Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sorry, Girlfriend...

My conscious mind has not set a goal this summer for my body and health. However, my bathroom scales have informed me that my unconscious-mind/hormones/general-psychology have decided that my summer goal is to Gain 20 pounds. Ummm... does anyone else out there need a big kick in the rear, too? I'm sitting here, knowing I need a drastic intervention, something to motivate me to get my act together, and right now I'm sitting at the I-am-a-stubborn-2-year-old stage, where I feel like I need to be bribed to get back on track. Where's the Magic I'll-pay-you-a-thousand-bucks-if-you-lose-50-pounds Fairy when you need her? Does anybody else want to get back on track, and could we get some kind of contest or something going?



  1. I really hope I am not stepping on any toes by doing this, but a couple month's back I decided to start my own blog. Nothing was happening on here so in desperation I solicited a few friends and got a blog going. I patterned it after this blog but made a couple changes.

    Please know that I am not trying to "steal" anyone away from this blog or hurt any feelings. I just want to help anyone who may be in desperation like I was (at least until things get rolling again here).

    Audrey if I have overstepped my bounds I apologize and you can delete this comment. The last thing I want to do is offend or hurt you.

  2. Me me me! Let's get this thing goin!

  3. Anyone is welcome to join up with Cammy or if you
    really want we can get things going here again. Back when things slowed down it was really only Cammy and I participating so I figured it was a good time to let go.

    I'm ready for your input.

  4. Anonymous said...
    Maybe send out an email to everyone? I don't know how many people are still looking at the blog, but odds are good most people read their email. We've all had a big break, maybe there are a lot who would be ready to get back on the wagon.
    Becky, Sue's sis

    P.S. Blogger won't keep me logged in, so I can leave comments as myself, BeckyinWyo. It lets me go to my dashboard and make regular posts, but it won't keep me logged in for comments, no matter how many times I log in. Aaargh! Anybody have suggestions about how to fix this?