Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Talking Myself Into It

I wish I could say that I just love exercising, I keep trying, but I don't think it's ever going to happen. I will confess though, that I love the results I've gotten from exercising this past year. Alas, the past few months I've been slacking off and I don't like those results at all. My # 1 goal for this session is to get back into a regular routine of 5-6 six days a week of serious exercise. I have to talk myself into it every single day and I've come to accept that for me that's just how it is.


  1. I have that talk every day too...It's a tough thing to do, but the results are so worth it! Keep talkin'!

  2. I ran for the first time in I don't know how long, today! I put in 2.4 miles and it felt great! I feel so much better when I get exercise in every day (cept Sunday) Commit to feeling good!

  3. I love your photo because that is EXACTLY how I feel lately too. I am hoping the onset of spring and warmer weather will help cure that at least little. Maybe it will only be a 45 minute pep talk instead of an hour;)

  4. Dearest Queenie,

    I've loved your hard work and dedication over the past year. You made up for all those years you paid for the gym and didn't use it :-)

    I think this is hard for someone who has achieved the goals that you have by constant gym use but maintaining doesn't take as much effort.

    I really suggest that you focus on 3-5 day plan (4 could be your lucky number) instead of an all or nothing. And if you take Marci's advice of planning your workouts in advance then you know that you will have days that you don't even have to spend and hour or more :-) talking yourself into going.

    You told me that you are all or nothing...I challenge you to find a middle ground that will help this be less of a burden and more part of your lifestyle.

  5. It is hard. I actually enjoy exercising, once I've started. It's getting started that is so difficult for me. Good luck!