Saturday, August 28, 2010

More Thoughts on Vanity Sizing

I think I got ahead of myself. I thought it was so awesome, that those size 16 black jeans fit, and they do. But I tried on the same size, same brand of jeans hanging in my closet, and they're too tight! It's like the black jeans were mislabeled. I think they're really a size 18. I don't think it's a case of vanity sizing (thank you, Apis), but it's possible. But no matter, I'm still happy with my progress.

Which leads me to have some more thoughts on vanity sizing. What is the deal? Are we women so vain, so sensitive, that we can't handle it if we really are a size 12, instead of a true size 6? Just give it to me straight, I say. Otherwise, being a size 6 has no meaning, anyway. I'm not a baby, I can handle the truth. In a roundabout way, it reminds me of a talk by Julie B. Beck, the Relief Society General President, in the last General Conference, where she quoted Eliza R. Snow, who said, "Women should be women and not babies that need petting and correction all the time." So man up, already! Or, woman up, as the case may be. We're strong women, we can take it!

Friday, August 27, 2010


I am stressed. And when I'm stressed, I make things. No, this post has nothing to do with food, or exercise. I don't like to do laundry, or cleaning, or exercising when I'm stressed. I find those activities tedious and then my mind wanders and obsesses about the stress factor while I'm doing whatever it is. So I create things, or read. I know, I know, I probably should exercise, I guess it's supposed to reduce stress, but it doesn't (at least for me). At least I don't eat, right??

So after reading Mockingjay in less than a day, I made my daughter a skirt (unfortunately in less than a day, so now I have nothing else to do but laundry and floor washing). I also made my up and coming baby a quilt. Here are my bragging pictures:

My nameless baby's quilt

She didn't want her shirt tucked in....

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Who's The Hot Chick?

It's the lick-your-finger-and-listen-to-it-sizzle-on-your-tushie look!

I had this wonderful experience when I took the kids down to Salt Lake for a 24-hr marathon school clothes shopping spree last week. I started out just thinking I would look at dresses at Ross, kind of just for fun. Well, I got a little carried away, and wound up buying nearly a whole new wardrobe of shirts (I already had "skinny" jeans in my closet) there and at Target. But it was all on sale, I swear!! I didn't spend more than $200 (but we're not counting the running shoes). I have weeded out nearly my entire closet, getting rid of almost everything I owned. The tents (as Sue calls them) are gone, leaving me with new clothes that show off my dwindling, healthier figure. I have been a solid size 18 since that trip, having started out at a size 22 two months ago. And you know what I did tonight? I tried on those black size 16 jeans that have been teasing me in my closet for a year and a half, and they fit!! Wahoo!! I paired them with one of the new stylish shirts I bought last week down in Salt Lake. Watch out world! Hot chick on the loose!

Ms. Thunder Bumper's Challenge #2 Summer Goal Update

Ok, I hope most of you have already taken the easy road for the 10 point challenge of checking out your summer goals. Now it's time to give us a little report.

5 points for commenting on this post about your goals OR
10 points for posting something about them.

Did you do any of them?
How'd it go?
What do you wish you had done...excuses?
Sense of accomplishment?

You get the picture.

If you're a newbie just tell us about something you didn't have to be put on our summer goal list.

You have until Sunday night to complete this.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Stupid Horse Pills

I finally used up my prescription prenatal vitamins, so I went shopping for regular vitamins at the store. What a pain! There are so many choices, it's hard to know what to pick. I finally settled on a big jar of pill packets that each have five big pills in them. I had enough trouble gagging down one big pill, now I have five to deal with. Clearly I did not think about that before I bought them, but at the store I was thinking how much healthier it would be to have the extra fish oil pill, calcium pill, vitamin D3 pill, and cranberry pill (urinary health?). I hope they are worth it.

What do you guys use?

Healthy Pleasures

My husband sent an article to me the other day which I wanted to share with you. He has been really supportive of my health changes and I thought it was sweet of him to pass this on to me, and no he didn't do it to point out #3 on the list. He actually sent it because I had been stressing how important getting enough sleep was and it just so happens that is number one on this list. This article is a list of 10 little indulgences that bring health benefits. You may or may not agree with them but it was a fun list either way.

10 Healthy Pleasures

1. Getting your zzz's - Shoot for at at least 7-8 hours
2. Playing Hooky - Take some time off, relax
3. Sexual Healing - You can fill this part in for yourself
4. A daily Chocolate fix - Just keep it dark
5. Girl's night out - Time to start planning our next get together ;)
6. Full Fat Dressing - Just keep it within the right amounts
7. Your Morning Java - emphasis on Moderate coffee drinking
8. Getting a Rubdown - I could use one of these right now.
9. Basking in the Sun - Just don't forget the Sunscreen
10. Wine with Dinner - Moderation once again

So go indulge in something healthy and don't feel a bit of remorse about it.

This list comes from CNN Health and here is the link to the full article which I highly encourage you to read.

A Little Upset

My daughter came home from school yesterday and was upset at me. Apparently she was the only one in the whole school who had to eat a healthy lunch. I got a happy chuckle, she'll thank me when she's older.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I know there were some of you who showed an interest in the upcoming women's walk/run in October. My mom signed up last year and she said there were limited spots, and they filled up. So if you do want to participate, don't wait for the last minute to sign up. You do have to pick up your packet and t shirt the night before. Let me know who is planning on attending, and maybe we can arrange a meeting spot. I'll be walking with three kids in tow. Can't wait to see some of you again!


I just love the kick of salsa. And the low calories: 7 per tablespoon. My current favorite is this brand made by kids at the local Botanical gardens to teach them how to grow veggies, run a business and make some money (love it when my food can also serve a charitable, educational and local economy business purpose!) It's been a while since I've dipped a chip in salsa. Instead, I use it (or hummus) to bring together the other ingredients inside my whole wheat wrap for lunch.

As I was pondering my salsa over lunch, I wondered about other condiments that make their home in my fridge and pantry. Here's a run down of my most used per tablespoon:

Balsalmic vinegar 11
Hot sauce 0
Hummus 16
Polander all fruit 30
Smuckers simply fruit 40
Smuckers, raspberry 50
Ketchup 15
Mayo 90
Mayo light 35
Mustard (Grey Poupon) 5
Red wine vinegar 2
Teriyaki 20
Soy sauce 10

Who knew that hot sauce has 0 calories? Or that an apple has fewer calories than a tablespoonful of mayo. Do you have a healthy go-to condiment to share?


Mindy, Mindy, She's our Girl!
She's the winner of last weeks crazy "One Week" if you caught it challenge!

Props to Both Becky and Mindy for posting their points and knowing that we were in challenge mode! They must have kids back in school!

Looks like the competition is heating up so step up to the plate and make it happen!

Becky asked a good question...see the top bar for this sessions first challenge. I'm guessing not many people did it, if you did count your points again this time.

I'll be on a plane all day tomorrow heading back to Virginia. Looks like you ladies are ready to get serious again. If you have a friend who hasn't been in the game for a while give them a call or email and let them know they can get started again.

It's time to bring the heat!

Love you girls!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Spinach No-Bread Pizza

A few nights ago, I was short on my veggies for the day, and so I thought, "Hmmm, I want to eat spinach, but how can I jazz it up?" So, I nuked some garlic and tomatoes with the frozen chopped spinach and got this:

Then, as I was eating it, I thought, "Hey, these are basically the toppings for a great spinach pizza!" So, I added some mozzarella:

Voila! Spinach No-Bread Pizza!


2-1/4 Cups frozen spinach, measure it before it's cooked, 68 calories
1 to 1-1/2 tsp. minced garlic, 4 calories
1 roma tomato, chopped, 21 calories
1.25 oz. (or 5 Tablespoons) shredded/grated mozzarella cheese, 100 calories

Total calories - 193 calories. Eat it as-is, or with whole-grain, reduced fat crackers like Triscuits, and you have a meal for about 310 calories!!

P.S. Audrey - the challenge to review your summer goals, worth 10 points, are we counting that in this session, or did that get stuck in last week's points?

Hello, My Name is Summer

Hi, I'm new,
I've heard a lot of good things about this blog from Alicia and Cammy and have finally decided to join. I have one daughter who will be 4 in October and one husband who will be 32 on Thursday. I am a photographer and mother and try to squash both jobs that I love into my life. I have trouble committing and remembering why I set certain goals. You could say I'm bipolar when it comes to being healthy. One day I want to and then one day I just dont care. But deep down I really do want it. So, please peer pressure me into being healthy. Can't wait to meet everyone and I will get started today.

I'm the one in green

I'm Up!

I'm here, I'm up, but my body does not want to cooperate! After a fun filled summer, and shoving my exercise and eating to the side, my body did not want to get up this morning. That was not how I intended my summer to go. I had every intention and motivation to get up early, exercise every day, and keep track of every single calorie. But, enough of dwelling on the past. The important part is, today is a fresh start. And I was up at 5:45, unwilling exercising. Give me a few days and the routine will easily be back. Are you excited Becky, to finally have someone to do this challenge with!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Just when I thought you were all self sufficient without me!

Ladies I'm sorry you guys are all lost and confused. Last Sunday right before I went off grid I put up THIS post but I guess many of you didn't read it! And I put up a challenge at the top of the blog! Did any one see that and do it....get a head start if you didn't because there will be a challenge this round that has something to do with that.

I had no idea there were questions because I was enjoying life in mountains and getting some serious outdoor exercising in. So since most of you didn't keep points for the last week....except for maybe Becky and myself I will give you all a fresh start tomorrow, but for most of you reading this it's probably Monday! SO START TODAY!!!!!

I seriously was off grid for 7 days and have not read any post or comments yet but you bet I the end of this week. I'm still in California enjoying the last day with my family and then I'll be traveling home on Tuesday. I can't wait to hear what you've all been up too. I've got some really fun stuff to share but I'm going to start with this special shout out to Alicia.

Alicia shame on you for holding out on us....Just kidding. I drove by this place and thought that I had to take a shame on you picture.

Get going girls....this will be a two week challenge....all rules apply!

A 45 Calorie Treat

My husband, Matt, loves popsicles. Like, really really LOVES them. He often reminisces about the days when we lived in Utah and could get Pace bars at Macey's and he'd eat the whole bag in two days. Don't even get me started on the otter pop wrapper mess! I banned them from the house because they were making me so angry!

Popsicle lovin' might be a Carlson family trait. I remember my first trip to visit Our Fearless Leader in NYC. We went in practically every corner market in Brooklyn one night in search of these special, delicious fruit bars/popsicles that the Queen Vee loved. I can't remember what they were called, but they were really yummy!

Yesterday Matt cycled his first century, and I wanted to get him a little treat that wouldn't blow my calories. I picked up a box of these. Now, I'm not that into popsicles, I'm more of an ice cream kinda girl. But I have to say that 45 calories worth of this popsicle is way more satisfying than 45 calories worth of ice cream. And so I recommend to you Dreyer's (Edy's) fruit bars. The strawberry ones are amazing, and for 45 calories, it's a treat that can fit into everyone's calorie budget.