.

  4. Mindy, I must have been channeling you yesterday with the passing up bad purchases! You rock! Did you know they sell single serving cups. It might be a way to wet your taste buds but not have to go back for more.

    I really like broccoli in all forms...but I have to say I don't think I could eat Brussels sprouts anyway but the way you make them. They were a big hit!

  5. As a fellow coupon freak, I HATE to pass up a good deal. Especially if it's a store sale plus a coupon.

    I came up short on fruits and vegetables yesterday, but I didn't have enough calories left to eat anymore. I decided I wanted those 10 points for meeting my calories instead of one point for eating my F/V.

  6. Aud- Portion control is my problem when it comes to sweets, so a single serving cup would probably be a good idea for me.
    I like raw broccoli, but I like to dip it in something. Namely ranch dressing. To eat a whole naked cup of it at that time of night... It was a little much!

  7. Aahhhhh MINDY!! That hurts me a little inside. I mean the ice cream part...okay, the broccoli part too, ugh. Good job!