Sunday, June 5, 2011

BL and Jake Update

Hey HWHL friends!
It's been a while for all of us!  We all lead busy lives don't we?  I keep checking here to see if anyone is doing anything exciting or challenging, but same as you...did not post anything...till now!

Biggest Loser update:  Well, I had a little set back with my weight.  I believe that my change in eating habits had my stomach confused.  I gained 10 lbs in 2 weeks!  I wasn't eatig badly...but still beating myself up for it.  My "gut" feeling was that my gut was not processing all that extra protein I was ingesting.  I had to do a tea cleans to finally get things moving in the right direction!  By my wiegh in on Friday,  I had lost the extra 10 lbs I had put on and by this morning I had lost the 5 more lbs that came off this month with my exercise and good eating habits!  It came off as mysteriously and as fast as it came on!  Finally some encouraging results!

I'm so glad I didn't give up and go back to my bad eating habits!  I have to admit that I did turn to some comfort food in my depths of frustration...but not over doing it...just enough to help me feel better...then guilty about not eating the way I know would help me to be healthy.

What I find most encouraging is the shrinking numbers...from the scale and the measuring tape! 
It's all good!

Jake update:  Jake's blog  click on this link to read the latest.  Jake finished his last chemo and we are waiting to do a P.E.T. scan to make sure the tumor is dead tissue.  It looks to me that the tumor is actually bigger, but if it's dead tissue, it doesn't matter.  We are going to see a Urologist and hopefully have most of his hospital/doctor visits finished by the end of this month. 

I'm really looking forward to things being "Normal" for a while.  Won't that be nice! :)


  1. Rose,
    Congrats on Jake finishing the Chemo. I'll be praying you get fantastic news from the scan.

    Congrats to on those shrinking numbers too, and don't get frustrated by those bumps in the road. Just remember we all have them and the key is to keep going. Best of luck with everything and thanks for keeping us posted.


  2. Good news, Rose!! I hope things get back to 'normal' for everyone in your family as well!!

    Keep up the good work!!

  3. Rose, I should have commented much sooner. I think we're all just taking a break. Good for you on your weight loss and sticking to your diet even though for a while it looked like it wasn't working. My gym is closing and so now for the second time in the past few years I have to find a new gym. I suppose I should look at it as an opportunity to change things up. I don't like starting up in a new gym.

    I signed up for Cats 120 mile challenge and now after 13 days I've only run 3 miles. As you can see I'm struggling.

    I sure hope you're getting good reports from your son's tests. Would love to see him beat this cancer, that would be the best news ever on Healthy Wife.