Friday, May 6, 2011

Biggest Loser update

Biggest Loser weigh in today! I worked really hard yesterday...last chance work out! I did weights twice during the day, ran (up hill!), played racquetball two hours (one in the morning, one at night), ate nutritiously and weghed more instead of less from the day before! Very depressing! :(
I still lost 7 lbs this month! -1% body fat.


  1. You're doing great Rose. Don't panic...maybe the weight loss you've worked for will catch up with you next week. :) My friend who works at the Biggest Loser says that the people on the show only do those crazy hard workouts with the trainers once or twice a week. He says the way they lose weight is by drinking TONS of water,(but not before they weigh in), by consuming the right amount of calories and walking, walking, walking...

  2. Did you know that when you workout hard that your body retains fluid...maybe that's what happened. You're doing amazing! Very impressed!!!That's a lot of stuff in one day!

  3. It came back off! Thanks for the input guys! That was really encouraging! :)