Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Witching Hour

This is the time of night when kids start to get nuts, you want to pull your hair out, and all good parenting intentions tend to go out the window. I'm also going to attach this label to that "magical time" when you slow down at the end of the day, taking the first big pause as you sit down to eat dinner, and your appetite and food cravings start screaming at you. It's my curse right now - I'm just gorging on food at this time of day, when I'm allowing myself to pause my focused activities. This is really waking up my appetite, and I'm eating LIKE CRAZY. Help! I need some suggestions for combating my cravings 5pm to bedtime, because I'm just packing on the pounds, and it's starting to scare me...


  1. I'm having the same problem. Around 10 is my wind down time and that's when I have a bowl of ice cream or a piece of cake. I'm still good on the 2 hour before bed thing cause I don't go to bed until around 1, but it's not like I'm doing anything. I'm sitting around on the couch.... Not good. I don't have any advice though, cause I'm in the same boat.

  2. Rule #1: DON'T eat after dinner or late at night. Suggestion # 2: Eat dinner on a dessert size plate. Becky, are you eating breakfast? Are you getting enough sleep? I know you have a lot of stress in your life right now but overeating is not going to solve the problems or even the stress. You've worked so hard and done so well DON'T go back to old habits. Go back to your very first post and reflect on why you joined the challenge and what you wanted to achieve. We can all give each other support and suggestions but in the end we each know that WE individually have to make changes and new habits on our own. I KNOW that you can do hard things, you can change. Quit eating junk, eat healthy, take care of yourself and set the example for your children.

    I love YOU.

  3. Been there, done that!

    Part of living life on purpose is making sure you have a plan. Plan your meals...most importantly, dinner. Instead of not eating two hours before bedtime, don't eat anything after 7:30 p.m. Practice telling yourself that you have had enough or "I don't need that!" Seriously, it works!

    I went to a birthday party last night (another). They had hot dogs, hamburgers, salad, strawberries and my favorite, chocolate cake. I knew it would be difficult, so I brought some Uncle Ben's whole grain wild and brown rice. I found it was a delicious alternative with fresh tomatoes and almond slices added to it. I even convinced a 10 yr. old girl to try it. She asked for seconds.

    If you just have to have some...tell yourself that a taste is enough...because it is!

  4. Eat your protein early.
    Chew gum, make a cup of herbal tea or brush your teeth when you get those cravings.
    Or don't buy the treats you're eating. Only buy treats your kids like, but you don' the temptation isn't there.
    Also try planing some new meals. When I'm excited about trying new foods, I don't want to eat junk first, I've got my eye on the new food instead.
    Or maybe sit down when you have those cravings and write about your feelings for 10 minutes...figure out what's going on emotionally with you.
    Good luck Becky.

  5. I love the ideas given... I am going to use them! I also realized this week that when I overeat and sabotage myself I am actually being SELFISH. Selfish? How? Well, when I do this I am not the person I want or need to be. I am actually sluggish, low energy and MEAN. I am not only hurting myself but my family suffers too. The last few days I have been asking myself if what I am taking into my body is going to affect me positively or not.
    You can do this. Satan loves trying to derail us from our goals... lets make him squirm!! WE ARE STRONGER!!
    Good luck my friend!

  6. Becky,
    I am struggling with this too lately. I haven't been sleeping well because of it either. Tonight I used Melissa's suggestion and brushed my teeth after dinner. It worked great tonight, let's hope it continues to help. This one really is a mind over matter game for me. I just have to say to myself, "I am not eating anything after dinner!" and stick too it. Hope this week is a better one for you. Good Luck!