Friday, March 4, 2011

Sorry for the Confusion

I tried to make this as simple as possible but I guess sometimes simplicity creates confusion.

The "normal" points system is null and void for this special 5 week challenge. You do don't need to worry about tracking all those points.

We are focusing on one goal at a time. Hopefully those that you struggle to be consistent with when we are doing the "normal" points system. For many of us that have been working at this a while it does not mean throwing our those good habits. For example: I'm working on tracking my food. I'm still exercising, 64+ ounces of water and taking my vitamins. BUT, I'm not collecting points for those. Only the 5 points if I'm successful at writing in my food journal.

The only other points you are collecting are for commenting and posting. This is how we continue to build our community and supporting each other.

Next week you will be tracking two goals meaning you can earn 5 points for EACH goal accomplished that day.

I'm hope this clarifies things. I developed the simple points spreadsheet to help with this.

Are we all on board now?

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  1. Ok, so do we still need to be posting and commenting every day? I have started but completely fell behind on the posting. I'm just checking.