Thursday, March 17, 2011

Congratulations Audrey!

You have managed to find the most ridiculous animal picture in existence. Boy howdy, it's a doozy! Thank you for nearly making me laugh milk out my nose.

And here you thought I wasn't paying attention! I'm still reading the blog, but happen to have a lot going on this week, so I haven't been commenting. To catch up: I'm doing great with water, good with writing down all my food, and my new goal for the week is exercising. So far, so good.

Craft weekend was great! I made a baby boy quilt for my expectant niece. (Jenn, don't tell B!) My eating habits, well it coulda been worse. One girl brought this sweet chex mix with craisins, golden grahams and slivered almonds. It's delicious. I've had it before and knew it was a weakness, so I put off eating any until late in the day. Cause once you start, you can't stop.

Also, I got made fun of because I try to send healthy food in my kid's school lunches, and don't let them buy hot lunch. My kids told me that they get teased about their lunches sometimes, but I usually brushed them off with things like, "Be glad you have a mom who cares enough about you to teach you about healthy eating!" Now I'm going to be more sympathetic, cause it doesn't feel very good to get teased! But I'm still not letting them buy nachos or soft pretzels at school.


  1. Way to stick with it! All my boys have ADD or ADHD. I think if I change their diet, it could change their life!

    I'm becomeing converted to Healthy!

  2. I've started packing lunches for Alec and Cora too. Personally I think most of the stuff that comes out of the cafeteria is crap. Alec and Cora really love taking their own lunches. Lucky me!

  3. Good for you Mindelicious, (I just love writing your google name) on staying the course. Oh I hate to think of my girlies being teased, let them pick some foods you can both agree on but for sure don't them eat those nasty nachos. I confess I love soft pretzels.

  4. Aww the school lunch debate. I am not a fan of it either but I came to a compromise with my daughter. She can choose five school lunches a month but the rest of the time it's the good old lunch from home. She usually makes her own lunch and is pretty healthy in her choices so I don't worry about that too much, but I do monitor what she is putting in just in case.

    Maybe having your kids help out with making their lunches would help.