Friday, March 25, 2011

A little something about me...

I haven't been posting on here in quite some time but I just wanted to update you all. I had been doing the 5 week challenge, but for me this is a hard time of year. My mom even tried to get me to start a new diet with her this week and I told her I was too sad to diet, and food was my comfort. I invite you all to check out my blog and take a small look at a very private part of my life. I hope to be back on here in full swing in the next month or so. I love reading all of your posts, I still stay updated.


  1. Emily thanks for sharing. I can see why this is a very hard time of year for you. You are blessed with a wonderful family and the knowledge that families can be together forever. What is more wonderful is that those little twins spent time with her before their journey to be with your family here on earth. It baffles me sometimes.

    When you are ready we are here to support you. I think we may do this type of challenge in the summer again especially for people who just need to get going.

    Here's a big hug from the East Coast. We've never met but I know much about you and think you're just awesome!!

  2. Big hug from Utah! Those kids are adorable!

  3. Em, did I tell you? When we did the paci send-off Olivia said we were sending them to heaven for Emily's baby. We still think of her and talk about her.

  4. Emily,
    What a sweet tribute to your daughter. Of course I cried reading it, especially when I realized my little boy turns 4 on Monday and they would be the same age. Sending my thoughts and prayers your way.

  5. I think there is a misconception that for a mother who loses a child, having more children will make the pain go away. Nothing could be more wrong. Lilia is an individual and distinctive part of your family that no one can replace. Your mother's love for her will be just as strong when you get to see her again as it was the day she was born.

    I love the pictures you posted. When my brother and his wife had their first daughter still-born at 39 weeks, they asked me to take pictures of them with her. The sacredness in that room, for me, has never been surpassed. Those images are treasures, icons of hope and motivation to live well.

    May you feel God's love and the comfort of the Spirit as you contemplate the blessing of your daughter Lilia.