Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I miss cheese

When I first married into this crazy Carlson clan, our fearless leader, Audrey, gave me a subscription to Cooking Light magazine. I loved it! I read it cover to cover every month (skipping the exercise parts) and tried many of the recipes and tips. They almost always used reduced fat sharp cheddar cheese. So I went out and bought some, and it was awful. Turns out I'm kind of a picky cheese eater. At that time, I wasn't quite ready to sacrifice cheesy deliciousness for skinniness. But now I have back fat, and I'm ready to try diet cheese again. Otherwise, I don't get to eat cheese anymore, and I miss it! Does anyone have any recommendations?


  1. I don't mind low fat cottage cheese, sour cream and mayo but I draw the line at low fat or no fat chedder cheese. I'd rather just eat less of the real thing. I guess I'm not much help but I am losing weight so, maybe a menopausal woman can have her real cheese and eat it too.

  2. I agree with the Queen. You don't have to cut cheese out completely - just use less. And if you're making a pan of enchiladas, maybe just put cheese inside each enchilada but not on top. Cheese is a great source of protein and dairy. I am wholly addicted to string cheese and it's not so bad if you choose the kind made from part skim.

  3. I know you love Mexican. I say have real cheese on you free range days. Pioneer Woman's enchiladas are delish. For the other five days: try cheese sticks, grated parmesan, air fluffed cream cheese or just have a smaller amount of the real thing. We have an entire drawer in our fridge full of nothing but cheese.

  4. When my husband and I were first married, we'd go through a huge block of cheese every week. We'd spend almost $10 a month on cheese. With our first daughter, we had to have a budget, and cheese was out. I guess not out, but we limited it quite a bit. Now I usually eat Feta and my new love is goat cheese. If you get soft goat cheese it's only 50 calories for 1 oz. Feta is 70 for 1 oz. Just get yourself a good scale, and measure out your cheese. Mozzarella isn't that bad in calories either, but it is easy to add more than the calories you want if you don't watch it. 1 oz is definitely not a lot.

  5. Ok, this comment is going to make me really unpopular today but I'm going to say it anyway.


    I can find you lots of references if you want on that. But for now just take me on my word.

    I've almost completely cut cheese out of my diet. That's not to say that I don't have it on occasion but I don't put it on sandwiches, eggs, mexican, salads.

    Here is why: yes cheese may have protein but you can find tons of better sources of protein. Cheeses are high in calories and most of those calories come from fat and not a good fat either. It's really hard to only eat an ounce of cheese. It's not very much and unless you have a scale you're not likely to judge correctly. Can you really only eat twice dice worth of cheese?

    Ok, I do really love cheese and love specialty cheeses. So here is what I do. I only buy cheese that is already pre-sliced. That way when I want to use cheese on a sandwich I know exactly how much I'm getting (and calories too.) Skim mozzarella sticks are pre-portioned.

    I actually own a scale for food.

    Crumbled cheese can be measure by tablespoons which makes using them in salads and other things much easier to use.

    Most things we put cheese on actually taste great without the cheese. There are usually so many other flavors that we are missing out on that are either being masked by gooey cheese. Sometimes I think we use cheese because it's tradition.

    I'd say that having cheese less often is best. That way when you do want to have it you can have the real stuff. If you want to keep it part of your daily diet, I'd go for the reduced fat stuff.

    The only cheese that I wouldn't discourage you from is low fat cottage cheese. I've added an interesting articles here that you can cut and paste to see since I can't add a link to a comment.

    Maybe I should have just made this a post but I already soap boxed yesterday.

    Enjoy your food but do it smart!

  6. I knew as soon as I saw that picture of Tillamook cheese this post was yours. Moderation Mins!! Love you!

  7. I love cottage cheese and we use skim milk mozzerella which is lower in calories, but tasty.

  8. I eat the babel lite cheese for snack time. it is yummy, especially if I warm it up in my hand before i eat makes it softer and more creamy so i feel like I am eating the original babel. You can get a whole bag at costco.