Saturday, March 5, 2011

Crabby Kitty

I don't know what my deals is of late but I am sooo grumpy! I thought getting more sleep would help improve my mood a bit but so far it hasn't. Of course I haven't been doing so great on other things like exercise, water, and eating so that is probably contributing as well as my favorite visitor (aunt Flo) Ugh! I just really need to snap out of it. Okay sorry to be negative I just feel blah and was hoping a little vent session would help. Besides I found this great Animal picture to go along with it.


  1. I have been in the same place lately. I've been seriously crabby and completely unmotivated. Hope things improve for you. Hopefully aunt Flo will take your blah's with her when she leaves!

  2. Yay, Cammy is playing too! This pic is pretty great. Not all cats look like this, but to me all cats act like this.
    Spend 30 minutes doing something you absolutely love today.
    Listen to your favorite album from High school (Unles you're like me and it's Alanis Morissette, in which case you'll probably feel grumpier.) Look through your wedding album.
    Watch your babies birth videos.
    Read a conference talk. (May recommend Julie Beck's April 2010 Saturday session.)
    Call your favorite cousin.

  3. Sometimes just admitting, yes I'm crabby today helps us move forward. I agree with Mindy, you need to do something for yourself and then do something for someone else :)

  4. I love it! It' so nice to know other people have to vent :) I seriously hold it in forever and then when I finally can't stand it another minute I get it all out with a lot of water works too! The funny thing is, it always makes me feel better.
    YOU CAN DO THIS!!! I love Mindy's is so helpful to just get up and do something! Good luck my friend!

  5. Vent away my dear, we all understand. I think admitting your crabby and telling everyone to stay out of your way is a good one day plan. When I had PMS everyone needed to stay out of my way for a week. One of the benefits of menopause is I no longer have PMS. I have to agree with Jill, Mindy had some great ideas.

  6. Thanks you all so much for being so understanding and giving such great advice. I am doing much better today and hope that continues into next week. I love you gals!

  7. Try to squeeze some salmon in your dinner menu this week. It's a great mood booster.