Friday, March 19, 2010

That's A Wrap!

Today's lunch for me - a quick and easy wrap containing one of the very best 'good for you fats' of all time: THE AVOCADO! Here's the skinny {yeah, I'm punny like that}:

one whole wheat tortilla - 130 cal
six slices turkey - 50 cal
half of an avacado - 113 cal
six cucumber slices with peel - 11 cal
1/2 cup raw spinach - 4 cal
1 Tbsp hummus - 23 cal
Fresh ground pepper

If I did my math right, that's 331 calories. I didn't add cheese, since I'm off dairy for the baby, but that would be tasty if you went a little less on the avocado. Also, if you haven't tried it yet, don't be afraid of hummus - legumes are our friends and chickpeas and me, we're becoming besties. Look at all the green veggies! Aren't they lovely? Don't forget to throw in a piece of fruit and a glass of water {and if you're like me, a few chocolate chips for dessert} and call this meal delicious.
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  1. YUM! That would be great with left over grilled chicken. MMMM. Isn't it great that food can be go good, good for you and not bad for your bod. Gee, I love food.

  2. It's visually satisfying as well!

  3. Dangit, I should have bought some avacados on my shopping trip today! I have some leftover marinated chicken that would taste delish with avacados. Ah, well, something to look forward to for next week.

  4. That's so pretty...all that pink and green. I've got most of those ingredients. I have a hunch you've prompted my lunch.

  5. That looks SOOOOOOOOOOOO good!

  6. looks very yummy - I am going to make that for a couple of my lunches at work this week.