Thursday, October 13, 2011

Biggest Loser Finale

I'm the one in yellow!

So I know you are on pins and needles wondering how the Biggest Loser contest ended.  It was a great run!  We had a great trainer that would see us about 3 times a week.  She taught us how to eat healthy and the value of good cardio and weight lifting.  Most of all, she taught us how to stay on track while living life.  Not everyone can eat exactly what they should, every meal, every day...but we can still make good choices instead of excuses!

My team mate, Steve, won the grand prize...which, I'm sorry to say...were pretty lame prizes...but the real prize is our good health (is what I keep telling myself !) and the new friendships we formed.
Basically, I lost about 40 lbs total for the year...not enough to win the contest, but enough to look and feel more healthy.  With taking care of was all I could do to maintain the past 2 months (not an excuse...just part of life)!  The physical strength I gained helped me to be able to lift Jake when needed and it gave me confidence and strength mentally to handle unexpected challenges.

I was ready to quit trying to lose more weight (about 20 more lbs to go), but I was reminded that I am also part of a Waist a Weigh program that requires me to lose about 3 lbs a month so they will keep reimbursing me for my gym memberships.  I can do this! (dang it!)  So I'm not off the hook since the contest ended.  Life goes on so so must I!


  1. Rose you are AWESOME!!! and you look fabulous too. Thank you for the inspiration and strength you give to me. I CAN DO HARD THINGS!

  2. Rose you are amazing and you look absolutely beautiful. This picture is wonderful and I know a treasure to you. Thank you for continuing to amaze me and make me want to do better. You truly exemplify "I CAN DO HARD THINGS"! You have faced one of the most difficult challenges given to any mother and you have tackled it head on. At the same time you have managed to achieve some major healthy goals, I am nothing but awestruck and impressed.

  3. You have inspired us all, Rose! I hope you realize how much inner strength you have. I know you've focused on shedding pounds and getting healthy, but seems to me that your brain and heart take the cake, or rather, the carrot dipped in hummus.

  4. Ditto. Ditto. Ditto. Couldn't agree with these three ladies more! Well done, Rose!! Proud of you!

  5. Way to lift me up, guys!