Monday, October 31, 2011

No Excuses!!!!

It's me...I know it's hard to maintain or lose weight during the high carb/high calorie time of the year...but it's part of life, right?  In the summer it's all the summer salads and BBQ's that get us and now it's Halloween candy, Thanksgiving dinners and Christmas Parties!

So sorry to report that I gain a bunch of weight this last month...between my sweet neighbors bringing over the high cal/high carb dinners and all the yummy bread and treats, plus my trip to New York to see my dad...I'm pretty sure they were out to sabotage me with cookies, brownies, cake and doughnuts...not to mention all the eating out!  No, I am not the pillar of strength I wish I was!  Luckily, it comes off as quickly as I put it 7 lbs off this week!  I'm suppose to lose 11 more to get back to my Oct. 11th weight, but on Dec. 11th, I'm suppose to be down 6 more lbs than that to meet goal!  This will be one tough cookie to crack!

So for some encouragement, I joined the Maintain, Don't Gain contest at my gym.  The prize is the pot!  A couple or three hundred dollars, I believe.  Can you say...New Clothes!  The contest ends about mid January.  No more excuses!  I have the time and the mind to dedicate to seriously eating healthy and getting my exercise in!  Today was a kickbox class at 6 and an hour of 1 on 1 racquetball at 8.  I have been pretty good about keeping up the weight lifting...minimum of 2 times a week, but mostly 3 times.  Even in NY, I found a gym that would give me a free 1 week membership and my dad took me 3 times while I was there (So sweet of him!  He just ran an errand or read in the parking lot til I was done.  It was about 35 min. drive from where he lived).  Tomorrow is weights and racquetball.  Maybe I'll have to add 10-15 min on the treadmill just to make sure I'm burning the calories I need to.

The challenging part for me is to figure out what to eat and to have something for my boys to eat...that they like.  That's my goal today...make a menu!  Any suggestions?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Biggest Loser Finale

I'm the one in yellow!

So I know you are on pins and needles wondering how the Biggest Loser contest ended.  It was a great run!  We had a great trainer that would see us about 3 times a week.  She taught us how to eat healthy and the value of good cardio and weight lifting.  Most of all, she taught us how to stay on track while living life.  Not everyone can eat exactly what they should, every meal, every day...but we can still make good choices instead of excuses!

My team mate, Steve, won the grand prize...which, I'm sorry to say...were pretty lame prizes...but the real prize is our good health (is what I keep telling myself !) and the new friendships we formed.
Basically, I lost about 40 lbs total for the year...not enough to win the contest, but enough to look and feel more healthy.  With taking care of was all I could do to maintain the past 2 months (not an excuse...just part of life)!  The physical strength I gained helped me to be able to lift Jake when needed and it gave me confidence and strength mentally to handle unexpected challenges.

I was ready to quit trying to lose more weight (about 20 more lbs to go), but I was reminded that I am also part of a Waist a Weigh program that requires me to lose about 3 lbs a month so they will keep reimbursing me for my gym memberships.  I can do this! (dang it!)  So I'm not off the hook since the contest ended.  Life goes on so so must I!

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Hello friends,

Please go to Rose's blog to see an important post.  I know she would want you all to see it.

For the Sake of Jake

Please keep her family and her in your prayers.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happy Toes!

Remember when I dropped a 45 lb. weight on my toe and broke it?  Well the bruise is still there under the toe nail.  Everytime I look at it, it reminds me of my clumsiness.  Not anymore!  My friend, Missy, came to visit us on the beach and painted my toenails...first time they have been painted since...highschool!  Now I look at my toes and feel the love! :)

Pink Beach Babes!

Thanks for the boogie board lessons, Andrew!  The boys enjoyed playing in the surf and hunting for treasures in the sand!    Jake didn't feel up to coming with us, but the rest of us had a great time at the beach!  Thanks Missy and Andrew!  You guys are awesome!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

So nice!

Guess what 'Healthy Wives'?  I got to meet our sweet Rose and her wonderful family this week.  I was in Utah on vacation and was able to meet them.  I got to meet her husband, and all of her five sons including her kind and handsome Jake.

Just wanted to brag a little - I feel so lucky!  I hope you are all doing well. I think of you often.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Not so good news...

The doctor has given Jake a few months to live. We are making them the best we can. Tumors are growing so fast I quit counting. I am hoping he will make it until his best friend comes home off his mission the first of December...but if not...let's just say I expect this Christmas to be the worst one of my life!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Biggest Loser update

Hi Ho my HWHL friends!  I know you guys check here occasionaly to see if anyone has posted anything new (because I do!) so I will update you guys!

First the good news...I have lost 40 lbs so far!  Yay! (insert happy dance here).  They cut 3 people off our team and 3 people move on.  I moved on.  As far as the contest goes...pretty lame!  No team competitions, no team prizes and really, really lame prizes...but, I do have the best trainer and I am getting healthy...that is the best prize right there!

Camping pic back in July
As for Jake, well he can't have sugar or processed foods so I have been cooking a lot more.  Brother's aren't crazy about not having sugar around the house, but it's good for all of us!  That and the liver cleanse I think is helping with the latest weight loss.

Jake, Grandma Sweet, John (twin bro.)
It hurts my heart to consider that every event may be the last one I get to spend with Jake.  Hopefully, this week we will find out what is causing him so much pain in his back.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sorry, Girlfriend...

My conscious mind has not set a goal this summer for my body and health. However, my bathroom scales have informed me that my unconscious-mind/hormones/general-psychology have decided that my summer goal is to Gain 20 pounds. Ummm... does anyone else out there need a big kick in the rear, too? I'm sitting here, knowing I need a drastic intervention, something to motivate me to get my act together, and right now I'm sitting at the I-am-a-stubborn-2-year-old stage, where I feel like I need to be bribed to get back on track. Where's the Magic I'll-pay-you-a-thousand-bucks-if-you-lose-50-pounds Fairy when you need her? Does anybody else want to get back on track, and could we get some kind of contest or something going?


Friday, July 8, 2011

Jake Update

Here's the link for the pathology test on Jake.
We knew it would be a possibility, but were hoping for a better outcome! (sigh!)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Jake Update...

Tumor is OUT!

We are hoping to take Jake home tomorrow!  Right now he's kinda grumpy!  This pic was his first trip all the way around the unit.  He said his arms were not feeling very strong, but it felt really good to ge out of the bed.  For some reason, the food here smells terrible to him, so he won't eat it.  I have to bring him stuff from home so he'll at least eat something!  I made him cupcakes this morning.  He was pretty happy with that!

We will find out Wednesday if he is Cancer Free!  It's been a long, long road.

BL update:  I gain 6 lbs of muscle this month!  My trainer is very proud!  Fat is down 4%.  I haven't been eating on target so much with Jake in the hospital, but I'll get back on track as soon as he's out!  My exercise program hasn't faltered too much (have have to do something to keep me sane!).  I hate sitting in the hospital and do nothing!

Thanks for caring!
Blog ya later! :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Another Rose update!

Jake will be having his tumor removed on June 29th.  He will also be having his port removed.  There is no other cancer cells showing up in Jake's body, so we are praying that this operation will make him CANCER FREE! 

Weight's still coming off.  Down 32 lbs so far!  I feel much stronger (from weight lifting) and for some reason, probably as a result of your prayers, I feel stronger emotionally.  I still cry...often, but I have a lot of hope that everything will be ok...eventually.  Healing will Jake and to my heart.

This weekend, we will go do some family bonding, breath the healing aroma of the mountains, give all our worries to God and let Him take care of them.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

BL and Jake Update

Hey HWHL friends!
It's been a while for all of us!  We all lead busy lives don't we?  I keep checking here to see if anyone is doing anything exciting or challenging, but same as you...did not post anything...till now!

Biggest Loser update:  Well, I had a little set back with my weight.  I believe that my change in eating habits had my stomach confused.  I gained 10 lbs in 2 weeks!  I wasn't eatig badly...but still beating myself up for it.  My "gut" feeling was that my gut was not processing all that extra protein I was ingesting.  I had to do a tea cleans to finally get things moving in the right direction!  By my wiegh in on Friday,  I had lost the extra 10 lbs I had put on and by this morning I had lost the 5 more lbs that came off this month with my exercise and good eating habits!  It came off as mysteriously and as fast as it came on!  Finally some encouraging results!

I'm so glad I didn't give up and go back to my bad eating habits!  I have to admit that I did turn to some comfort food in my depths of frustration...but not over doing it...just enough to help me feel better...then guilty about not eating the way I know would help me to be healthy.

What I find most encouraging is the shrinking numbers...from the scale and the measuring tape! 
It's all good!

Jake update:  Jake's blog  click on this link to read the latest.  Jake finished his last chemo and we are waiting to do a P.E.T. scan to make sure the tumor is dead tissue.  It looks to me that the tumor is actually bigger, but if it's dead tissue, it doesn't matter.  We are going to see a Urologist and hopefully have most of his hospital/doctor visits finished by the end of this month. 

I'm really looking forward to things being "Normal" for a while.  Won't that be nice! :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

I'm still here and doing Cat's Challenge

It's been really quiet on Healthy Wife.
I've been wondering how all of you are doing and checking the blog to see if anyone has posted.

Cat's doing her 120 mile challenge again this summer and I was hoping that some of you might want to join me in doing it, I've already signed up. I did it last year, it was a great incentive for me to get my cardio in each week. I finished in August having reached Cat's goal and with a smaller tush and gut.

Let me know if you are joining the challenge too.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


My husband got a new job!!  And they are sending him to Austria next week!  How cool is that?!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Biggest Loser update

Biggest Loser weigh in today! I worked really hard yesterday...last chance work out! I did weights twice during the day, ran (up hill!), played racquetball two hours (one in the morning, one at night), ate nutritiously and weghed more instead of less from the day before! Very depressing! :(
I still lost 7 lbs this month! -1% body fat.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sorry, I'm out

A stomach bug has been making the rounds at our house and unfortunately it caught up to me last night and today. Ugh! I'm out for this challenge. I should be ready to go for the next one though.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

He he...

Soldiers in the army till the conflict is o’er.
Happy are we, Happy are we!
Only healthy foods when we get to the store!
We will grin and bear it by and by!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rose-bud Update!

Hey HWHL friends!

Here's what's going on in my life!  Jake is almost done with his cancer treatments!  He has one more to go...if his blood counts are good enough!  Yesterday his platelets were 19.  They need to be at least 65 to get chemo.  We are shooting for May 3rd!  Good news...he gained 4 lbs!!!

My Biggest Loser Team is doing great!  We have the best trainer and she really drills us on learning how to eat healthy!  It's a big change in habit eating, but the results are very good.  I have lost 26 lbs since December and 14 lbs since the competition started.  I'm putting pins in my skirts to hold them up and the team t-shirt I ordered is too big for me! 

I'm running a 5K twice a week to get warmed up for the real 5K I'm running in May (actually 2 5K's).  So actually, I'm running a 10K...I'm just splitting it up into two different days! haha  I ran this morning and did it in 44 min.  My trainer wants me to improve my time!  We've been doing weights 2-3 times a week.  I have to say...I can really feel my muscles!  My goal is to be down 3 more lbs by weigh in on May 6th!  I have finally lost enough weight that people are starting to notice! 

I didn't buy my kids any Easter candy this year.  I thought they were really bummed, so I picked up a few things on Monday...they haven't hardly eaten any of it!  I guess they are getting used to not having treats around too!  This is a very good thing!

Today's Funny

Wife to Husband: Last night there were two pieces of cake in the refrigerator and now there is only one. How do you explain that?

Husband: I guess it was so dark that I didn't see the other piece.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Diving Back In!

This has been the strangest two weeks....but it's time to dive back in. Are you ready to join me? Today was a great day. Warm weather, exercise, good food. I dove in head first!

We will have a one week challenge ending Friday. That's five days...can you do it? Then we will start a two week challenge starting Monday May 2nd.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Still Moving!

Hello Everyone! Looks like Spring, Spring Break and Life have taken us all away for the time being. We will start another one week challenge on Monday. Even if you are not participating in challenges feel free to share your great stories!!!!

Have a wonderful Easter!!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Post Your Points

Gee, that week went by fast. I did pretty good....but I'm ready for next week to ramp it up even more.

How did you do?

Enjoy your Sunday and get ready to start again on Monday!!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Are you willing?

This past Monday I went on a 60 mile training ride. That ride takes about 5 hours. Five hours of you, nature and your thoughts. During this ride I thought about a conversation my husband and I have occasional. Usually this conversation has to do with me riding my bike has always trailed over into other topics. The general idea is that I don't like to do hard things...I don't like to suffer. Whenever this conversation comes up I get frustrated...but I've decided that I get frustrated because most of the time he is right.

Many times I have grand ideas and designs. Paticularly when it comes to being healthy. But, the truth is I don't want to have to suffer or give up being comfortable to achieve what I want. Maybe I will for a short time but not usually long enough to make a difference.

Did any of you read this article by Trainer Momma? It basically is her experience with what I'm talking about.

This is not easy for me but I'm trying to find a way to push through, be strong, make the hard choice to achieve my goals.

The thing that it amazing is usually once we break these barriers that we put up for ourselves it's no longer hard.

Ex. It's so hard not to eat late and night....but then once you stop for good it's really not that big of a deal.

It's the TIME it takes to develop a habit that's challenging. We get started and give up when it gets the slight bit uncomfortable. It's time to change this.

Just some food for thought for you all. What's holding you back...what do you not want to suffer through? Don't let it stop you!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm a lurker...all take, not much give!

I may seem absent from the blog, but I really do come and soak in the inspiration that you all give.  : ) 

Life is a balancing act, and I truly feel that I'm doing an okay job balancing it all.  I have three busy kids, a very supportive husband, but I'm also a college student embarking on a MAD dash to graduate this December.  I do okay with my eating and okay with my exercise, and I know I need to do better, but with a fussy back I feel like I'm doing the best I can right now.  As if I need my life to be any crazier...they just called me to the Young Women's President at church!! (For you non-"Mormons", I'll be in charge of all the girls ages 12-18 at church).  This will be really fun, but not so easy. 

So Audrey & friends, from now till December 16th, when I graduate, I'm asking for your patience as I try to be a Healthy Wife with a crazy & Happy Life.  : )  (Besides, I can't give up!!I need to look really good in my graduation pictures, right??)

You girls are amazing! Thanks for inspiring me to be better!!


Good morning girls! I've had a rough past couple days with my bowels. I don't know what is going on. Last week was awesome. No bloating or pain, and I stuck to my boring menu. Then, over the weekend I ate some things that I normally don't eat...and have been miserable for 2 days now. I hope my body gets back to normal so I can get my duties accomplished. Is anyone else bothered by certain foods? For me, I know my body doesn't like wheat, but there is something else going on too. I took the advice from a girl who has IBS and it seems to be helping. She advised me not to eat anything processed. Now, this has been really hard, and it has forced me to plan ahead so I have food on hand to boiled eggs, baked potatoes, brown rice, fruits and veggies. It's been a little tricky to get my carbs in but I've been able to eat between 200g-300g daily. With all the running I'm doing it should be a little higher, but I'm glad to have at least that much without eating wheat. Everything felt great until this past Sunday when we had guests over from Chad's work and I made a gluten free cake mix for peach cobbler. I also ate some chips, and some other things that are processed. I'm finally feeling a bit better, but still not 100%. Any advice? I hate to be so absolute and crazy with what I put in my body, but if I'm not, I pay for it for days!!!! Can't a girl just eat what ever she wants!!!!! Thanks for listening to my ranting and raving!

Quick Answers

This first week challenge started yesterday!!! Hop on board if your ready...if not, the next challenge starts next Monday.

There are no free days or 30 point challenge. Since we are doing Monday through Saturday use Sunday as your free day!!!


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ready, Set, Go!

The next three weeks are going to consist of THREE quick challenges. They will start Monday and end Saturdays. This way for any of you that have plans for Easter, or Spring Break don't have to feel left out!

I hope that with three quick challenges they will be fun, motivating, and a quick jump start to the swim suit season that is just around the corner.

Join me! We are going back to the normal point system. Hopefully for those that participated in the 5 week focus challenges this will be no problem! The rest of you hop on board and get going!

Looking forward to hearing about your successes and great ideas to keep motivated now that the warmer weather in on it's way!!!

Did any of you keep track of your points for the 5 week challenge....let's hear about it!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mark me absent

Just want you ladies to know why I've been absent on HWHL of late.

It has to do with part of Sue's post too actually: not being critical of others.

When I'm participating in HWHL de rigeur, my focus tends to be a bit, well, health-related. It becomes a part of my vision, my rose-colored-health glasses, if you will.

Problem is, that vision tends to make me more critical of a certain really wonderful man in my life who is not blessed with my genetics, my vegetable-loving disposition, or the time I have to indulge my weight-lifting/walking proclivities.

I've tried not to be critical, prayed about it and held my tongue, but my mind still goes there and those thoughts seep out of my pores in subtle ways unwillingly.

And it's just not good.

So, although I'm still doing all these good things for myself, I'm not as self-aware about it. And by not deliberately thinking about it, I'm less critical.

And that's good.

A strong marriage is important, don't you think.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Finding direction

The past several months have been a difficult time in my life and I have found myself longing for the days when I felt full (no pun intended). When I felt blessed at every turn and I could think of little else (besides money, but who doesn't want that?) that I needed in my life to feel complete. I have been struggling to find joy and the ability to look forward to the coming years.

Today as I walked in the cool morning air I listened to the BYU Men's Chorus on my iPod. The Lord answered my prayers with The Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi.

Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace,
Where there is hatred, let me bring love;
where there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
where there is sadness, joy;

O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console;
to be understood as to understand;
to be loved as to love.

For it is in giving that we receive;
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.

I have experienced a lot of humility lately, recognizing in myself the tendency to judge. What vanity it is to think that my way is the superior way, to not recognize that each of God's children has the right of free agency to maneuver through their trials in their own way, and that God has infinite love and patience for them. I have seen how withholding unconditional love prevents our loved ones from reaching their full potential, but with our faithful love, they can become all that God has in store for them.

I have been pretty self-absorbed for a long time and it is time to shine forth with God's light and be an instrument in His hand. I hope that I can bring comfort to those that are hurting and that I can weave into my character a tendency to put others' needs before my own.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

One, two, buckle my shoe - nine, ten, do it again...

I am here to sadly report that just one year after starting with the Healthy Wives I am right back where I started.


I began in March 2010 at 158 pounds and size 12, got down to 143.5 pounds and size 6/8 by June 2010, maintained through the summer and fall, then completely went to pot once winter came. I now weigh 157 pounds and am right back in those size 12's.

Simply put, I quit exercising when it got cold and I began eating with reckless abandon. I love exercising outside, more for the mental health aspect than anything else, so when it got too cold I just lost my mojo and couldn't bring myself to do any of the workout DVDs collecting dust on my shelf. I would sporadically go out walking in the sub-freezing temperatures,

(like the icicles on my eyebrows? I think it was 2 degrees on this January morning.)

but was never consistent. I quit caring about what I was eating, I think mostly because I didn't feel great anyway, without the daily exercise, so I just threw caution to the wind. I knew I was gaining, but I couldn't find the motivation to do anything about it. I always found a little comfort in the fact that I was still under my starting weight of 158 and I just kept telling myself that I'd do something about it once spring came.

The other day I got on the scales and was super depressed to see 158.5 staring back at me. How did I let this happen? Why, oh why, did I waste all that effort, all that health, all that fitness only to have to start all over again? It's so frustrating and I'm just kicking myself. I know why I did it. I was depressed because my husband is gone all the time and I'm usually in a lousy mood most of the winter anyway.

I'd like to say that I've had some great epiphany and am super motivated now, but it's more a case of spring is here and I just don't have winter as my excuse anymore. I want to feel better, to breathe deeply of the fresh country air, to fit into my smaller clothes, to feel good about myself again. I want to feel like this:

(Bear Lake, July 2010)

all sassy and confident because this was the first time in, oh, probably forever, that I didn't feel self-conscious in a bathing suit.

So I am starting again with my handy-dandy mini notebook where I write my calories, and tomorrow I will put on my running shoes and get about the business of getting healthy again.

Here is a recent picture of me, on March 16 after having carpal tunnel release surgery on both hands:

My doc said that after three weeks the wounds will be healed enough that I can do push-ups on them. Time to bust a move!

P.S. Where are we in the current challenge? I haven't been keeping track; is the 5 week challenge over?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Just popping in...

Just popping in to say Hi!  I had a lovely birthday yesterday...the very first one without birthday cake!  No body complained, so hey! 

And...actually, it's not my knee that hurts.  I don't know if it's a pinched nerve or what...(very frustrating!).  When I drive or sleep, the top of my calf and the bottom of my thigh (back of my leg) just somebody punched me there.  It is most painful in the driving position.  I can do weights ok, but running, racquetball and aerobics irritate it (mostly when I bend it alot).  After it's irritated, it's very painful to pull my ankle up to my butt.  If I have to drive very far, the pain about brings me to tears.  I spent over an hour in physical therapy.  It felt better...until I got in the car.  Less than a block away, it started hurting again.  It feels better if I get up and walk around on it.  Rubbing it doesn't help.  No pain killers (Tylenol, Motrin, etc.) have helped.  Two nights ago I had to take sleeping pills (3 times) to get me through the night.

Has anyone else had this kind of pain?  I've been to a regular doctor, a chiropractor and a physical therapist.  It just seems to be getting worse!  Maybe my body is rebelling for lack of sugar! haha

Friday, April 1, 2011

Hey Happy Wives!

You pick which one you are! lol
Sorry I have been a little off the radar this past week!  I've been entrenched in life's little surprises...but things are looking better now.  Jake got blood and platelets today and has some color to his skin again.  YaY!  This is my "feel good" blog, so I am going to tell you all the awesome stuff!

Biggest Loser Update:  First weigh in today...down 6 lbs!  My goal was to be past my plateau/impasse that has plagued me for so many years.  I accomplished that goal today!!!! (Even with 2 b-day cookies and 2 trips to the hospital this week)  I'm so happy!!! (happy dance!)  I know I can do this!

Here is the "skinny" on what I learned about nutrition:  Weight loss (for those trying to do this) is 80% nutrition.  Sugar is bad!  And to metabolize the fat, we need to eat more protein.  She has us on protein shakes...and to tell you the truth, I just wasn't hungry after drinking 18 oz. of that stuff a day!  My body is still adjusting to the change of eating that I have programmed it to do for the last 50 years.  I believe the weight will drop off faster when it does adjust.  My percentage of fat has gone down and I have been off sugar long enough, I don't crave it anymore!  I have to be careful about eating when I'm bored...usually before or after dinner.

I'm having a birthday this Sunday!  I'm not sure what to serve for b-day cake.  One of my cute friends brought me a plate of my favorite...snickerdoodles!  I put them in a Ziplock and hid them in my drawer.  Maybe I should hide them in the freezer...less tempting if they are frozen!  Yes, I'm going to have one every once in a will be my punishment if I exercise too much or don't eat enough calories! Ha!

I'm trying to decide if I want to do a 5K next weekend.  I have no doubt I can do it, the Utah weather is so unpredictable in April.  I know you runner girls think nothing of a 5K, but hey, I just started, marathon mamas! (you're too awesome for me!)  Maybe I think about a 10K, but then, maybe not.  Running is not my thing (right now).  I do like the way you feel after running up a hill or after a short, fast paced run.  It's very invigorating!

Well this is a long enough post.  Life might be hard, but it's good!
Love you guys!


I still hate running.

As a response to The Queen Vee, there is a site called It's helped me be accountable, since I know my friend logs her stuff in every day and gets on me when I don't run (or walk). You can be friends with anyone and I've enjoyed seeing my progress, how many miles I've run/walk, how many calories, etc. So sign up and be my friend!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

120 Mile Personal Challenge

I've set a two month goal for myself. I want to walk/run 120 miles by the end of May which works out to 15 miles per week. For some of you that probably wouldn't be much of a challenge but it will be for me. I start tomorrow in case anyone wants to join me. I might be an April fool but this is no joke.

This Saturday I ran in the DC National Half Marathon. It was such a blast! I woke up at 4, ate breakfast and got dressed. My friend picked me up at 5 to drive into DC. Traffic was pretty bad and we finally arrived at 6:30. The race was starting at 7 so we quickly made our way over to the port-a-pots for one last pit stop. We hugged and went our separate ways to our pre-assigned corals. I found the pace group I wanted to run with and made sure to stay with them for the first few miles of the race. Now, I had a goal for this race. It was to finish the half in 1:45:00. It was a bit lofty for me, and I wasn't sure if I would be able to do it, but according to my last 5k race, it was the time predicted for me. I could see the 1:40 pace group in front of me and the 1:45 pace group behind me, so I just hung out there for the whole race.

It was a fun race, weaving through the streets of DC. When I finally finished, I was in awe of the marathoners who continued on to run 13 more miles. I did reach my goal, and crossed the finish line in 1:43:08. I cried. I always get emotional at the end of a race, but I couldn't believe that I actually set a goal and accomplished it. My training has now turned to the Marathon in November. If I train smart and work hard, I have a good chance of qualifying for the Boston Marathon, which is another secret goal I have. It's always a little scary to say your goals out loud. It means you're accountable now, but I guess that's what I need to do. So here it is out loud "I'm going to qualify for Boston some day!". My qualifying time would be 3:35. Last year it was 3:40. They just dropped it by 5 minutes across the board. It's going to be a fun goal to aim for!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Is Diet A Dirty Word?

I went to bed last night feeling like I had nothing left to give and nothing inspirational to say to all of the lovely Healthy Wife Ladies. I thought to myself that I don't know how Trainer Momma does it day in and day out. I was ready to throw in the towel. Then I started thinking of each of you. How I wish that I could sit with each of you individually to talk about things that might help you. Misconceptions that you're still hanging on to that need to be addressed. I knew that as much as sometimes I feel like I have nothing to say...if I really think about it there is so much to say and maybe I feel more overwhelmed than anything.

My thoughts then turned to the word "Diet". I've spend so much time trying to convince people they can't go on a needs to be a lifestyle change. The word "diet" has come to mean doing crazy things to loose weight or even gain weight. However that's not really what it means at all. Diet

  1. The usual food and drink of a person or animal.
  2. A regulated selection of foods, as for medical reasons or cosmetic weight loss.
  3. Something used, enjoyed, or provided regularly: subsisted on a diet of detective novels during his vacation.

I think that it's interesting how this word must have evolved. I believe the defintion #1 is what it's really all about. When discussing the health of person we question what is your diet like. They doctor or nurse, aren't they usually the ones asking these questions, is not asking what are you trying to do to lose weight they are wondering what you normally eat and drink.

Because Americans in general have struggled with eating a normal diet that is healthy with their caloiric intake equal to their caloric output the word diet has taken on a totally new meaning which unfortunately has crazy and unsustainable actions.

We need to think of the word "diet" as what we normally eat. Do we normally eat a well balanced diet? We should be striving to do this, not living on a "restricted diet" that will not and probably should not become what we "normally" eat.

I also love definition #3. Our diet isn't just about what we put in our mouth but also what we are doing for ourselves. Having a balanced diet should include exercise, family, social, spiritual....whatever else you think it important in your life but you have to find a balance.

I hope as you work on improving your health that you are trying to do things that will become what you "normally" do. That your steady diet of life is balanced and not restrictive or short term. The balance may always be changing but finding that balance is what keeps things running smooth. Even when there are bumps in the road you can come back to that balance.

Let's not make "diet" the dirty word it has become but part of your spice of life.

Monday, March 28, 2011


I feel like I am the only one who hasn't added water as my goal, so here I am joining the ranks. I love it and hate it at the same time. I do feel so much better when I drink my water but I really hate the frequent trips to the bathroom.

As for this past week, I feel really good about how I did with my goals and I am hoping to finish out the challenge strong. I think my 10 lb goal has helped a lot because I know I have to be good if I am going to be anywhere close.

One problem I am having though is I feel like when I focus on my health everything else goes crazy. I get my workouts in and I am getting more sleep at night but my house is in shambles and I haven't done laundry in who knows how long etc. Does anyone else struggle with this? I realize having little ones at home is not helping my situation but I feel this constant battle between order and organization and my health. It's like no matter what I do I am struggling to stay afloat. I guess it will just take time to figure out how to make everything work together, right?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Blessed, Spoiled, Selfish, Lucky

This is my latest purchase. It's a totally luxury but it will help my laziness when it comes to watching TV. Even if I'm only walking it's better than planting my butt in front of the TV for hours without moving. And I'm a fan of two a days without having to go back to the gym for a second time.

Blessed: I'm blessed to have a husband who works very hard so I can stay home and take care of the house and my two boys. We do a lot of bantering about me needing to make money but he truly knows what a hard job staying at home and taking care of the kids can be. I'm blessed to have this opportunity.

Spoiled: I'm not usually the spoiled one, I'm usually the one who spoils the others. However, this past fall my husband did a side job in which he gave me a nice chunk of his spoils.

Selfish: When my husband gave me this money he said I could do whatever I wanted with it. He was buying bike stuff with his portion. He suggested using it to pay for Christmas or a vacation. I kind of laughed at this because that would mean I was spending my money on others too...this is what I usually do. This time I decided to purchase a treadmill for me. Because I wanted it, it was for me, it benefits me, me, me, me...and of course anyone else that wants to come over and use it.

Lucky: I'm lucky to have a husband that supports my desire to be healthy and fit. He loves me for who I am but is very supportive in my journey to improve myself and many ways. I'm lucky that when I spent "my" money he thought it was great!

I watched the entire BYU game on this treadmill already. I could have sat and watched it and probably eaten something I shouldn't's already working its mojo!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Eating Healthy is Fun...I mean Yum!

Does this look yummy?  We had snow and rain this morning, but dinner time it was sunny and chicken on the Barbi!  I guess I should have arranged it a little better for a post, but it looked so pretty and colorful!  The yellow stuff is some left over fresh pineapple I cut up for the Jimmer Show last night (sorry BYU)!  Yesterday, we had the fabulous Talapia recipe that's in the recipe section (I put very little butter, 1/2 light Mir. Whip and drench it in fresh lemon juice)!  We had the same fruit and veggies.  I wish I had some left overs for lunch, but it all got eaten up!  I think my family is slowly converting to healthy food!

A little something about me...

I haven't been posting on here in quite some time but I just wanted to update you all. I had been doing the 5 week challenge, but for me this is a hard time of year. My mom even tried to get me to start a new diet with her this week and I told her I was too sad to diet, and food was my comfort. I invite you all to check out my blog and take a small look at a very private part of my life. I hope to be back on here in full swing in the next month or so. I love reading all of your posts, I still stay updated.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Running Buddy (take 5)

(If only I really looked like this when I run.)

I feel like I have been through so many running buddies over the last year. In actuality it has only been four but considering my past workout buddies usually lasted well over a year that is a lot.

Tomorrow I start with another one. I am so excited, and the best part is she lives just down the street and neither one of us has to drive to meet up.

Can I just say, it will be so nice to go running without the stroller and two fighting kids.

Now I just need to quell my excitement so I can go to sleep.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Keeping track is easy to do...

...if you have the stomach flu! So far today I have consumed 6 oz ginger ale and half a piece of dry toast. Eating like a celebrity, I tell ya.
I'm down for the count and I've taken my newly 3 year old, Tessa, and my 9 year old, Whitney, with me. Praying that my middle child, Olivia, and my husband are spared.
Also praying that we're magically all better by tomorrow morning so we don't have to cancel our spring break trip to Mt. Rushmore.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I hate keeping track

Seriously, I hate it! Mostly because I forget about it, and I'm compelled to be scrupulously honest so I don't want to give myself more than I actually earned, but I don't want to cheat myself either, and UGH! Can I just start over? I'm supposed to be writing down everything I eat (which is not making me eat any less, mind you) and I haven't done it since last Tuesday. I haven't even picked a new goal for this week. I better pick vitamins because it's easy, and I'm feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment.

Exercising went really well for me last week. I did the 30 Day Shred twice on level one and COULD NOT believe I ever did level three and level one in the same workout. Running made me all achy and I barely had any stamina. But I'm A+ in the water department, so I guess that's one thing to feel good about. Getting back in the swing of things has proven MUCH harder than I anticipated.

PS- I can't even find my vitamins.

Calling Myself Out

YEP! I'm a slacker. Well not actually but when I get busy the blog is the first thing to go. I don't like spending time on the computer. I'm sorry that I've neglected my support of all of you for the past few days.

After having a rocking few weeks I got in a slump. Partial days of writing down what I ate. Only getting four days of exercise and a big whopping zero so far this week. The big bummer is being inconsistent on not eating late.

Here is a big key to not eating late. You have to go to bed. One of the reasons it becomes such a problem and a desire to eat late is because your body needs fuel every three to four hours. If you eat dinner and then don't have a PROPER evening snack of course you're going to want to shove something in your face at 10 or 11pm if you're not headed to bed. GO TO BED LADIES!!!

This week I'm working on two things in conjunction. Drinking 3L of water and taking my vitamin. I chose these because if I don't exercise I have a harder time getting my water intake in. And sometimes I forget to take my vitamins. I think doing this for a couple of weeks will get me solid to where I won't even have to think about it again.

So I'm calling myself out. Pull it together. You can do this. Make it happen. Find a way. Set a small goal, stick to it and do it again!

Biggest Loser update

Well, we met with our trainer for the first time last night.  She is training for a body building competition, so 6:00 a.m. is not working for her until the end of April, so we are meeting Monday night at 8.  She took our measurements and clued us in to what she was expecting.  She told us that one of her team members won last time, and lost over 100 lbs in 12 weeks!  She said that she wasn't as interested in helping us to win, as she was getting us healthy.  80% of weight loss is what you eat.  Vicki (trainer) is writing a book and has been in fitness training for 20 years.  Normally we would meet with our trainer once a week, but she feels it is not enough.  She will be keeping in contact with us 2-3 times a week.

Our first challenge is to burn 500 calories a day!  I didn't think it would be a problem today, but my leg hurt so bad last night, I didn't get to sleep until after 2 this morning.  I finally took a sleeping pill and moved to the "quiet" room.  Long chemo today, so no sleeping in.  I feel so wasted this morning! bleh!

We are also suppose to turn in a 3 day meal log and try to eat more lean protien.

Nutrition will be our next meeting.  She seems like an awesome trainer!  I need to be a little more organized with eating away from home (on chemo days)  I was going to get up and fix a salad to take with me, but ran out of time. 

My goal today is to find the energy to go burn those 500 calories!  No excuses!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Becky I Think This Post Is For You

Becky I don't know if you follow Trainer Momma; I think you might find her latest post helpful. Actually I think all of us could but I thought of Becky because she specifically asked for help in this area. Check it out at:

Change it up for Inner Peace

Hey it's the first day of spring, do you need a change in your exercise routine, consider doing Snake Yoga. Yeah baby, that's where it is happening. I'm passing on this one because without a doubt it would NOT bring me inner peace. Indiana Jones and I are in total agreement about snakes, "I hate snakes Jock, hate 'em!"

You can read more about this latest and oddest keep fit fad at:

Don't hesitate, it's time to SPRING into action.

I lost over 10 inches!

I wish this post was referring to my waist, thighs, etc. but I haven't taken my measurements in a while so I honestly don't know. I have been feeling lately that I needed a change and a haircut and color I think did the trick. There is something about a new haircut that gives me a new energy even if I haven't lost weight. I just feel better about myself. Thinking about it, I may have actually lost weight because that was a lot of hair and my head sure feels a lot lighter:)

So here is the before and after pictures. Sorry they aren't great. I had my hubby take them and well, they are what they are.

My goal for this week is to stay within my calorie range. I didn't do so great last week on really anything so this week I feel like I am starting anew and recommitting to be better. The vertigo went away for about three days but I noticed it this afternoon after church. Ibuprofen and Sudafed seem to have cleared it up and I am positive it is sinusitis so I will probably call my doctor tomorrow. At least I didn't have it at church because I had to speak in sacrament meeting and boy would that have been a challenge.

Well I hope everyone has a fantastic week. Love Ya'll!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Green Mile

1. The mile was really brown, not green.
2. The mile involved much burning, inside and out.
3. It really wasn't a mile.
4. It was more like 1/3rd of a mile.
5. I never want to do it again.
6. I did it the next day...*sigh*

First off, apologies up front for this post being an hour read. I would have posted this sooner, but two days after my very first run, I noticed a lavender colored thing in my 3 month old son's ear. Our best friend is an ENT, so I took Wyatt over to his house that night so he could check it out. At first he thought it was a hematoma because I had stuck my finger in Wyatt's ear to get out some ear wax. So after taking a bunch of pictures with his phone, he went and got his syringe and all the stuff you'd need to drain a hematoma and went to work. It wasn't a hematoma. It started spurting out blood, a lot of blood. It went through 3 cotton balls before it stopped. The Doc suggested taking him to a pediatric ENT (the closest one is 2 hours away), but to start with my pediatrician so that there is documentation (he didn't have any records, obviously, because it was in his house on his couch). So I made an appointment for the next day and my pediatrician sent me to an ENT in Tulsa that works on children. So a week and a half later, I saw him. In the meantime our friend had conferred with his associates and come to the conclusion that it is a stage I AVM (arteriovenous malformation). Now this is a big deal. A potentially fatal condition.

It's that purplish thing above his giant earlobe (he has his daddy's ears)

Now I have come to the conclusion that when I am faced with challenges involving my children, my coping mechanism is to immediately work on the challenge, and do EVERYTHING I can to help fix it (my middle son has "moderately severe" cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and a few other conditions, so this isn't my first rodeo). That week and a half wait for the "2nd opinion" was torture, because there was nothing I could do but look at the dang thing and read up on AVMs. Torture, I tell you! Anyway, I'm making this a much longer story than it needs to be since we're supposed to be talking about a mile run. So long story short, the other ENT thinks it's a hemangioma. My ENT guy vehemently disagrees (as do I, since it looks nothing like a hemagioma)! Therefore, I'm going to make the trip out to OKC and get a 3rd opinion. Because if it is an AVM, it needs to be addressed as soon as possible.


So I bought that awesome corset so I could try running. Girls, that thing WORKS!! Absolutely NO bouncing, just jiggling. And unfortunately, when I didn't have the bouncing to be aware of, I found that the jiggling was not confined to my bosom. It showed up in places I didn't even know existed. Oh, there was the usual, behind, boobs (obviously), my stretched out pregnancy tummy, upper thighs. But this time, I noticed it in my arms, calves, (possibly my face) and...(and this is depressing for me) back fat. Apparently my corset of a bra just displaced my back fat. UGH. Oh well, it'll go away eventually.

So, I donned my mammoth of a sports bra and, feeling INCREDIBLY intimidated and scared to death of my "coach" (my best friend, ENT's wife, runs 5 miles a day, and has been running since middle school...yeah) started out. Now she is typically the pacesetter and so I just fell into step with her. And that lasted...oh...ten steps. Okay, that was an exaggeration, it was more like 5. At least I'm sure that's what it felt like to her. In reality it was probably a 1/4-1/3 of a mile. But to me, it felt like 5 miles. I made it though, and perhaps I didn't run an entire mile, I ran at least half of it (maybe not all at once, but still) and speed-walked the rest (and she ran the whole time, I didn't know that you could run slower than someone could walk, but she did it for me). It was a 10 minute mile. By the time I made it back to her house (she just lives a few blocks from me), my face was BURNING! My lungs were burning, my thighs were burning, somehow my arms were burning, and my feet were burning. It was horrible. I hated it and never wanted to ever put on sneakers (or whatever you runners call them) again. My face felt like I had a severe sunburn (which is normal for me, I don't really sweat much and my face gets red as a fire engine). But, I went ahead and ran the next day, running just as little further than I did the previous day (then I walked, then ran, etc.). It felt good (not physically, just mentally).

I've decided that I'm going to work up to running a full mile (with no walking). Then 2, 3, 4, and 5. I can do it. And I'm gonna hate every minute of it. BUT, I'll also feel good. And I know that if it wasn't for my scary, intimidating friend, I wouldn't have continued, even when she couldn't run with me. So there you go, I hated it, and loved it at the same time.

Salad anyone?

Sunday!  Time for a new challenge (as if life weren't challenging enough!)  My last weeks challenge was to add weights to my routine at least twice a week (Wed. and Sat.)  Success!!!

I tried Jill's spinach shake, and I'm not sure what it was, but it made me kind of jittery.  It had a nice taste, but...I tried one at Costco...I really liked that one!  I'm thinking I don't like it enough to pay more than $150 for a blender.
I'm just saying...!

I'll stick with eating my spinach in my salad.  I discovered Almond Accents at Costco also! (I wasn't a fan of almonds until I tried these!)  Loving it on salads and whole grain/wild rice!  Quick 3 min meal:  Warm up Uncle Ben's (cheapest at Walmart) whole grain brown and wild rice (90 sec.), cut up a fresh roma tomato and add it (uncooked) to the warmed rice...sprinkled with Almond Accents.  Yummy!  You can add lettuce and other veggies if you want, but it's probably enough calories as it is.  It also goes really good with the Talapia recipe on this site!  Fabulous!

Had an emotional break down today...too much sad news I suppose...Sad blog link  .  I feel better, now.  I promise not to eat my way out of this!  Enough about sadness.  There are plenty of tender mercies to help me through this!

I am excited to start my Biggest Loser training tomorrow at 6 AM!  Are you guys excited to start a new challenge?!!  I'm excited to hear what you guys are going to do!  You guys are awesome!  I know you're there for me!

I'm here for you!  Let's do this!

Saturday, March 19, 2011


If you haven't read this blog, you should, this woman is pretty funny. And this particular post on the appearance of weight-loss is fun (but I hope it doesn't offend anyone on this blog). Here's a little excerpt of her How to Look Thinner...Instantly.

"Go to a big-and-tall store, get the biggest pair of pants you can find, and you're in business! Now, wherever you go, just keep those jumbo-drawers handy. If the conversation turns to politics, current events, or the worst possible subject, sports, just stand up-hold up the pants-and drop them on the ground. Everyone will ooh and aaah over how much weight you've lost. (I know you're thinking, wait, but those aren't my pants, but yes, they are! You just bought them. Genius, right?)"

The Witching Hour

This is the time of night when kids start to get nuts, you want to pull your hair out, and all good parenting intentions tend to go out the window. I'm also going to attach this label to that "magical time" when you slow down at the end of the day, taking the first big pause as you sit down to eat dinner, and your appetite and food cravings start screaming at you. It's my curse right now - I'm just gorging on food at this time of day, when I'm allowing myself to pause my focused activities. This is really waking up my appetite, and I'm eating LIKE CRAZY. Help! I need some suggestions for combating my cravings 5pm to bedtime, because I'm just packing on the pounds, and it's starting to scare me...

Friday, March 18, 2011

Loss of Mobility & Reverse Diet

First of all, I've pretty much fallen off the radar in HWHL world, and not likely to resurface for another few weeks, maybe longer. My life is just on overload right now, and I can't spare the time to blog. But I peeked back in today, saw the post on Vertigo, that lead to a quick research of Mystery Diagnosis episodes, which led to this segment on Discovery Health - Escape From Obesity. There are eight segments you can watch. "Extreme Food Addiction" reminded me that I have a not-very-healthy emotional relationship with food right now, because I don't have the mental/psychological energy to fight my cravings and try to deal with my issues in a more healthy way. But I know that I want to do better. I'm still exercising 5 to 6 times a week because it keeps me sane and I HATE, truly HATE the lethargic feeling that I get from being really inactive.

I was in Walmart yesterday, and once again saw another person riding around in the motorized carts, and from outward appearances it seemed like it was for no other reason than loss of mobility due to obesity. Now, that's just a surface judgement and I certainly have no room to critcize, considering the way I've been eating lately, but it just made me sad that a person could give up their mobility for the temporary pleasure of food. And there are so many people in that boat.

Another segment that I liked was "From Big to Bikini". Basically, she started "eating in reverse", or switching her meal order, eating "dinner" in the morning, and ending with "breakfast" at night. In other words, eating the highest calories and bulk in the morning, and gradually tapering that off until a light meal towards the end of the afternoon. That's kind of been the plan I've had in mind for a while, but it's really hard to implement that kind of lifestyle change, because it's hard to give up the comfort of food at the end of a long day. Again, it's about tackling emotional/cultural issues with food.

This will lift your spirits!

Hello ladies!

This fabulous Mindy Gledhill song reminds me of all of you. Hope you feel uplifted, strong and inspired after listening! I couldn't figure out how to imbed it so you'll have to click on the link.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Biggest Loser?

I've never liked that phrase, because it implies that you are less than who you are...but, I have joined a Most lost = Biggest "Winner" contest at my gym!  Weigh in is tonight (Dang!  I don't get credit for that weight I just lost!).  I think we meet our trainers and team members tonight.  I'm excited!  My personal trainer time is 6 AM!  It was the only time that didn't conflict with my current schedule.

I think the grand prize is a total make over, but that doesn't really interest me because I like me just the way I am.  I just want to be healthy!  I think the last time I was at a healthy weight was when my youngest was about 3 (now 13), so it's time.
Glamor shot (sorry about the lines)
I did this glamor shot after I had the twins.  It was fun, but it's not really who I am.

They asked me what my secret wish secret wish is to go water skiing again!  I have kept my slalom water ski in my garage for many years.  I can't remember when I used it last, but I remember the last time I tried water skiing on someone else's ski, I couldn't get up...because of the weakness in my arms and the extra weight.  Last spring I watched a 75 year old man working out so he could ski in the summer!  I learned to ski on my honeymoon 26 years ago at Lake Powell.  My anniversary is August 31st.  Think I can do it?

My first slalom skiing on my honeymoon, Lake Powell

Congratulations Audrey!

You have managed to find the most ridiculous animal picture in existence. Boy howdy, it's a doozy! Thank you for nearly making me laugh milk out my nose.

And here you thought I wasn't paying attention! I'm still reading the blog, but happen to have a lot going on this week, so I haven't been commenting. To catch up: I'm doing great with water, good with writing down all my food, and my new goal for the week is exercising. So far, so good.

Craft weekend was great! I made a baby boy quilt for my expectant niece. (Jenn, don't tell B!) My eating habits, well it coulda been worse. One girl brought this sweet chex mix with craisins, golden grahams and slivered almonds. It's delicious. I've had it before and knew it was a weakness, so I put off eating any until late in the day. Cause once you start, you can't stop.

Also, I got made fun of because I try to send healthy food in my kid's school lunches, and don't let them buy hot lunch. My kids told me that they get teased about their lunches sometimes, but I usually brushed them off with things like, "Be glad you have a mom who cares enough about you to teach you about healthy eating!" Now I'm going to be more sympathetic, cause it doesn't feel very good to get teased! But I'm still not letting them buy nachos or soft pretzels at school.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mom's Brite Bite #2

The big bad wolf loves the smell of bacon-let's not invite unwanted health problems to the door of our homes.

I like the smell of bacon too! But please let me in your home if I come to visit you...ok?


I have spent the past several days battling vertigo. I cannot drive and exercising is hit or miss as is eating. I went to the doctor on Monday and afterward wish I hadn't because she basically told me to continue what I was doing and wait it out. Oh, and she said if it isn't gone by Thursday I am supposed to call back and she will start me on physical therapy. Seriously!?! I honestly think it is due to sinusitis and that antibiotics would get rid of it. I had something similar 5 years ago and after going through a huge rigmarole of vestibular testing and an MRI they discovered sinusitis. Would have been a heck of a lot cheaper had they just tried antibiotics first.

I must admit as annoying and frustrating as this is I have certainly been blessed. My sweet sister came down on Monday to be my chauffeur and babysitter, my hubby was super helpful in tidying up the house Monday night so it wasn't a total disaster and my sister-in-law called and insisted on bringing in dinner for my family tonight. I don't know how I would be doing without all the help that is for sure.

Anyone else ever had vertigo? How did you get rid of it?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I feel GOOD! Dadadada dah...

Yes, ladies!! I have finally broken the plateu barrier that has plagued me over the past 5+ years!  I was so excited when I got on the scales this morning!  Down 18 lbs from December!

I'm so excited!  And I just can't hide it!!!!!

Thanks for pushing me through this!  You guys rock!!!

Today is an awesome day!  (Happy dance!)

Monday, March 14, 2011

My week away...

Some of you have asked, "How did your week of no technology go?"

#1 I missed all of you!!!
Not looking at blogs was definitely a challenge for me since it has become one of my favorite pastimes! But it was really good for me to focus my energy on things that I usually neglect; like more time in my scriptures and being more productive around the house.

The best part about missionary week was how it affected our family. Monday morning when I walked in at 6:45 the spirit was TANGIBLE! My two oldest kids had already studied their scriptures for 30 minutes and you could FEEL the difference!
To see my kids working so hard to be missionaries and keep the missionary rules by getting to bed on time and keeping their rooms clean was quite a rare and priceless experience!
The kids asked for the opportunity to teach a family night lesson, make dinner, wash their clothes by themselves and searched for ways to serve others.
We all worked on memorizing scriptures together and studied the "Preach My Gospel" manual put out by the LDS church. WOW... what an inspired book!

It was a great week. Personally and as a family I know we felt the spirit more and had a more calm and peaceful home. I have always challenged myself to put the most important things FIRST. This week showed the blessings that abound when you do!
It is a happiness that can come in NO OTHER WAY!
Was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY! Even though I am so glad I can be blogging with all of you again!

Thanks for asking :)


I did great last week on exercising. I got thirty plus minutes in Monday through Friday. I don't do so well on the weekends, which is ok since I guess I'm allowed two days off. I think it would still be good if I got a walk in on those days though. I'm still struggling with the food journalling though. Some days I do it, but I think I only did it half the time this week. Still a work in progress.

For this week, I'm going to concentrate on increasing my water intake.
Wish me luck!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Getting back to Exercise (and another goofy animal picture)

If there is one thing I have learned in this challenge, it is how quickly I can fall back into old habits. I really need this blog to help keep me on track and accountable. I feel like I am doing much better on the goals I am already working toward (Sleep and Food Journal) but exercise, water, and calorie range seem to have quickly fallen by the wayside. I am trying not to beat myself up about this but it hasn't been easy.

For my next goal I have decided on exercise. I went running outside this weekend for the first time since November (Eek!). It was wonderful. I really hope this nicer weather sticks around because it really makes working out so much easier for me, even if I do have to drag the kids along in the jogger. I am using Marci's suggestion and planning my workouts tonight so they are all set for the week. Wish me luck because I think this week may prove to be the most challenging week yet.

On a side note I have set a goal of losing 10 pounds by my family trip the middle of April. This is a pretty ambitious goal for me especially considering I am currently at a weight that is really hard for me to drop below. It is the weight I was at when I hit a plateau the end of last summer and, well, things kind of went downhill (or should I say upscale) from there.

I am hoping the fact that I will have to wear a swimsuit will help with the motivation on this one but I am trying to stay positive and be happy with whatever I am able to lose (inches included).

Okay, off we go. I hope everyone has a fantastic week.


Last fall Melissa mentioned a book she was reading called The Happiness Project. I thought is sounded interesting and picked up a copy for myself. One of the things I liked about the book was that it was broken up into months so I could read it a little at a time. First, I would not categorize this as a self help book. It's a book about someones year of setting goals and trying to accomplish them. However, you can gain prospective and even things you may want to do yourself. Second, I love the fact that she sates she is not unhappy but that she could always be happier. Yes, everyone can always be happier.

I found a wonderful talk given by President James E. Faust entitled Our Search For Happiness. Here is an excerpt that I enjoyed.
As the Prophet Joseph Smith (1805–44) told us, “Happiness is the object and design of our existence; and will be the end thereof, if we pursue the path that leads to it; and this path is virtue, uprightness, faithfulness, holiness, and keeping all the commandments of God” (Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, selected by Joseph Fielding Smith [1976], 255–56).

The more faithfully we keep the commandments of God, the happier we will generally be.

Although “men are, that they might have joy” (2 Ne. 2:25), this does not mean that our lives will be filled only with joy, “for it must needs be, that there is an opposition in all things” (2 Ne. 2:11). Happiness is not given to us in a package that we can just open up and consume. Nobody is ever happy 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Rather than thinking in terms of a day, we perhaps need to snatch happiness in little pieces, learning to recognize the elements of happiness and then treasuring them while they last.

Now why do I think this is applicable to Healthy Wife Happy Life? Good question. With the name of the blog including the word "happy" I thought what why does being healthy bring happiness. I think we've all learned over the past year that there is a lot more to it. I know people who thought being thin would bring them happiness and it hasn't. There is a lot to finding happiness. I'm actually impressed by what many of you have chosen as your 30 point challenges over the past year. I think it's helped bring a well roundedness to the healthy aspect.

Healthy to me means, physically, mentally and spiritually. If I'm healthy I'm happier to be around, I'm more willing to serve others, I can have loving relationships with my family and friends. I can come closer to my Heavenly Father. When I'm not healthy I'm down on myself and cut myself off from others and the Lord.

So back to why I brought up the book and why I want to share it with you. She discusses the idea that growth brings happiness. "It isn't just goal attainment but the process of striving after goals-after growth-that brings happiness."

I loved this idea. So often in my life I've looked to the future but when I got there it didn't bring me the happiness that I thought it would. For the past 5 ish years I've really tried living in the now and enjoying life everyday, whatever it may hold.

As we are trying to make healthy choices in our lives now it's important to enjoy what we're doing. To appreciate the growth we are making and learn from our failures. Heavenly Father wants us to be HAPPY! If being physically healthy will help us to that he wants that for us. If by improving our health we can be a better mom, spouse, friend, help us desire to serve others and fulfill our callings at church it is a righteous desire.

The challenge, therefore, is to take pleasure in the "atmosphere of growth," in the gradual progress made toward a goal, in the present.

Friday, March 11, 2011

One Year Ago....

One Year ago this past Tuesday Healthy Wife Happy Life started it's first challenge. Isn't it amazing that time goes by so fast. Have you started any new habits? Kept any of them up? Do you feel healthier than you did a year ago? I personally have learned a lot about myself and feel that although there is still more to work on I'm moving in the right direction and mentally I'm in a great place.

Well here is some exciting news...that I'm really late in doing this but we have two winners!

Marci was are last challenge. She has been training for a half marathon and has been putting in the hours in exercise! I can't wait to hear all about that! She has also signed up for a Marathon later this year!!!

I went back and tallied up all the points from January and February challenges. I was very impressed by the number of people that completed three of the challenges and even more impressed by the number of people who completed ALL FOUR CHALLENGES.

drum roll please......

Cammy is our winner of the "I can do hard things" charm.

Thank you all so much for taking this journey with me. You are all amazing women who inspire me to keep going. Whenever I'm tired and ready to throw in the towel I remember that you're all here waiting for me to keep things going. I'm blessed to get to know you and cheer you on. Here is to another great year!

Time change

The time is about to change. My children will be lagging for about a week. And I will be staring at the snow, willing it to melt one final time. {Final may be overly optimistic at this point, but I'm sticking with it.}

As soon as the white stuff is a memory, I will resume my 5:30 a.m. class as I discovered that a one minute plank is difficult again. That's a sure sign that a class that once seemed routine will actually be fairly challenging once again.

Honestly, I prefer falling back to springing ahead. But falling {no energy needed} is always easier than jumping {loads of energy needed}. Physically and in all other ways too.