Friday, March 18, 2011

Loss of Mobility & Reverse Diet

First of all, I've pretty much fallen off the radar in HWHL world, and not likely to resurface for another few weeks, maybe longer. My life is just on overload right now, and I can't spare the time to blog. But I peeked back in today, saw the post on Vertigo, that lead to a quick research of Mystery Diagnosis episodes, which led to this segment on Discovery Health - Escape From Obesity. There are eight segments you can watch. "Extreme Food Addiction" reminded me that I have a not-very-healthy emotional relationship with food right now, because I don't have the mental/psychological energy to fight my cravings and try to deal with my issues in a more healthy way. But I know that I want to do better. I'm still exercising 5 to 6 times a week because it keeps me sane and I HATE, truly HATE the lethargic feeling that I get from being really inactive.

I was in Walmart yesterday, and once again saw another person riding around in the motorized carts, and from outward appearances it seemed like it was for no other reason than loss of mobility due to obesity. Now, that's just a surface judgement and I certainly have no room to critcize, considering the way I've been eating lately, but it just made me sad that a person could give up their mobility for the temporary pleasure of food. And there are so many people in that boat.

Another segment that I liked was "From Big to Bikini". Basically, she started "eating in reverse", or switching her meal order, eating "dinner" in the morning, and ending with "breakfast" at night. In other words, eating the highest calories and bulk in the morning, and gradually tapering that off until a light meal towards the end of the afternoon. That's kind of been the plan I've had in mind for a while, but it's really hard to implement that kind of lifestyle change, because it's hard to give up the comfort of food at the end of a long day. Again, it's about tackling emotional/cultural issues with food.


  1. We miss you posting and commenting. I hope your life calms down soon. It is silly to think that anyone would put food before living a full life yet, I know I overeat way too often. I am actually doing just that, putting my immediate desires and wants ahead of what I REALLY want.
    Thanks for the great reminder and good luck! WE MISS YOU!

  2. Becky, I have been thinking about you the past few days and wondering where you had disappeared to. I am an emotional eater too, it really is a struggle when life get stressful. Good to hear you are still alive and hope things calm down soon.