Saturday, April 16, 2011

Post Your Points

Gee, that week went by fast. I did pretty good....but I'm ready for next week to ramp it up even more.

How did you do?

Enjoy your Sunday and get ready to start again on Monday!!!!


  1. Not my finest hour. 240. Good on exercises but I didn't love tracking my food intake after trying to do it for 5 weeks. I'm so glad it's Monday!

  2. Bleh. Stopped counting when I went away to a mother's retreat for the weekend. Didn't get much exercise last week, but the conference was awesome! I'm back on the wagon today.

  3. I totally blew the week, spent it painting. Do you get points for painting. A new week and with renewed desire to get on top of my eating and exercise. I'm with you Audrey, glad to have a new Monday and a new start!

  4. Haven't been counting but I am loving all the inspiring posts! THANKS EVERYONE!!!
    I LOVED your post on not giving up when it gets hard... it's been on my mind a lot!! It's just what I needed!

  5. I'm still here! I'm feeling a bit on overload lately, so counting my points has gone by the wayside. Another death in the family (cancer) another family member discovered she has breast cancer (bleh!)

    Good news! Jake only has one chemo treatment left! I have been doing great keeping with my calorie range and exercise, exercise, exercise! I found an exercise buddy for 6 a.m., then racquetball, then weights T,TH,Sat. Down 25 lbs from Christmas! Still working on it. Our BL team is ranked top dog so far!

    I keep reading your posts! I probably would do well keeping the points, but I just can't right now. I'm still here though...plugging along.