Friday, April 1, 2011


I still hate running.

As a response to The Queen Vee, there is a site called It's helped me be accountable, since I know my friend logs her stuff in every day and gets on me when I don't run (or walk). You can be friends with anyone and I've enjoyed seeing my progress, how many miles I've run/walk, how many calories, etc. So sign up and be my friend!


  1. Jenn,
    Ever since your last post on running I have been thinking about you. My biggest concern was that when you went running that first time you let your friend set the pace. Even if it was a slow pace for her it sounded like it was too fast for you. You should go at a comfortable pace for YOU and don't worry if it feels like your are running slower than a fast walk. Second you might try the couch to 5K program. It gradually eases you into running and even though it is a 9 week program you can repeat a week if you need it.
    Anyway I hope that helps a little and good luck with everything.

  2. Actually, her pace is too slow. I naturally run faster than her and naturally wear out faster than her. I'm proud to say that I can now run 1/2 a mile before walking for a little bit, though!

  3. Jenn! I signed up for the daily mile! How do I find you?