Sunday, March 13, 2011

Getting back to Exercise (and another goofy animal picture)

If there is one thing I have learned in this challenge, it is how quickly I can fall back into old habits. I really need this blog to help keep me on track and accountable. I feel like I am doing much better on the goals I am already working toward (Sleep and Food Journal) but exercise, water, and calorie range seem to have quickly fallen by the wayside. I am trying not to beat myself up about this but it hasn't been easy.

For my next goal I have decided on exercise. I went running outside this weekend for the first time since November (Eek!). It was wonderful. I really hope this nicer weather sticks around because it really makes working out so much easier for me, even if I do have to drag the kids along in the jogger. I am using Marci's suggestion and planning my workouts tonight so they are all set for the week. Wish me luck because I think this week may prove to be the most challenging week yet.

On a side note I have set a goal of losing 10 pounds by my family trip the middle of April. This is a pretty ambitious goal for me especially considering I am currently at a weight that is really hard for me to drop below. It is the weight I was at when I hit a plateau the end of last summer and, well, things kind of went downhill (or should I say upscale) from there.

I am hoping the fact that I will have to wear a swimsuit will help with the motivation on this one but I am trying to stay positive and be happy with whatever I am able to lose (inches included).

Okay, off we go. I hope everyone has a fantastic week.


  1. You will do great Cammy! I have a 10 pound goal too. Let's do it together!

  2. I think a 10 lb goal is reasonable and achievable...but please know that it would be awesome to hit even 5! (that's at the one lb a week rate!)

    Go Cammy!

  3. I started this last week and I was totally committed. As this week started I'm problem, I'm on a roll. I've found that if you just get that exercise in you still have time for the things you need to do. Maybe you won't have as much time for FB or blogs, but the things that matter will still happen and you'll have a great feeling from getting that workout in!!!

    Good luck! I know you can do it!

  4. Cammy what can we do to help you achieve your goal?

  5. You gals are so great! Just reading your comments and support is making me so excited for my new goal.

    I have to admit I didn't exercise Monday because I woke up with vertigo but today I am doing much better and was able to take the kids out and get some good running in. Tomorrow I am meeting up with a group of ladies for an early morning run and I am actually excited. I am hoping to squeeze in a little resistance training too. If only I could feel this pumped all the time.

  6. Cammy this dog makes me think of Punky Brewster. Do you remember her? Love it!