Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sorry I'm a little dense...

Could someone help me with the points this challenge?  Do we only earn 5 points a day and no points for the other stuff?  Please splain it to me!  Thanks!


  1. Rose, You're not dense at all. I had the same question myself.

    We are taking baby steps this time. 5 points a day if you've achieved your daily goal (mine's water drinking). And whatever posting points you've earned as well. THAT's IT!

    Then in week two you'll have two goals (week one's and week two's) plus your posting/commenting points. And so on until week five, when you've got five goals to work on.

    We're mastering skills, one at a time.

    I got the skinny from Audrey today!

  2. OIC!
    That makes sense now! The 5 points takes place of the 30 point challenge. With Jake's hospital stay, I forgot what my goal was. I'm back on it now!