Sunday, February 27, 2011


The First 5 Point goal

I am resuming the water drinking in earnest. My skin is very dry in the winter and, as much as I dislike the continuous bathroom visits, I know that my body needs the water and that, when it comes to trips to the loo, clear is the winning color.

For me, water drinking is one of the hardest. Anyone joining me in the Water Club this week?


  1. I'm pretty successful at drinking my water on a majority of days. I did take on the Trainer Momma challenge last week of trying to drink a gallon a day. So far I've only done it once but I've been really close several days.

    Good luck with your goal!

  2. Great choice Melissa. Another one near the top of my list. I'll probably be joining you in this one soon.

    Audrey, I keep thinking I need to try for the gallon a day but so far haven't been brave enough to try. Maybe during this challenge though.

  3. Cammy, a gallon a day is really tough. But it's fun to try and even if you don't get it all in you know you've achieved at least 64 ounces :-)

  4. Hey Apis, as you get in that 64 oz of H20 eat some good food along with it....listen to your B-mum