Friday, March 4, 2011

When Real Life Interrupts . . .

My little fellow fell very ill yesterday. All the bad stuff - fever, vomiting, chills, achy, etc. I had totally been rocking my water so far this week. But yesterday all I did was hold a sick baby and worry. The water went right out the window. Obviously it is not enough of a habit yet because all it took was a day of crazy and I couldn't even tell you where my water bottle was. I guess that is the trick here - making real life and the goals we are trying to master one and the same. Not there yet - but still trying.


  1. Owlie! Oh Sam, I'm so sorry! Here's hoping the rest of the brood doesn't get it.

  2. You could always attach the water bottle like a binkie :-)

  3. A day of crazy will do that to us all.