Monday, February 28, 2011

Long time, no see

Hellllooooo Ladies!!
I have been MIA for a couple weeks now, but I definitely need to get back on the wagon. My pants that were feeling nice and loose are starting to feel a bit snug again. : (
I've been trying to decide which thing to focus on this week. There are so many I've been struggling with lately. I've only been exercising about once a week the past several months. I've definitley not been drinking water and I've been having too much soda; and I most definitely have been neglecting my food journal.
I think that focusing on my caloric consumption this first week might help me get back into the program. I know last year, when I kept track each day of what I was eating, it really REALLY helped me.
So, there it is. Food journal. I will be tracking...starting tomorrow, since I also forgot this round started today.
Good luck everyone!


  1. Mikki! Yeah! I'm glad your here. I noticed we need a change up and I think this is a great way to get people re-motivated!!! Keep up the good work. Focus and see results!!!

  2. There's no way to hide behind the truth in the food journal. That's a hard one for me too.

  3. I think I will be joining you on this one next week. So easy to slip extra calories in here and there when you aren't tracking. Welcome back.

  4. Great choice Mikki! I have to admit it is my l least favorite thing to do on the challenge. I'm willing to lose the points rather than keep the journal probably because I don't really want to know how much I'm eating. Apis is right, you can't hide from the truth.