Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I don't know what I weigh right now, because I refuse to step on the scales. Yes, I am a mature adult, I swear! All I know is that my size 16 pants will still go on, and the 18's are still a little loose, but other than that, I just don't wanna know. I ate like a pig most days in the past two weeks, and when the scales got in the upper 190's (the lowest I got down to since starting last summer was 185), I quit stepping on the scales. I was stuffing my face for no other reason than just to prove I could, just to enjoy the idea of endulging. But I kind of got sick of the bloated feeling, so I've cut back on the excessive snacking. But I'm still not out of the woods yet because while I physically don't want to be pigging out, emotionally I want to.


  1. Come on Becky! This five week challenge can be your spring turn around. Today is a new day and we all know what an amazing competitor and healthy role model you can be! Go Becky!

  2. I feel ya' Becky!!
    I'm so there right now too. All I've done for the last four weeks is stuff my face, and the sweeter the better. Cookies and donuts are my downfall right now. In the last two weeks I put on five pounds. Since last year, I lost almost thirty pounds, and I've gained about twenty of them back since November. I'm trying not to be discouraged about it. I know I can lose it again, I'm just having trouble finding the motivation. Good luck to you!

  3. Hey girls! I have gone through this phase a few times and a few lbs. My thinking is...I don't need this! And really, what cookies taste that good unless they are fresh from the oven, homemade! If that happens...one is enough! The boys have to hide the goodies if they want them in the house...House Rules! Hang in there! You can do this!

  4. THAT CAT! WoW! I think we should find as many ridiculous pictures of animals as we can this week and try to relate them to the blog somehow.

  5. Becky,
    I think you are where I was at from about September to January. I honestly didn't care anymore and I avoided the scale because I knew getting on it would reveal the truth and quite frankly I didn't want to know or even care.

    Honestly, I am not sure how to help you out of this funk other than suggesting you change things up. Set a new goal totally different from what you have done in the past. I know easier said than done right? Good luck, you can do this!

    Mindy, I like your ridiculous animal picture idea, though that sheep is pretty hard to beat.