Saturday, March 26, 2011

Blessed, Spoiled, Selfish, Lucky

This is my latest purchase. It's a totally luxury but it will help my laziness when it comes to watching TV. Even if I'm only walking it's better than planting my butt in front of the TV for hours without moving. And I'm a fan of two a days without having to go back to the gym for a second time.

Blessed: I'm blessed to have a husband who works very hard so I can stay home and take care of the house and my two boys. We do a lot of bantering about me needing to make money but he truly knows what a hard job staying at home and taking care of the kids can be. I'm blessed to have this opportunity.

Spoiled: I'm not usually the spoiled one, I'm usually the one who spoils the others. However, this past fall my husband did a side job in which he gave me a nice chunk of his spoils.

Selfish: When my husband gave me this money he said I could do whatever I wanted with it. He was buying bike stuff with his portion. He suggested using it to pay for Christmas or a vacation. I kind of laughed at this because that would mean I was spending my money on others too...this is what I usually do. This time I decided to purchase a treadmill for me. Because I wanted it, it was for me, it benefits me, me, me, me...and of course anyone else that wants to come over and use it.

Lucky: I'm lucky to have a husband that supports my desire to be healthy and fit. He loves me for who I am but is very supportive in my journey to improve myself and many ways. I'm lucky that when I spent "my" money he thought it was great!

I watched the entire BYU game on this treadmill already. I could have sat and watched it and probably eaten something I shouldn't's already working its mojo!


  1. Good for you, you deserve to be spoiled and to spoil yourself. Aunt Sylvia lost 35 pounds on a treadmill in her home while watching TV, she also counted her calories and ate healthy but the treadmill was a major part of her weight loss and fitness program. May you and your new baby forge a close and enduring relationship.

    You are blessed, you are lucky and you are not SELFISH!

  2. Selfish you aren't, my dear. Deserving, yes, not selfish. It's kinda like what trainer momma says, "If I don't spoil myself, who will?"

  3. Ooo Audrey, that looks so nice! Way to go treating yourself to something that you want and that is good for you. :)

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  5. *see deleted comment above.
    I accidently wrote a comment, not realizing that my daughter didn't sign out of her gmail account. So that's my cute daughter...Audrey. (Doesn't she have a great name?) :)

    About the treadmill...all I hear is Napoleon Dynamite saying, "Lucky!". You go girl!!

  6. Oh it's a beauty! Just like you Audrey. It really is the best way to watch tv. I'm proud of you for doing something for "YOU". It's about time.