Friday, March 18, 2011

This will lift your spirits!

Hello ladies!

This fabulous Mindy Gledhill song reminds me of all of you. Hope you feel uplifted, strong and inspired after listening! I couldn't figure out how to imbed it so you'll have to click on the link.


  1. Love it, and Nie Nie and her cute daughters were in it too. I think I'm going to do a 120 miles in two months challenge starting the first of April. Thanks for giving me the inspiration Apis and Mindy Gledhill

  2. Where did the 120 challenge come from? Is that one of Cat's or your own? I might want to join you in that!

  3. My own challenge, starting the the first of April. I'm going to try and walk/run 120 miles by the end of May, that's 15 miles a week...totally doable! Do join me, would love the company and the competition :-) Part of that time I will be in CO so I'll have to get creative.

  4. Melissa,
    LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! It totally put a smile on my face. Thank you soo much for sharing. I might just have to add this to my playlist. Did I mention I LOVE IT!

    Queen V. Count me in on the challenge too. Now that I can run outside again this will be a good challenge for me to get outside and moving. LOVE IT!