Wednesday, April 7, 2010

ACK!! It's Thursday!

Well, it will be by the time most of you read this.

While I've counted daily calories for years now, that's just where it ended, daily. I didn't have the foresight to think about what my weekly intake was, let alone monthly! Per Mindy's suggestion, I started using that iPhone 'Lose It' app a few weeks ago. So, EVERY Thursday I overeat. Only Thursdays. Not a huge amount, maybe 100 calories or so, but it is consistently on Thursday. What's up, Thursday? Why don't you like me? Is it because I'm so nice to Wednesday and Mondays? Hmm...maybe it's mental. Sunday-Wednesday, I'm thinking I'm really watching what I'm eating and I know that come the weekend, I'll need to really be careful, since my husband is home and he's a HUGE snacker. That must be it. I just mentally skip Thursday. I'm sorry Thursday, I'll remember....

On a side note, my new bra came in the mail today. I've never mail-ordered a bra before, but let's be realistic, stores just don't carry 32H. Gasp, I know, ginormous, but it's true. I was so excited to get it, since I currently had only one bra (now I have two). I took my scissors, carefully sliced open the package and thought, "WHAT THE ****!! Who's bra is that?!? That thing is HUGE!! ...Oh wait...yeah, that's mine. Dang." So, I tried it on, and even though I was secretly hoping it was too big, it fit pretty well.

As I was undressing to take a shower tonight, I glanced into the mirror. I must be in denial. How can they really be THAT big? So I took off that bra and stuck it on my face. Then I put it on my head. It fit perfectly. What a great hat it would make (just one cup). Go ahead, measure the circumference of your head. That's what I'm carrying around, the circumference of my head, just not on my head. *sigh* Ancestors, the "blessing" you guys saved up for me, probably didn't work exactly the way you anticipated, you should have kept some for yourselves.


  1. I feel great empathy for you as a D cupper. I was close to an H, a G I believe, when I was nursing and sometimes I feel that my posture issues are attributable to the weight of my chest.

    Every girl deserves a good, supportive, even pretty, bra. I hope you are able to add to your collection more regularly. I really liked Bravado bras when I was nursing. Sort of like a sports bra.

  2. I feel for you. Not for the cups size, but the one day a week I seem to struggle with. Sunday's are my struggle days. I label it in my head as anxiety Sunday. Something about that day always gets me to eat more than I want/need.

  3. Jenn, you're crackin' me up! I'm sorry your boobs are as big as your head! That's my husband's dream. I don't think he's too happy about me losing weight because my boobs keep shrinking. 'Course, the little boobies might work out to my advantage as my only bargaining tool to convince my hubby we need one more baby. :)

  4. Breast reduction, consider it!!!

    One of my young women (Heidelburg several years ago.) finally had breast reduction sugery this past December after I had suggested and encourged her to consider it. She is so happy to be a D, her shoulders are happy she's a D, she looks thinner, can buy clothes that fit better and for the first time ever, people look at her beautiful face first instead of her breasts. Her insurance covered the surgery.

    If I were younger I would do it. I have grooves in my shoulders and pain in my arms all the time. It is a complete mystery to me why anyone would have implants, okay if you are an A then I could understand it. Disney is making another Pirates of C movie and they will only use the all natural actors, no implants. If any of you have implants I apoligize if I've offended you.

  5. Thanks for the good belly laugh, Jenn! What a mental picture!

  6. Jenn, You crack me up! Your sense of humor is awesome. As a friend of the girl my mom was talking about above, I would encourage you, if you have any back, shoulder or neck pain from your well endowed chest, to talk to your doc about a reduction if that is something you desire. It has changed our friend's life! As for me, the ONLY reason I have a chest is because I am nursing. Apparently the other girlies in my family got all the chest!

  7. Hahaha!! Thanks guys! I've long considered reduction. I've always wanted to just wait until I'm done having kids. I think it might be time. Brian (my husband) just told me last week that he doesn't want me to have a reduction because then he couldn't tell people that "yes, in fact they are real". Doctors have suggested that in addition to the reduction, I should get implants as well, so that I can retain a good shape and perkiness the older I get...yeah. We'll see.

    And yes, yesterday I ate about 150 calories more than I normally do...sheesh.