Monday, October 31, 2011

No Excuses!!!!

It's me...I know it's hard to maintain or lose weight during the high carb/high calorie time of the year...but it's part of life, right?  In the summer it's all the summer salads and BBQ's that get us and now it's Halloween candy, Thanksgiving dinners and Christmas Parties!

So sorry to report that I gain a bunch of weight this last month...between my sweet neighbors bringing over the high cal/high carb dinners and all the yummy bread and treats, plus my trip to New York to see my dad...I'm pretty sure they were out to sabotage me with cookies, brownies, cake and doughnuts...not to mention all the eating out!  No, I am not the pillar of strength I wish I was!  Luckily, it comes off as quickly as I put it 7 lbs off this week!  I'm suppose to lose 11 more to get back to my Oct. 11th weight, but on Dec. 11th, I'm suppose to be down 6 more lbs than that to meet goal!  This will be one tough cookie to crack!

So for some encouragement, I joined the Maintain, Don't Gain contest at my gym.  The prize is the pot!  A couple or three hundred dollars, I believe.  Can you say...New Clothes!  The contest ends about mid January.  No more excuses!  I have the time and the mind to dedicate to seriously eating healthy and getting my exercise in!  Today was a kickbox class at 6 and an hour of 1 on 1 racquetball at 8.  I have been pretty good about keeping up the weight lifting...minimum of 2 times a week, but mostly 3 times.  Even in NY, I found a gym that would give me a free 1 week membership and my dad took me 3 times while I was there (So sweet of him!  He just ran an errand or read in the parking lot til I was done.  It was about 35 min. drive from where he lived).  Tomorrow is weights and racquetball.  Maybe I'll have to add 10-15 min on the treadmill just to make sure I'm burning the calories I need to.

The challenging part for me is to figure out what to eat and to have something for my boys to eat...that they like.  That's my goal today...make a menu!  Any suggestions?

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