Friday, March 25, 2011

Eating Healthy is Fun...I mean Yum!

Does this look yummy?  We had snow and rain this morning, but dinner time it was sunny and chicken on the Barbi!  I guess I should have arranged it a little better for a post, but it looked so pretty and colorful!  The yellow stuff is some left over fresh pineapple I cut up for the Jimmer Show last night (sorry BYU)!  Yesterday, we had the fabulous Talapia recipe that's in the recipe section (I put very little butter, 1/2 light Mir. Whip and drench it in fresh lemon juice)!  We had the same fruit and veggies.  I wish I had some left overs for lunch, but it all got eaten up!  I think my family is slowly converting to healthy food!


  1. MMmm that does look yummy! Isn't Utah weather fun?

  2. Veggies, fruit and fish....I call that yummy healthy eating.