Sunday, March 20, 2011

Salad anyone?

Sunday!  Time for a new challenge (as if life weren't challenging enough!)  My last weeks challenge was to add weights to my routine at least twice a week (Wed. and Sat.)  Success!!!

I tried Jill's spinach shake, and I'm not sure what it was, but it made me kind of jittery.  It had a nice taste, but...I tried one at Costco...I really liked that one!  I'm thinking I don't like it enough to pay more than $150 for a blender.
I'm just saying...!

I'll stick with eating my spinach in my salad.  I discovered Almond Accents at Costco also! (I wasn't a fan of almonds until I tried these!)  Loving it on salads and whole grain/wild rice!  Quick 3 min meal:  Warm up Uncle Ben's (cheapest at Walmart) whole grain brown and wild rice (90 sec.), cut up a fresh roma tomato and add it (uncooked) to the warmed rice...sprinkled with Almond Accents.  Yummy!  You can add lettuce and other veggies if you want, but it's probably enough calories as it is.  It also goes really good with the Talapia recipe on this site!  Fabulous!

Had an emotional break down today...too much sad news I suppose...Sad blog link  .  I feel better, now.  I promise not to eat my way out of this!  Enough about sadness.  There are plenty of tender mercies to help me through this!

I am excited to start my Biggest Loser training tomorrow at 6 AM!  Are you guys excited to start a new challenge?!!  I'm excited to hear what you guys are going to do!  You guys are awesome!  I know you're there for me!

I'm here for you!  Let's do this!


  1. Good for you to try something new, even if you didn't like it! Your salad sounds yummy and at three minutes that's perfect.

    Can't wait to hear about your 6am training session!

    I'm ready for a new challenge. I'm ready for tomorrow.

  2. I love spinach, but only in salads...or artichoke dip (but that's only allowed once in a great while). I don't have the guts to try it in a smoothie form.

  3. Mmm that salad looks really yummy! I love fruit in my green salads.

    Sometimes we just need a good cry to get all the pent up emotions out. Thinking of you and hoping your training session tomorrow goes well.

  4. I love spinich cooked, fresh in salads just about any way although I've yet to try it in a shake. Good for you Rose for giving it a "Whirl". I'm with Audrey, want to hear all about your training session. Spring starts today, a renewal for the earth and hopefully for your emotions too.

  5. you can do it my friend, you will be awesome!
    I think you got jittery from the fruit. Thats why I don't do the fruit ones as much.. your salad looks yummy though!

  6. So how did it go this morning?!?!?

    The salad looks really yummy.