Thursday, June 23, 2011

Another Rose update!

Jake will be having his tumor removed on June 29th.  He will also be having his port removed.  There is no other cancer cells showing up in Jake's body, so we are praying that this operation will make him CANCER FREE! 

Weight's still coming off.  Down 32 lbs so far!  I feel much stronger (from weight lifting) and for some reason, probably as a result of your prayers, I feel stronger emotionally.  I still cry...often, but I have a lot of hope that everything will be ok...eventually.  Healing will Jake and to my heart.

This weekend, we will go do some family bonding, breath the healing aroma of the mountains, give all our worries to God and let Him take care of them.


  1. Rose thank you for this update. Please post how the surgery goes for Jake, you, your Jake and your family are in my prayers. I can't wait to hear that he is cancer free.

  2. Thinking of you!! You are so strong, Jake is so lucky to have you!! Please keep us updated. Will be praying for you all! <3